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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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[Lhavit Location] Solar Wind Apartments

Postby Kelpie on October 15th, 2010, 9:29 pm



Located on the outskirts of the Surya Plaza on Zintia Peak, the Solar Wind Apartments (or simply the Solar Winds) were built to accommodate the growing population after the first influx of visitors. It has grown since the first days it was built, nearly a century ago, and most of it's residents enjoy the close proximity to the plaza. Each room contains furniture based on the resident's lease, going from average up to a suite similar to that of the Shooting Star Inn.

The usual furnishings include a canopy bed, a wooden desk, a cushioned chair, a hearth, small couch, chest, and wash basin; some rooms have a small balcony attached, offering a view of the Surya Plaza and its surroundings. A few potted plants and a picture or two decorate every apartment. Residents have leeway to decorate as they wish depending on their tastes; the only restriction is that no permanent alterations may be made to a room that is being rented. The exact furnishings of an apartment vary based on its quality.

The apartments at the Solar Winds are available to be rented, or if one wishes for more permanent housing, it is possible to purchase an apartment at the Solar Winds. (Prices listed below)

In order to rent or purchase an apartment at the Winds, one simply has to go to the Cosmos Center and inquire there.

ImageName: Shay
Race: Kelvic (Crow)
Birthdate: 512 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Housekeeper at the Solar Winds Apartments
Skills: Cooking - 35, Interrogation - 40, Investigation - 50, Observation - 76, Rhetoric - 28, Seduction - 20, Stealth - 68, Subterfuge - 30
Gnosis: 1 mark of Akajia (Nightstalking level 1)
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Shay is somewhat of an unconventional housekeep; the Kelvic looks to be approaching middle-age, and is not particularly outgoing or energetic. While she is personable enough, she isn't quite friendly; there's a gleam in her dark eyes that speaks of curiosity, and she always seems to be watching those around her. She listens more than she talks; which, lucky for her, she's good at encouraging people to talk, and loves to listen. Shay, as all good crows do, likes to hoard. This includes shiny bits and bobs and odds and ends; but it also includes secrets.

To this end, Shay adores her job. The Solar Winds see many interesting people between their permanent residents and those staying only a short time. Learning to cook was Hesper's only requirement of her for the job, and she's found it quite beneficial; while she doesn't necessarily enjoy it, she finds that cooking for others makes them much more talkative.

Shay has only been working at the Solar Winds for a short time; she was hired on in 516 AV when Lana disappeared due to the Vantha hunting. Hesper was getting desperate, and while her skills as a housekeep may be lacking, the two got along splendidly; Shay ran herself in circles attempting to get information out of the man. In the end, the two ended up bonding, which sealed the deal.

Name: Hesper
Race: Ethaefal (Night)/Human (Day)
Birthdate: 410 AV
Birthplace: Suvan Sea
Occupation: Owner and manager of the Solar Winds Apartments
Skills: Astrology - 45, Leadership - 80, Meditation - 50, Philosophy - 87, Politics - 40, Rhetoric - 70, Writing - 65
Languages: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Basic), Tukant (Basic), Vani (Basic), Nari (Poor)

Little is known about Hesper, his fall, or his history afterwards, but most can see that he is well-traveled and knowledgeable. Hesper runs the Solar Wind Apartments from behind the scenes, as well as publishes some works concerning various issues, such as some philosophical pieces in regards to events and issues within the city. He has a deep understanding of the political relations throughout the Circle of Towers, and seems to find the plots within it quite amusing, though very few can tell what he truly thinks.

The elusive, Lethborn owner of the Solar Wind Apartments is only occasionally seen, and mostly at night. His divine form is most recognized, standing at a proud 6'4" with horns that curve back and striking blue eyes that contrast his marble skin.

SeasonHair ColourHorn Colour
WinterDark silverBlack

Hesper prefers to avoid going out during the day; but even if he did, few would recognize his mortal form. A human man of an average height, Hesper is entirely unassuming with pale brown hair and dark eyes, with no particularly distinguishing features.

Some suspect that Hesper has more than a few connections to the Twilight house and considering his mysterious ways, it would not be entirely surprising. However on the flip side, he shares characteristics and various views from all of the houses; having a tendency to side with all and none at the same time. If prompted, Hesper will tend to lean towards the Dusk House, humoring his answer with, "Perhaps I wouldn't, if not for their tea." He holds each of the Houses' teachings in high regard, though he also believes that too much discipline may lead to the something different from the desired result.

If one is to happen upon him, he is open to discussions, and may even help work out their problems, even if his methods may be at times a bit cryptic. Most recently, people have sighted him almost always accompanied by his new housekeeper. Whispered rumours were impossible to keep at bay, and while Hesper neither confirms nor denies anything when asked, it is true that he and Shay have become bondmates, something the Ethaefal never expected.

Lana Winterflame
NOTE: Lana Winterflame went missing as of winter 516 AV due to the Vantha hunting; therefore, she may only be used in flashbacks prior to this date.

ImageName: Lana Winterflame
Race: Vantha
Birthdate: 488 AV
Birthplace: Avanthal
Occupation: Previous housekeeper at the Solar Winds Apartments
Gnosis: 1 mark of Morwen (Ice Reaving level 1)
Skills: Carving - 30, Cooking - 55, Gardening - 43, Herbalism - 48, Negotiation - 51, Storytelling - 38, Weapon (Knife) - 36
Languages: Common (Fluent), Vani (Fluent)

The one looking after the well-being of those within the Solar Wind Apartments, Lana enjoys her position as housekeeper and cook, and finds a love in watching over her charges' transitions into the city. After having gained much skill in her hold, the Vantha decided to travel and learn various styles of cooking. However, she soon found herself enamoured with the city of Lhavit, fascinated by the knowledge and stories within the city.

She quickly found a job at the Solar Wind Apartments, a place that much agreed with her, for here she could interact and listen to the stories of the diverse group of people who reside there. Lana is a wonderful cook, and is not adverse to serving stories along with her meals. She also has an extensive knowledge of where to get the best deals, though one can expect a challenge in extracting it.

Following Morwen's disappearance and the Mizahar-wide call to hunt and exterminate Vantha for a generous reward, Lana suddenly and quietly vanished without a trace; she is not dead, as nobody claimed a reward for her death, but nobody who knew her has any idea where she has gone.


Simple Room (400 sq ft): 5 topaz kina/day
Elegant Room (450 sq ft): 1 kina/day
Simple 2-bedroom (600 sq ft): 2 kina, 5 topaz kina/day
Elegant 2-bedroom (650 sq ft): 3 kina/day
Suite (800 sq ft): 5 Kina/day
Room with balcony: Additional 10 Kina per season

Rent should be subtracted from your ledger once a season, at the end of the season, in addition to living expenses. Your quality of living expenses should match the quality of the room you are renting.

One-Time Purchase

Simple Room (400 sq ft): 500 Kina
Elegant Room (450 sq ft): 600 Kina
Simple 2-bedroom (600 sq ft): 750 Kina
Elegant 2-bedroom (650 sq ft): 850 Kina
Suite (800 sq ft): 1000 Kina
Room with balcony: Additional 100 Kina

If you choose to live at the Solar Winds in your starting package, you will start with a simple room without a balcony. Your quality of living expenses should match the quality of the apartment you are living in.

If you have any questions about the particulars of the apartment you have rented or purchased, please contact your local ST.
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