Solo Returning Home

After nearly a season away Evalin returns to Riverfall

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Returning Home

Postby Evalin on May 20th, 2015, 4:56 am


85th of Spring, 515 AV
Location: Evalin's Appartment
Time: Dusk

With darkness leading her way Evalin pushed through the streets, eyes fixed forward with a determined set to her jaw as she clutched to objects possessively to her bare chest. The numbers of citizens that walked at this hour were fading, slim to none with those that remained already making their way to their own place of dwelling. Certainly some stares come, but not enough to stop the Immortal as she turned another corner after crossing the bridge, finding herself outside the apartments in which her own dwelling could be found.

Shifting the contents in her arms Evalin rapt three times on her own door, standing back so that when it opened after just a few short ticks she would not be hit by the swinging plank of wood. It was Vino, and when he saw his master his lips thinned and turned downward in a snarl. Evalin had not the time for this, however, and without so much as a glance at the Chained One she pushed past, hissing for him to close the door once more.

"You return at lasst witch." The hissing speech came from the corner, the accent giving away the identity of the other who was pledged to Evalin's service.

"Ah Gresshal. You missed me did you not?" Evalin smiled and walked closer as the Dhani stood. Even in his human form he was over 6 feet tall with broad, powerful shoulders. He was in many was the perfect servant. Devoted to her against his will with strength enough to carry her things without much struggle at all. One could not pay for a better beast of burden than a man such as this.

"It would have been better if you had ssstayed away." Though the words were harsh Evalin noticed that his tone had lost its biting edge. Was he beginning to accept his current state? Surely not.

"But then child you would have no one to hurl your insults at. Now, be a good serpent and hold these things for me." She said, pressing the items in her hands into Gresshal, noting his confused look as he received a small music box and what looked like a black orb made of some kind of smooth stone streaked with grey.

"What issss thisss?" He turned the orb over in his fingers, running a thumb over its surface while Vino came to look over his shoulder, the usual glare replaced by something close to interest.

"A gift." Evalin replied simply, flexing her fingers as she walked near the center of the room. Clapping her hands together the Immortal called upon that power within, bringing res to the surface of her skin to spill out onto the floor.

"A gift?" His voice was filled with suspicion, "Who would give sssomething like you a gift? You ssstole it I am sssure."

The res collected in a column, rising to just above her waist line. Tilting her head Evalin furrowed her brow, hissing as she snapped her fingers, the rest condensing, thickening and then all at once becoming solid stone all the way down to where it met the floor. It's base was several times wider than the top which was a simple flat surface, and from the base to the top its thickness decreased to the width of Evalin's waist.

Stepping back Evalin examined her work, absently touching the necklace that hung from her neck, "It was given to me by a kindred spirit of sorts." Crouching Evalin called on her res once more, letting it course around her fingers and palms as she ran her hands up and down the structure, carving off bits of stone that that made the surface of the column rough or jagged, transforming it to air to let it drift away.

The Dhani's face contorted to a darkening state of thought, "A Kindred ssspirit...?" He did not care for the thought that there was something else out there that this evil witch could relate with.

"Yes. Ophelia..." Evalin whispered, running her hand over the top of the column, shaving off the stone there to give it a flat surface. Pulling what little res she could back into her skin Evalin extended her hand to Gresshal, "The box."

Without a word the Dhani handed it to his master, who then set it carefully on top, turning it so that it faced the door. When finally she was satisfied with the placement Evalin crouched, running her fingers along the column until she reached the middle half way down to the floor. Once more she pulled upon her res, letting it seep into the stone and form a large sphere within. Then all at once she transformed the entire section to air, leaving a circular hole that reached deep into the column but not so far as to breach the other side.

Even as she extended her hand Gresshal was already handing her the Dusk orb, which she fit into the newly formed space. After a little adjustment it stayed, and with a wave of her hand Evalin replaced the surface of the column, smoothing it out once more so that there was no trace of the item it hid within.

"There now..." Evalin whispered, standing and looking at Vino and Gresshal, "You two are never to speak of the items I have brought with me, and neither can you show anyone where it rests or even hint that it exists. No one can know about this. No one."

I will not have anyone learning its secrets before I do...


Wretched Aura: As a Wretched One Evalin possesses an unnatural aura about her that causes unease in those who get too close. It can come as a prickle of the hair on the back of the neck, a sense of 'wrongness' about her. How people experience it is different depending on their personality and how they handle the unnatural and unknown. Animals tend to become more agitated, more easily sensing how wrong Evalin is and often avoiding contact with her.
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