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Postby Evalin on March 20th, 2012, 5:12 am

She who defies Fate

Race: Nuit
Gender: Female
Age: 223
Birthday: 45th of Winter, 292 AV
Birthplace: Ravok

Religious Beliefs: Follower of the way of Uldr, respectful of Rhysol, Krysus and Vayt.

Fluent: Common
Basic: Nadar-Canoch

This world is rotten. Blood is spilled like wine upon the ground, mothers against daughters and fathers against sons. Friendship is a farce, honor is a lie and cruelty flavors all of existence with its sharp bitterness. Words and please of mercy go unheard as the innocent pay the price of the strong's misdeeds. Nothing can be done to save this world, nor those that dwell within it. If that is so, then perhaps it is best if all of this were set aflame, burned to ash by the fires of its own corruption so that nothing remains but nightmarish memories. How sweet then will the silence be.
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Wretched Aura: As a Wretched One Evalin possesses an unnatural aura about her that causes unease in those who get too close. It can come as a prickle of the hair on the back of the neck, a sense of 'wrongness' about her. How people experience it is different depending on their personality and how they handle the unnatural and unknown. Animals tend to become more agitated, more easily sensing how wrong Evalin is and often avoiding contact with her.
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Postby Evalin on March 20th, 2012, 5:29 am

Look upon me and tremble

ImageSeason by season the appearance can change, shift and be altered. This is even more so true for the nuit who change not just their clothes but the very skin in which they dwell. For many years Evalin chose bodies that were close to her old self, her ideal form. Young and thin, pale of skin and big of eye with dark hair that fell to shoulder length at the least. She would hunt them for days, seasons if she needed, and when the time came she or those she hired would whisk them away to become her new skin she would wear to sustain her soul for a few seasons more.

Come recent years, after her time spent in the jungles of Falyndar, Evalin learned and developed a skill in the magic of Morphing. With it she is able to change herself further, aiding her carefully selected body and modifying them to better suit her vision of her true self. At times she is Evalin, a woman of average height and slight build with raven black hair that falls straight and long past her shoulder blades. Sometimes she is the old crone, bent spine and shuffling steps that match her grey hair and wrinkled features. Then, when the whim suits her, she is a child again, small and big eyed but the same black hair and pale features as her womanly visage. No matter the body, or the form, however, her eyes are always a deep crimson, dark and still like pools of freshly spilled blood.

Evalin is more comfortable in robes and cloak than any other atire she might bring with her on her travel. Dark robes with many pockets, a clock with hood equal to the robes in their pitch of black, boots that are worn from years of travel and her ever present staff that is as tall as she is and covered in runes etched deep into the wood.

Faces of Evalin
Over the years, Evalin has worn many forms, switching from body to body as they wear down or become unfit for use. In the near 200 years since she was give the gift of undeath, Eva has seen many changes in her appearance, and each one was unique in its own way. Below is a catalog of her many bodies, some of which were grander than others.

Evalin's Original Body :
Evalin, a woman born in the winter of 292 AV was, from the very begining of her existance, destined to die. Her body was never strong, her pale skin and thin figure leaving many to wonder how she yet lived. Her life was one that boardered on the brink of death...

All of this changed, however, when she met a man upon the docks in Ravok in the fall of 313 AV. This man, the one known as Rayage, offered to Evalin the chance to continue on, the chance to defy that which fate had predestined her for. From this man Evalin gained the gift of immortality, and she has never looked back since.

401-415 :
This is the body Eva obtained just before she arrived in Zelativa in the Spring of 401 AV. She spent many weeks observing this candidate, and even longer in taking her captive. She was rewarded for her efforts, and this form lasted her for the next decade and a half until the year 415 AV.

During her time in Zelativa Evalin came to become a known practicer of the summoning arts, her skills and perseverance earning her a place in the universities history. She first came to become a professor in the year 403 AV, after her research and methods had become sought after by several scholars of Zelativa. She stayed with the University for another 10 years after this, until she mysteriously vanished in the fall of 413 AV.

Evalin then arrived in Sunberth near the end of winter of 413 AV, and she stayed until the summer of 415 AV.

NoteThis will change as new information shows the body would not keep this long

Summer 512 AV-Spring 513 AV :
Through some combination of stress, time constraint and shear chance, Evalin has found herself in possession of the body of a child. Dark raven black hair falls past shoulder length, unkept and as wild as the spirit which dwells within this body. Her age appears to be between seven and nine years, and she stands at just under three foot four inches.

Evalin quickly found that life as a child was far more inconvenient than she could ever have imagined. Her appearance, more often than not, leading to great frustration as those around her treat her as if she were an ignorant newborn. Thus she has sworn, never again shall she demean herself to such an existence.

Familiary Released Form :
The Released Form is the final form that only Master's of Familiary can acquire, and through many years of trials and growing in their bond Evalin and Tsenrika finally reached this point in Spring 514 AV. In this form every attribute of the Immortal Witch Doubles, from physical and magical to mental and cognitive. She gains the benefits of both herself and Tsenrika's natural forms, with none of the weaknesses. The form can only be held for a few chimes before she falls into overgiving.

This form's height depends entirely on Evalin's physical appearance at the time of its activation, but no matter what the form her physical appearance remains roughly the same. Her skin becomes smooth and reflective like an Irylid's, and shards of ice float about her as crystal wings of ice spread from her back. Around her are three small blue orbs that resemble an Irylid in its natural form, though smaller and they cannot range far from Evalin's body. In this form Evalin can see everything reflected on her surfaces and the surfaces of the orbs that circle her, giving her perfect 360 degree vision and the ability to notice even minute and insignificant details. Her reaction speed, magical abilities and every other attribute is double as well, making this form the ultimate combination and partnership between Master and Familiar.


In the Summer of 512 AV, Evalin learned of a new form of magic which would allow her to change her appearance at will. Acquiring the skill from a young wizard known as Wrenmae, Evalin simply cast aside the magic for many seasons, seeing no use in it at all. Then, in the Fall of 513 AV, Evalin found herself enslaved in the very heart of Zinrah, and in her efforts to escape she turned to that magic taught to her a year before to aid her. Since that time Evalin has been growing stronger in this body changing art, and as she gains mastery the number of models and forms she might take also increases.

Banshee :
Evalin's hair falls in long, twisted and tangled knots past her shoulders, each strand an ugly mix of black and gray that intermingles giving her hair a dirty look. Her skin is the grayish tint of the grave, her limps long and lanky and black nails that stretch to an inch in length and end in a sharp point. The skin of the nuit's face and body is stretched tight over gaunt cheeks and bony frame, but even more striking is the large gaping mouth with pointed teeth that fill it. In this form Evalin cannot speak due to the deformity of her appearance, but by stretching and altering her vocal cords she can create a wail that is like nails on a chalk board and exceptionally loud due to the increased size of her lungs and the gaping mouth parts.

The form itself is mostly for intimidation, and is not very useful in situations that would require more physical actions. In such cases Evalin often chooses simply to create the wailing sound by only changing her vocal cords, but the effects are not as great nor as loud as they would be if she did a full transformation.


First Thread Appearance: Endowed with the Strangeness of Undeath

Relevant Lores
Grey Skin: Not as Ugly as Previously Thought
Morphing: Creating an Ear Piercing Wail
Mimicking Tiger Claws
Morphing Model: Monster with a Gaping Maw

Child Model :
In this form Evalin stands at a slightly taller than average height of four foot five inches. Her frame is thin, her skin pale and hair dark black that falls in straight locks past her shoulders. Unlike with her other models in this one Evalin tries to put into it a sense of youth, and so she has spent extra time with the proportions, taking the chimes it requires to ensure everything sits where it should and all falls into place nicely instead of rushing through the details to obtain the larger picture. Evalin, despite pervious experiences, has come to enjoy this child form for its ability to throw off those around her who do not expect a child to be and do things that she can do. It has proven on numerous occasions to be an asset.


First Thread Appearance: Childish Things

Old Woman :

In this form Evalin stands at about 5'3. Gray hair and wrinkled skin, her back is bent in an obvious fashion and her movements are slow and shaky as she relies on her walking stick to maintain her balance. This model comes almost naturally to Evalin for on some level she feels this model most accurately reflects her soul's longevity. Her hair is often left unkempt and wild to give the appearance of a near senile old woman and a few teeth are intentionally missing from her overly red gums.

First Thread Appearance:
Bend the Spine and Grey the Hair

Nightmare Bat Wings :

The wings stretch out from where they begin over her shoulder blades and extend to six feet on either side. Long almost delicate bones provide a scaffolding for the thin yet strong black leather of the actual wings. Dark in color when a light is shown through them one can make out thin veins coursing through the membranes themselves.

First Thread Appearance: How to Fly, and to Fall

Relevant Lores
Morphing: Creating Bat Wings

Dhani Form :
Having spent a considerable amount of time in Zinrah Evalin grew accustomed to the ebb and flow of the Dhani body, but it was not until she left that she felt an interest enough to try it for herself. Thus she developed this model that gives her the bottom half of a snake, similar to her Dhani counterparts though she does not alter her upper body save for a few scales here and there. Her tail extends nearly six feet at its completion, and her scales are dark black like her hair. She has yet to add any other design to them, though she has toyed with the idea for a later time.

First Thread Appearance: A God's Form

Relevant Lores
The Natural Beauty of Serpents
Holding and Utilizing the Shape of a Dhani
Practicing Slithering Like a Dhani

Akila Hound :

In the Jungles of Falyndar Evalin discovered a creature that many in the region whispered of in hushed voices. Pack hunters by nature Evalin and her companions were forced to drive these creatures back one night on their leave from Falyndar, and as a reward to herself Evalin took one of the creature's bodies and studied it. This was her first experience with a full bodied morph.

First Thread Appearance: Hounding the Hound

Relevant Lores
Undergoing a Full Bodied Transformation
Reversing Joint Direction
Morphing Model: Akila Hound

Zyker :

Out in the Drylands of Falyndar Evalin ran across a creature that seemed to defy logic. The Zyker, a beast of such intense speed that it is but a blur when running at its top speeds of 75 mph. After a lengthy chase Evalin managed to catch the beast, and from there take on its form. One of the biggest current models Evalin possesses, the Zyker stands at close to 5 feet at the shoulder, and from the tip of its nose to its tail it is nearly 8 feet, longer still if it extends both its front and back legs. Extremely flexible skeletal and musculature structure allow the Zyker to bend and move in a way to optimize speed.

First Thread Appearance: Faster and Faster

Relevant Lores
Morphing Technique: Feline Sleekness, Compared to More Canine Compacted Muscle
Morphing Technique: Forming a Moveable Tail
Taking On a Zyker's Form
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Wretched Aura: As a Wretched One Evalin possesses an unnatural aura about her that causes unease in those who get too close. It can come as a prickle of the hair on the back of the neck, a sense of 'wrongness' about her. How people experience it is different depending on their personality and how they handle the unnatural and unknown. Animals tend to become more agitated, more easily sensing how wrong Evalin is and often avoiding contact with her.
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Postby Evalin on March 20th, 2012, 6:01 pm

What I have seen is beyond you, child

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I am the darkness between the stars

Through the years Evalin has gone through many changes mentally, physically and spiritually. In the early days she was hopeful, desperately admiring of her master and curious about everything. As time progressed however the long string of decades sucked the warmth and happiness from her bones, an icy coldness creeping in its place as what made her human began to erode and rot within her. It began with her first trial, severing the last ties of her mortality by erasing her father from existence. After that countless betrayals and open scorn from the world only helped to quicken the crumbling of her mental state until there was little but a husk left of the girl Evangeline. From that emptiness leapt a great anger and rage, white hot and fueled by hatred both from within and without. This is what attracted the god Uldr to her, and after receiving her mark the white hot passion only grew until she became a consuming flame that left nothing but death, misery and destruction wherever she went.

For years upon years that flame burned bright, and her open disdain for life and everything within it was plain in her every word and action. She was a wild fire, untamed and burned everything in her path. This continued until well into the current years, until she came to Zinrah where she thought she found what she didn't know she wanted... Love and intimacy. This was short lived however, ending in tragedy that left her broken and unsure. In that darkness however Evailn began to find herself, taking a hard look at her actions in the past and where her path was leading. The fires began to cool then, aided by her ever faithful Familiar Tsenrika until it became just burning coals in the pits of the Immortals soul.

Some years have passed and the embers of Evalin's old passion and hatred still glow bright, but they are tempered now by an icy calm. She has come to realize that she has centuries to achieve her ends, and so the cold has crept in where the fires once burned hot to replace the passion with patience, arrogance with contemplation, and anger with calm. What little humanity existed before has been scoured from her being, and her goal has become crystal clear to her. Methodical, cunning, and cruel describe Evalin's frame of mind well. The years of experience have shaped her into someone who needs no one else, cares for nothing, and is focused upon always achieving her ends. Morality and Ethics are tools to be taken out and put away depending on the occasion, and no act is too vile as long as it achieves her ends. Without fear of the flesh Evalin is uninhibited in many ways, but she also is careful never cause herself intentional trouble or harm. This immortal is singularly selfish, and she knows it. Nothing else in the world matters except her and her desires.
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Wretched Aura: As a Wretched One Evalin possesses an unnatural aura about her that causes unease in those who get too close. It can come as a prickle of the hair on the back of the neck, a sense of 'wrongness' about her. How people experience it is different depending on their personality and how they handle the unnatural and unknown. Animals tend to become more agitated, more easily sensing how wrong Evalin is and often avoiding contact with her.
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Postby Evalin on March 23rd, 2012, 10:21 pm

Cursed with Power
I am the all consuming flame

ImageThrough some strange twist of fate, or perhaps destiny, Evalin has caught the eye of Uldr, God of the Undead. His appearance was sudden, and completely unexpected, however, never one to miss an opportunity Evalin accepted his gift, and in return she does as he wishes, creating more of her kind in the name of her God. Perhaps it is a bit ironic that Evalin, one who hates and despises Fate, would bow down and serve another of these beings known as gods, but she thinks little of this. After all everything is just a means to an end...

Uldr's Appearance :
Timestamp: Fall 400 AV

The day had come and gone on the fifth day after the ritual, and it was that, finally, Evalin could summon the strength to move once more. At first it was simply the movement of one finger… and then a small motion of one arm that escalated to the raising of her hand to examine the new digits before someone else’s eyes.

Slowly that hand came to touch upon a single high cheekbone, to trace along long locks of straight blond hair. Though she could not actually feel what it was she touched, she knew the skin to be smooth, near flawless. A small smile touched cold lips at the thought, A new body, and a new face… And so the time for my experiments has been extended once more.

Groaning slightly, more out of habit than actual need, Evalin forced this body to move, to sit up and swing its legs over the side of the bed onto the cold stone floor. Turning her head experimentally, Evalin blinked her eyes once, twice and three times.

Her response time is a bit sluggish… or is it simply how it always is? Evalin turned her head, testing out the limits of its rotation, They are always so stiff when I first begin to move, but soon enough it shall be broken in.

Gripping the edge of the bed she stood, extending her arms to balance upon these strange legs. With a minor bit of amusement Evalin noted that this body was almost a full inch taller than her last host, But then that was, in part, a reason for my choice.

This thought brought a chuckle from the Nuits chest, a hollow, rasping sound reminiscent of one who had not spoken in quite some time. Clearing her throat, Eva spit out a large gob of spit and blood, reminiscent of the girl’s screams, as she had attempted to avoid her fate. Walking slowly, with careful steps Evalin made her way to the lab bench, setting her hands against the flat surface and leaning upon it’s sturdiness for support, “It will take some time for this body to move as it must…”

For every body that I acquire, the time it takes for my mind to command complete control grows slightly longer… or perhaps this is only my imagination?

Shaking her head, Evalin’s mind fell backwards in time, coming upon memories of her former self. The girl at that time had, indeed, been more fragile, weaker than her other human counterparts, but she had still been of far better fitness that her current physical self.

Perhaps the greatest flaw, the worst of drawbacks of this existence, mused Evalin as she straighter, Is the simple fact that I, as a corpse held up by the will of my soul, am in no way a creature meant for physical confrontations.
This, indeed, was a problem that often vexed Evalin in her new life. It had forced the woman to resort to more… creative measures when obtaining her bodies, and while this was of no real concern to Evalin, she still could not help but feel that her endeavors would be much more easily obtained had she a form that could stand to lift more than a few pounds.

“If that is your only desire, I can make it true.”

For the first time in 87 years, Evalin was startled. Turning suddenly, she cast her gaze around the empty room, but there was no one to be found.

“Who is there?” There was no fear in her voice, but there was a small amount of unease. One who has neither breath nor heartbeat should not fear the unknown, but even so there were still a few lingering shreds of her humanity left, “If you be of this world then show yourself,” She paused a moment, “But if you be of my own mind then be silent once more.”

Seconds stretched on into minutes, and the voice did not speak again. Evalin’s eyes scoured the room, looking about for any sign of… What?

Evalin sighed and shook her head, Of my mind it seems… Perhaps this is what happens to those who live past their allotted time in this world. The voice of madness begins to creep upon the mind perhaps…

After one final glance Evalin turned, intent on looking to one of her texts upon the table, but instead of pages of summoning she was instead met with two shining points directly on eye level with her.

If she still drew breath Eva would have gasped in surprise, but instead she mealy stumbled back into the cold wall behind her. Upon the table, where only moments ago there was nothing, there now sat a child, a boy who appeared to be little more than a toddler. His manner of dress was, in a word, elegant. An elaborate jacket of black silk rested upon thin shoulders, covering up a fine shirt of red material. Upon his feet were shoes of molded leather, and silken pants fell just far enough to cover the very tops of the shoes. This child’s hair was cut short, rounded off around the ears with bangs ending just above his eyebrows, and his eyes… They were black as pitch, and from them streamed tears of the deepest ruby… tears of blood.

The child merely sat, his eyes staring deeply into Eva’s as he seemed to await her next voice. Slowly, Evalin broke free of her old human frailties, slipping once more into the steady mindset of one who had little to fear in life. Her eyes searched this new oddity, this strange occurrence that had broken the usual cycle of day-to-day life. For the first time in quite a while, Evalin had found something that was truly unusual.

Straightening to stand to her full height once more, Evalin’s voice broke the silence, “It seems I have not fallen to madness just yet, for indeed there was another voice I see.”

Nodding his head, the boy responded, his own voice slow and forlorn, “The claws of insanity have yet to ensnare you Evalin. That is good, for I have a purpose for you.”

No, this was no child. From him there oozed a presence, a consuming sense of loneliness and utter misery that caused even Eva’s long dead heart to feel chilled. Her arms found themselves folded before her chest; an unconscious shield between her and the apparition, for surely this could not simply be a child.

“Of purpose you speak? Then yes, indeed I have a purpose, and a goal to achieve as well. However, these are mine and mine alone, neither are gifted me by any other.”

The boy nodded slowly, his eyes never blinking as they pondered the woman before him, “You are correct in this… You do have a true purpose in your unlife, and I have seen you use your gift of eternity to its fullest. Tell me, are you pleased with your state of existence?”

Evalin blinked, His question… it is as if he…

When she replied it was slow, calculated words. Her eyes never left the child’s, “I am pleased yes… I had lived a life of such fleeting existence before that now, as I gaze upon eternity I can see my dreams are, indeed, a reality. Truly, this is how it should be, for now time is no longer an obstacle between me and what I desire.”

The barest hint of a smile touched the child’s lips, but it was gone before Eva could be sure of its existence, “That is… good. You have been given the ultimate gift, the greatest of honors. You are now in the highest state of being, for it is in this state of between life and death that one can truly exist to their fullest potential.” He paused, seeming to contemplate his next sentence carefully, “Have you no… vexations with your form?”

There it was once more… this child had hit upon a point that Eva had never spoken of to any… Mere moments ago she had, herself, discussed with herself the limitations that had come with her gift, and yet this boy knew of them as well? Shaking her head, Evalin looked at the one who read her every misgiving as if they were written clearly upon her forehead, “I have accepted that you are no child, but if you be neither mortal or of my own madness, then who is this form I see before me?”

A chuckle escaped sealed lips before he spoke, “I am one who knows your kind more deeply than you know yourselves. I am he who came first. I am the giver of the gift, provider of eternity. I am the matriarch of the unlife… I am Uldr.”

Evalin’s arms came uncrossed, and her eyes widened only slightly as she looked upon this visage more closely. Certainly she had heard the name, had heard its importance, but never had she felt inclined to accept such a creature to exist.

Then it is true… the gods walk among the mortals, and some even deigning to speak as well… A smile broadened her lips, How interesting.

With one step she brought herself closer to this child who claimed to be a god, but dared not step closer lest… but then what have she to fear? Her life was already lost to her, and so what was there to fear of this child? However… despite such logic Evalin could not bring herself to venture any closer.

“Then you are he who created the first… the father of our race? I must say that I would never have expected one of such standing to grace my humble residence, and so you must have a purpose in doing so. Do you not?”

“I do.” Uldr nodded.

Evalin waited for the god to continue, but when he did not she ventured forth with another question, “If I may, my honored god, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit this evening? Surely there are many others who would be far better worth your attention.”

Uldr smiled that fleeing smile once more, and then it was gone as quickly as it had come, “Indeed there are…”

Slightly taken aback, Evalin mouthed a few silent syllables, grasping for another phrase to speak to win over this god’s tongue, but she was spared such efforts.

“I have come for the simplest of reasons my dear Evalin. I have heard your frustrations, tasted your hatred of weakness in yourself and others… and I would offer you an escape from your frustrations.”

The light of curiosity blossomed within Evalin’s soul, a warmth that she had not felt since before her turning. Clearing her throat, she tried to speak with as little interest as possible, “Such offers mean nothing to me. I have fallen from the cycle of rebirth, and so my life is stretched far into the endless expanse of eternity. What little frustrations I may have shall be lost in time, for none shall walk upon the same plane as I.”

Uldr’s hands steepled before his eyes, “Certainly you shall outlast one minor inconvenience or another, for no human or mortal may walk the path you have chosen… but what of the difficulties of your own existence? Have you not felt the limitations of your new self as truly as you feel the vexations from the living?” Holding up a hand to halt her retort, Uldr continued, “Your life… no, your unlife will, in time, show itself to be equally trying and inconvenient. You shall forever more be forced to flee from one body to the next as time claws away flesh and bone, and never shall you be able to run, fight or DO all that those of living flesh and blood may do…”

He allowed these simple facts to settle in to Eva’s mind, letting her soak in the limitations of her very existence, “I, however, can offer you respite from such troubles as these Evalin. With what I offer you will stand on equal footing with the living, no longer trapped by the fragility of a corpse, and the time in which you may reside within a form shall be extended as well.”

Falling to silence, Uldr gazed upon Evalin with eyes that sought an answer, and it was made clear that there was, truly, only one really path to follow. The woman was caught in a place between suspicion and wholehearted agreement…

Sighing, Evalin brushed a hand through her hair, pulling a few of the golden locks before her eyes for inspection, “What you offer… it is what I have always wished for… I do feel my limitations, the fallings of my existence, but until this moment I had accepted them as an inevitable truth…”

There must be something… something that he wishes in return, but what could it be?

Her eyes came up to look upon Uldr once more, “Forgive me if I seem ungracious of your offer, but for what reason have you come to me offering such gifts?”

The boy folded his hands in his lap, straightening slightly, [b]“I offer this gift to any who will accept it Evalin. It is, for me, the ultimate show of grace to offer what I can to those who wish it. However, I would ask you for one thing in return for my mark.”
He leaned forward, his eyes intent, “In return for my gift you must, in turn, spread my will about this world. Call others to join you in your existence, and then you will have earned my favor.”

Was this it? To spread the gift of unlife seemed… like such a small token when compared to the measure of what she would gain. Could it truly be that this man… this GOD, truly wished such from her?

If this be true then, surely, I may meet his expectations. I had intended, after all, to offer the gift to others as they came in any case did I not?

Nodding slowly, Eva stepped closer to the boy, “If this be your will, oh god of unlife, then so shall I carry out your wishes in return for your gracious gift, but I must ask you… is this truly what you would wish of me?”

The boy’s hand reached forward, and the smile spread broadly over his lips. It was… a rather grotesque expression, this grin of a child marred by tears of blood. If there were still life with her veins Evalin would have felt them go cold, but without a second thought she reached forward and grasped what was offered her.

“I do have other purposes for you Evalin, but for now simply do as I have asked and my gift is yours.”

Lightning, a scorching energy flooded Evalin’s entire being, causing her to arch her back and cry out in a wordless scream. Never before had she thought that she could feel such pain in her death, and yet…

It must be the touch of a god…


Her eyes fluttered open to stare upon the ceiling, a strange feeling of cold had embraced her entire body. Slowly, Eva made to rice, the movements of her body rather sluggish at first. A hand came up to touch her head, and her eyes swept the room for any sign of the child god.

Then has it been done?

The Nuit rose to her feet, and as she straighten she noticed something odd. Her hand… it’s movements were different… Looking down upon her legs she commanded them to move, and so they did the instant the signal was sent. Blinking in surprise Eva tried this once more, and she was again astonished by the bodies immediate response to her will. Turning her head Evalin surveyed the room, but all was quiet… silence had come to rule once more.

Then it is done. His gift has been given, and now I must do as he bids…

For the briefest of moments Evalin was filled with a feeling of dread, regretting her hasty acceptance of a gift without further examining what the consequences might be… but then she shrugged.

My life is an endless eternity. I have time yet to worry on such things as this, so for now I shall return to my work. My goals are yet unchanged.

And so she turned, grasping a book from the counter top and pulling it closer to leaf through its pages. Her eyes gazed upon the text, a strange glint of red now present within them. Also… Eva could not help but notice a gnawing hunger growing in the very back of her subconscious…

First mark: Chained One :
That which was gifted to her is a new body, a stronger body to better able her to do the tasks willed by Uldr. Evalin's body is now as strong as someone physically fit and in good health. In addition Uldr has also granted her body an additional gift, an increase in her movement abilities so that she can move faster than the average human. Despite these improvements, Evalin still feels the drawbacks to her new existence. Harsh cravings fill her mind now, cravings for the blood of women, especially young women, and a desire to sever the bonds between friends and family members. She is also subjected to the will of those above her in rank, and so she truly understands her title... Evalin lives the life of a Chained One...

Second Mark: Wretched One :
Once more Evalin was visited by the GodImage of Undeath, the child Uldr who called her from her rest to perform a deed to earn his favor. By creating another follower of Uldr marked with the burning eyes of hatred, Evalin was raised in rank as well to the Status of Wretched One. With this rise in rank came an increase in power, as well as a new form. Her second form is comprised of several parts which Uldr found best represented Evalin's soul. The lower body of a mighty steed attached to the torso of a developed woman. Skin the color of bruised flesh and two arching horns like those of a ram that arched over her head. In this new form Evalin's physical strength and agility are increased. She can easily shatter bones, and her top speeds can reach 35 mph. Her agility is greater than that of a race horse, and her humanoid upper body is a blur of lightning speed. The crown of her head reaches right about seven feet, and because of her large size she is not well suited for close spaces. Her teeth are like filed points, little daggers that lust for the blood of young women. When in this form she still holds all of her intelligence, however, her cravings increase to the point that she will do whatever it takes to get the object of her desires. If under extreme emotions she can go out of control, driven by blood lust and the desire for destruction of everything around her. This form possesses a strange, almost otherworldly beauty that cannot quite be explained.

Second Form
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Wretched Aura: As a Wretched One Evalin possesses an unnatural aura about her that causes unease in those who get too close. It can come as a prickle of the hair on the back of the neck, a sense of 'wrongness' about her. How people experience it is different depending on their personality and how they handle the unnatural and unknown. Animals tend to become more agitated, more easily sensing how wrong Evalin is and often avoiding contact with her.
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Postby Evalin on June 26th, 2012, 5:31 am

All that defy me burn to ash

Skill Experience Total Rank
Auristics 11 11 Novice
Familiary 98 98 Master
Glyphing 6 SP 19 Novice
Morphing 66 66 Expert
Reimancy 13 SP 88 Master
Shielding 4 4 Novice
Summoning 26 SP 45 Competent

Skill Experience Total Rank
Cryptogrophy 5 SP 5 Novice
Logic 3 3 Novice
Meditation 10 10 Novice
Philosophy 42 42 Competent
Planning 14 14 Novice
Subterfuge 7 7 Novice
Tactics 9 9 Novice
Teaching 7 7 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Acrobatics 5 5 Novice
Climbing 3 3 Novice
Endurance 25 25 Novice
Running 11 11 Novice
Seduction 1 1 Novice
Stealth 2 2 Novice
Unarmed Combat 3 3 Novice
Wrestling 1 1 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Acting 15 15 Novice
Begging 1 1 Novice
Diplomacy 5 5 Novice
Flirting 1 1 Novice
Intimidation 28 28 Competent
Interrogation 13 13 Novice
Investigation 11 11 Novice
Leadership 17 17 Novice
Negotiations 10 10 Novice
Persuasion 17 17 Novice
Rhetoric 79 79 Master
Socialization 100 100 Master
Storytelling 9 9 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Drawing 4 4 Novice
Embalming 10 RB 10 Novice
Land Navigation 4 4 Novice
Medicine 2 2 Novice
Observation 98 98 Master
Wilderness Survival 1 1 Novice

Reimancy Technique: Shi-Hakin
Creating Trigger Words
Reimancy: Producing Less Res Makes You Less Tired
Trigger Word: Kai: To Shape
Trigger Word: Meio: To Circle
Trigger Word: Hakin: To Ignite.
Trigger Word: Co: To Connect
Trigger Word: Sha: To Spin
Reimancy Technique: Fire Spear
Reimancy: Fine Res Control
Reimancy Technique: Fire Whip (Exploding)
Using Air to Fan Flames (Reimancy)
Reimancy: Creating a Pathway between two Elements
Reimancy: Fire Wings Technique
Reimancy: The thought of learning water might not be so bad
Reimancy Technique: Blinding Light
Reimancy Technique: Lightning Bolt
Reimancy: The Defensive Properties of Air Columns
Reimancy Technique: Cocoon of Heat
Reimancy Technique: The Hand of a Fiery Serpent
Reimancy: Harnessing the Element of Water
Reimancy: Water Calls for a Different Mindset
Reimancy: Unlocking the Element of Ice
Reimancy Power: Enough to Rival Aka?
Reimancy Technique: Ice Shard Storm
Reimancy Technique: Slippery Floor!
Reimancy: Drawing the Rain with Res
Reimancy: A Wall of Water
Reimancy: Not an Emotional Skill
Reimancy: A Stone Heart Commands the Earth
Earth Spells: Weilded by an Unbreakable Witch
Reimancy: Cracking Solid Stone
Reimancy: Creating Stone from Air
Reimancy: Controlling Streaks of Lightning
Reimancy: Lava Para-Element

Making the Circle
Lore of the Common Worlds
Fyrden Astral Coordinates: 6701984710485453
Recognising a Journeyman
Summoning the Diverse
Diverse: Croger and Kay
Diverse: Negotiating the Contract
Stable Octagon Circle
Combining three point and eight point Circles
Summoning: Stability in Simplicity
Explaining the Concepts of Summoning
An Essential Part of an Army: Brutes
Dari'krot: A More Intelligent Diverse than Most
The Diverse: Females Among Them
The Diverse: Offering a Contract
Culture: No Succession to the Diverse
The Diverse: Not all Bulky and Stupid
Markolis: A Greedy Diverse

The Gordios
Signing the Contract
Tsenrika's Aid
Tsenrika's Anecdote: The Alligator Log
The Cold Truth of Your Familiar
Finding comfort in a familiar
Tsenrika: Bound by Cold Logic
Tsenrika: A bore
The Mind of an Irylid is Different from a Nuit
Tsenrika: The other half to complete the whole
Tsenrika: A Sharer of Power
A Strengthened Bond to One's Familiar
Tsenrika: The Steady Voice of Reason
Ensuring One Knows Whom Their Master Is
The Ability to See Like an Irylid
Tsenrika: Taking On Human Form
Tsenrika: Aid For Suppressing Loneliness
Tsenrika: A Mirror Image of his Master
Noticing Tsenrika Drifting Apart
Familiar Combat: The Cancelation of Powers
Tsenrika: A Formidable Opponent
Showing Tsenrika where he stands
Like Master, Like Familiar
Familiary Bond: Tsenrika May Share Memories
Having a Growing Suspicion on the Relation with Tsenrika
Tsenrika: Growing Colder by the Second
Tsenrika: A Final Confrontation
Seeing the Whole of Tsenrika's Plan
Achieving Released Form
Familiary: An Assistance to Morphing
Tricking a Guard with an Irylid and Reflection
Using Tsenrika's Eyes to Find a Bird
Tsenrika: Master of Ice and Cold

Learning Auristics
The Aura of Stone
Dissecting an Aura
Revelations about Auristics
The Aura of Rayage
Basics of Auristics
Auristics: The Color of Hate
Auristics: The Color of Anger
Auristics: The Effectiveness of Auristics As a Tracking Tool

Basics of Shielding
Creating a Fire Reimancy Shield
Muscle Memory: Revisiting Shielding
Shielding: Protection Against Water
Shielding a Doorway

Noticing Signs of Hypnotism

Morphing: Stress on the Body
The Feeling of Altering your Djed
Drawing Morphing Models From Memory
Mimicking Tiger Claws
Morphing: A killer of boredom
Taking Away the 'Myrian' Traits of Your Body
Morphing: Pulling at the Right Strands of Djed
Grey Skin: Not as Ugly as Previously Thought
The Benefits of Using Djed for Appearance
Morphing: Three forms are better than one
Morphing: Hunchbacks pose difficult balance
Realising Evalin's True Form
Morphing: Lowering ones voice through the transformation of vocal chords
Morphing Model: Old Hag
Morphing: Creating an Ear Piercing Wail
Morphing Model: Monster with a Gaping Maw
Morphing: The Strategies of Intimidation
Morphing: Things don't always go back into place
Morphing: Gaping Maws don't Help Speech
Morphing Technique: Fangs of Intimidation
Morphing: Relieving Pressure to Shrink the Body
Morphing Model: Child
Morphing: Creating Bat Wings
Vampire Bat Wings: A Good Start for a Different Form
The Natural Beauty of Serpents
Holding and Utilizing the Shape of a Dhani
Practicing Slithering Like a Dhani
The Consequences of Holding a Complicated Morphed Form for Extended Periods of Time
Morphing to Change One's Voice
Finding a Horrific Form to Morph Into
Reinforcing Muscles to Handle the Weight of a New Form
Undergoing a Full Bodied Transformation
Reversing Joint Direction
Morphing Model: Akila Hound
Not Being Able to Fully Shake Off a Transformation
Zyker: A blindingly Fast, but Not Limitless Creature
Using a Known Morph to Aid in Learning a New One
The Limitations of Morphing When having to Adjust Total Mass
Morphing Technique: Feline Sleekness, Compared to More Canine Compacted Muscle
Morphing Technique: Forming a Moveable Tail
Taking On a Zyker's Form

Ritual Glyphes
Glyphing Explosive Rocks

Through the Eyes of a Nuit
My Name Precedes Me
Resentment of a Short Life
Approached by a Stranger
Meeting the Immortal
The Chance to Live Forever
Standing on the Edge of Eternity
A Nuit's Husk
Defying Fate
Becoming Immortal
What it means to be a Nuit
It is OK to kill
Breaking an Ancient Seal
Directing Djed Pathways
Memories of LIfe
Forgetting one's Purpose
Being Aware Of One's Own Patterns
Recognizing Content
Changing The Mood
Creating A Mental Door
Setting Up A Death Trap
Defier Of Fate
Years Have Taught Patience
The Taste Of Life
Making Murder Look Like Accident
Preparing The Ritual
Detecting Unease
Presenting The Tool's To Die
Distracted from Reflection
Cowed before a Mortal
"Playing the Game"
Dira’s Coming For Your Tender Undead Behind
Being a nuit means you outlive most others
People live on even though dead
Not coming to your own appointment
The world is against me. It's true!
The option to walk away is always there
Getting choked for dramatic effect
Old ties can choke you
Extra confidence makes for extra defiance
How overwhelming grief affected a loved one
Fighting one's own morality and father
My father is proud of me
Opportunity Stolen by another Returned
Murdering a Child
The Pain of Regret
Timeless Wisdom
Playing the Child
The Audacity of the Living
Dreams: The Hopes of Mortals
Trees Hold the Safety of Height
Immortality: Constantly having to find new purpose
Playing the waiting game with a tiger is tiresome
Love: Constantly having a new definition
Simple Flattery Works Wonders
Seeing the Fullest Extent of Aka's Powers
Hiding Your True Monstrous Self
Hit and Run Tactics
Being Overtaken by Boredom and Impatience
To Have Someone (or thing) to Share Immortality With
Best to Tell lies with a Hint of Truth
Freed from Bondage
An Irritation towards Auburn Hair
Self Critiquing Hair Color
Evangeline vs. Evalin: A Battle of Minds
Baths: Harmful to Nuits' Bodies
Medicine: Relocating a Dislocated Shoulder
Evalin: A New Kind of Monster
A Developing Goddess Spiting Fate
The Empty Comfort of Physical Things
The Traits and Powers Required of a Would be God

Ignotus Everto (Acquaintance)
Ignotus Seeks Immortality
Ignotus: Brashly Ambitious
Ignotus Has No Empathy
The Strain From Exhaustion
Divine Assassin Isaac
Rayage is a tomb of knowledge
Wrenmae's Purpose: To Change the World
Aka: Dhani and Reimancer
Aka: Slave Mistress
Yuki: Aka's Other Slave
Myrians: Brave Till the End
Aka: New Mistress
Aka's Past
Aka: Mark by Ivak
Aka's Promise to Tsenrika
Securing Vino, Another Follower
Aka: A Powerful Reimancer if Nothing Else
Aka: Lacking Confidence Before the Superiors
Senka: One Aka Fears
Senka: Admires Bravery
Ricky: The polite stranger
Dresskal: A Creature of Intelligence
Vaazier: An Ambassador of Riddles and Lust
Vino: A Loyal Servant of Sorts
Maintaining Dominance over Vino
Priestess Natasshari: Zinrah Inhabitant
Momosskatari: An Intelligent Snakeling
Katari: A Potential Tool in Days to Come
Aka's Usefulness Running Out
Tinnok: A Witch the Jungle Protects
Tinnok: A Second Marked Witch
Myrians: Knowing her as a Monster Cloaked in Fire
Maw: A Fearsome Desolate One
Maw: A Strange Ally
Tazi: A Curious Find

Gwin: The Music That Plays For Vengeance
Gendler: Who He Was, Who He Is
Gendler: Chained One
Ophelia: The Dark Entity of Zastoska Forest
Ophelia: A Kindred Soul

Zinrah: Home to Dhani Constrictors
Lore of Ravok Layout
Ravok: A Haunting but Calming Memory
The Climate Challenges of Falyndar
Zinrah Location: The Scenery
Manipulating the Structural Integrity of Zinrah Via Reimancy
The Drylands of Falyndar
Zastoska Forest: Myths and Legends
Zastoska Forest: Home to Very Large spiders
Location: The Dark House of Zastoska Forest

A Pursuit of Minds
A Pre-Valterrian Elevator
Tricking the Guardian
Assisting the Healer
Cure For The Itch
Irony In Names
The Strain From Exhaustion
The Perfect Gift
Holding On
Using the Boy
Being Bodyblocked
Occupying a Tyke
Saved By The Blob
Dhani quirks (basic)
Basic Anatomy: How tendons in the hand work
Reasons for Dwindling Dhani Numbers
Consequences of Hatred
Finding a Chained One in Zinrah
A Slave in Zinrah Suddenly Possessing a Pawn
Obtaining a Myrian Body
Nearly Forgetting Tsenrinka
Love: The Definition Remains Unidentified
Affection: A Probable Addiction
Teaching Aka How to Win a Political Debate
Planning: There Will Be a War in Zinrah
Planning: Manipulating an Ambassador
Undead: Such a Heinous Word
The Disdain of Dhani Towards Other Races
Bats: Air Swimmers
Leadership: Attempting To Take Charge of a Situation
Medicine: Assessing A Hand Laceration
Philosophy: To Live In A World Bereft Of Music
Philosophy: To Live Among Monsters
Storytelling: A Song of Blood and Pain
Dusk Orb: An Object of Power and Mystery
Dusk Orb: Key To Hidden Power
Tracking: Discerning the Source of Smells

That which I desire, I shall take

Robe, Philterer’s
Robe, Arcane
1 set of Clothing
Simple Shirt
Simple Pants
1 Pair of Sturdy Boots
1 Backpack
1 Large Chest

1 set of light cotton clothes (loose ripped shirt, light torn cotton pants)
1 Leather Belt

3 Small Cotton Dyed Dresses (Black, Red, Green)
1 Black Wool Cloak
1 Medium Black Silk Dress
2 Medium Linen Dresses (Black, Brown)

1 Hunting Knife
1 Gladius

Staff of Zeltana:"A staff bearing the power to draw glyphing circles through will and direction alone. They will draw on the vast majority of solid surfaces, and the circles that are drawn are powerful and unbroken."

Snapper and Crusher:A pair of twin Animated Scarves.
Controls: Verbal and Nonverbal commands (via glass eyes and leather ears). Both have a rudimentary understanding of language and can comprehend commands with child-like intelligence.
Directives: Loyalty and Obedience, first to Minerva (as their 'Mother'), second to Rayage (as their 'Adopted Father'), and 3rd to Evalin after she spoke the authentication code.
Authentication: Obedience will also be granted to anyone who says the code words, 'Mykras Ka,' for Snapper and, 'Kryshant Mu,' for Crusher.
Weight: 5 lbs. : Ironsilk (Made by Rayage at Expert Alchemy; half-life 9 years from creation time of 15th Summer 512 AV;
Properties: flexibility and smoothness of silk but with the material strength and limited malleability of iron) for the main bodies. Wooden heads with glass eyes and leather ears. Snapper also has a pair of retractable metal fangs.
Skill Level: Competent in all building/Animation skills used.
Additional notes: Crusher is designed like a constrictor snake, but can also perform more complex actions with his body such as using his tail to climb or retrieve objects. He is programmed with greater understanding of commonplace things, and less of upper class/uncommon things. Snapper is designed like an asp, with retractable fangs and the ability to strike and stab with them, as well as being able to perform the same actions Crusher can. Snapper is programmed with slightly lesser understanding of commonplace things, in order to give him better understanding of upper class/uncommon things (such as distinguishing items of wealth). Evalin received them as a gift and spoke the authorization codes so that she now has authority and control over them.

Steal Cloth Cloak (Blue): Steel made and refined onto fabric-like substance the cloak is a product of many, many Alchemical doors opening and trial and error. The cloak itself is a bit heavier than a normal cloak made of wool only because of the steel-like properties imparted onto it. It carries surprising weight when swung, and is smooth but also shiny too, reflecting light that hits it. The cloaks are usually cold to the touch, just like steel or any other metal would be. The cloak has the Ouroboros symbol stitched on the back of the cloak itself.

Bone Ring: The ring has the ability to allow its bearer to concentrate their strength into the hand on which they wear the piece of jewelry. If they concentrate upon the ring and the hand they will feel a pressure slowly building there, which is released when they strike at something. This is most effective with a curled fist and when stored for a chime can deliver a blow capable of shattering bones, denting trees, and sending shockwaves through the ground to send opponents tumbling to the ground. The bone is made from the hand of a Nandhai.

The ring can be charged for a max of three chimes, at one Evalin's human form is safe from damages, but anything higher and she'll break her bones in the process of whatever attack she utilizes due to the force. She can, however, use it in her suped up purple centaur form without worry.

Explorer’s Staff gifted to her by her father a long time ago

+1 Silver Wind-Up Ring
[url=http://www.mizahar.com/forums/post439409.html#p439409]Book of Summoning- Written by Evalin with the basics of Summoning within
+1 Music Box[/url]
+1 Dusk Orb

Article IN OUT Total
Stater Package 100 gm - 100 gm
Cash in Housing 500 gm - 600 gm
Arcane Robes - 55 gm 545 gm
Philterer's Robes - 10 gm 535 gm
Spring 512 - 45 gm 490 gm
What Lies Beneth 25 gm - 515 gm
Summer 512 AV - 45 470
Fall 512 AV - 45 425
Winter 512 AV - 45 380
Spring 513 AV - 45 335
Summer 513 AV - 0 335
Fall 513 AV - 45 290
OOCPaid for by AkaWinter 513 AV - 0 290
OOCPaid for by AkaSpring 514 AV - 0 290
Payment to Markolis - 100 190
OOCPaid for by AkaSummer 514 AV - 0 190
Weakening the Foundation 300 - 490
Paid by Caelum 500 - 890
Fall 514 AV - 135 755
Gresshal Fall 514 AV - 135 620
Paid by Caelum 738 - 1358
Winter 514 AV - 135 1223
Gresshal Winter 514 AV - 135 1088
Kuahala Estate Appartment (400 st/ft) - 500 588
Paid by Caelum 1,410 - 1,998
Spring 515 AV - 135 1863
Gresshal Spring 515 AV - 135 1728
Vino Spring 515 AV - 135 1593
Tobacco and Pipe - 14 GM, 1 SM 1578 GM, 99 SM
Pendent Vial - 2 GM 1576 GM, 99 SM

Tsenrika :
Affiliation: Familiar
Relationship: Close

Like all of his kind, Tsenrika's natural form looks like a solid ball of ice. His Imagesurface is round and perfectly smooth, and due to the mixture of water, djed and metal his surfaces also reflect everything around him. Though his actual size is relatively unknown, Tsenrika prefers to remain about the size of a human fist. This allows him to float comfortably over Eva's shoulder, as well as allows for him to fit in most spaces.

Tsenrika's sealed form is that of a pendant. Evalin often wears him about her neck when she first ventures into a new city, but he is never kept in this form for too long. He is much more useful to Evalin when he is able to observe his surroundings, which he can only do well while in his natural form.

Cold, calculating and observant are all words that might describe this familiar's being. He is quiet, often letting others speak and rarely ever voicing his opinion himself. In fact, he only on very rare occasions speaks to any other than Eva, and even to her his words are sparing. At times Evalin must force certain key bits of information from him, but never must she worry that he might tell her a falsehood. Though he does not forgo his knowledge often, when he does the information can certainly be trusted, and when he speaks one would do well to take his words to heart.

Rayage :
Affiliation: Master, teacher, valuable resource
Relationship: Hated, Respected, slightly Idolized

Rayage is the man who started it all. The immortal, the man cloaked in the unknown. He is both her savior and her greatest enemy. Evalin's mind has long since been swayed by this man's powerful influence, and yet still she fights on, seeking a way to take what she needs from him and be done with him entirely.

She hates him... She adores him... She respects him... She would scatter his ashes to the winds, if given the opportunity. Needless to say, their relationship is complicated, but for now Rayage and Evalin have an understanding. Evalin still requires the man's vast knowledge and experience, and Evalin's potential and abilities have proven an asset to Rayage. The future is still unknown, and who is to say how long this cooperation shall last...

Radjuvino :
Name: Rajudvino (Vino)
Race: Nuit (Chained One)

Skills (Gained after he started his travels)
Reimancy: 30 (Air and Earth)
Embalming: 10
Shielding: 10

Rajudvino, or simply Vino as he prefers to be called, is a creation of hatred with a single desire: To kill Evalin, the one who took from him his life and his entire family and filled his heart with hate. As a first marked of Uldr he has been given a body that is as sturdy as it would be in life, and with reflexes equal to that of a human counter part. In addition he has also been given an increase in strength, allowing him to life twice the amount of an average man despite the size body he chooses. As payment for this supernatural strength Vino also holds a fierce craving for the crunch of bone, the tearing of sinew. If given the chance he would rip limbs free of their bodies, and utterly crush the bones of his victims. More often than not he chooses the weak or the helpless, those who cannot defend themselves or the sick.

His life since being turned has been a difficult one. Having to learn of his new life all on his own has made him bitter, and has only increased the hate he feels in his heart. He wants only one thing in this world, to rip to shreds the person who did this to him. The Immortal Witch Evalin, Sorceress of Flame and Shadow. His hate makes him strong, and the more he hates the stronger he becomes. He saves himself for the day when he meets the Witch again.

Grasshalegessh :
Name: Grasshalegessh
Race: Dhani (Constrictor)
Age: 198
Gnosis: Uldr 1 Mark (Living)
Position: Guard/Hunter but performs work other Dhani do not want to do

Wrestling: 30
Body Building: 10

Grasshalegessh is an average Constrictor of Zinrah. He works all around the nest, doing what he can in the name of the Queens and his nest as a whole. His main job is to help with the hunting parties and patrols, but has been known to give a hand in other smaller tasks around the city as well. He received his mark of Uldr after an especially brutal bout with the Myrians in the Summer of 511. He saw many of his friends pass away, and just as he was about to do the same Uldr approached him with an offer of life in order to take revenge for his fallen comrades. He was hesitant, but accepted the offer, rising from the brink of death with more strength than before and slaying the last of the survivors of the group that had slain his friends. Now, after his revenge has been taken, Grasshal has seen that his choice was a mistake and he feels the guilt and regret for turning to Uldr instead of dying with honor in the great fight. Thus he has thrown himself into his work for the Nest, trying to forget his weakness and betrayal of his people by instead becoming the perfect citizen. He does those tasks that other Dhani do not wish to, no matter how small and menial, as a way to atone for his sins. No matter what he does, however, he cannot escape the mistakes of the past.

With his mark came an odd craving to serve. Uldr found it amusing to force this Dhani into the role of a servant, and even to those considered lower in rank he is often compelled to do as they order. He is free to resist, and can pick and choose whose order's to follow, but the longer he goes without receiving some kind of direction, or not following orders at all, the harder and harder it becomes to resist his craving to be directed.

Dresskal (Deceased) :
Race: Dhani Constrictor (Type 3 Chained One)
Age: 150
Gender: Male

Wrestling: 30

During the Wild Djed Storm of Spring 512 AV, Dresskal was caught in the midst of it while on a hunting patrol in the Jungle Wilds. The strange, twisting energy corrupted his body, and intoxicated his mind and drove him to the brink of madness. He could not stand to look at himself, and he feared what it would mean if he returned to the nest as he was. For many seasons he wandered alone in the wilderness, fending for himself as he could, but all the while his bitterness grew. He hated how he was now. He blamed the Myrians in part for were it not for them he never would have been out on patrol at the time of the storm. He also began to share his bitter feelings for his own kind, his own people who had sent him out into the wilderness despite the dangers. Dresskal's warped mind twisted the logic, transforming his entire situation into a plotted scheme. It was because of the Myrians he was like this, it was because his own people did not try to save him that he was stuck a monster. He hated Zinrah and its people especially for their unwillingness to take him back, or so he had fabricated in his own mind. In truth he had never tried to approach a patrol, and over time he saw it not as his own decision but rather their pushing him away for what he was. It was when Dresskal was at his lowest that he came. Uldr, God of the Undead, approached the deformed Dhani when he was at his lowest. On the brink of starvation the God offered Dresskal relief from the worries of life, and power he would need to take his revenge. It took little convincing, and in late winter of 513 AV Dresskal accepted the mark, letting his body become a plaything of Uldr's so that he could finally begin to take his revenge on all those that had supposedly wronged him.


Through Uldr's play and clever ingenuity, Dresskal retained a small amount of his transforming abilities. He can only change between two equally grotesque forms, neither of which would allow him to pass through civilized society without attracting the attention and fear of those around him. It was a cruel joke that Uldr found much pleasure in as he crafted this body for Dresskal.

Serpent Seaming

From tip to tail Dresskal is 40 feet in length, but the scales along his body are patchy, and where none exist there is blackened and oozing skin. The color of his scales is similar to mud, with streaks of sickly green that do little to camouflage him in the jungle. In this form he has 5 serpent heads, each of which is deformed and bulging, his eyes set back into his flesh giving the appearance that he has no eyes at all. His mouths are filled with needle like teeth, and while not poisonous they will pierce flesh with ease. He has the size and weight of a Constrictor Dhani in serpent form, but his hearing and sight are diminished. Thus he relies on his extra long tongues to guide him to his prey, his sense of smell 5 times greater than the average constrictor because of his five heads.

Dresskal can only enter this form AFTER consuming the flesh of another Dhani, and he can only remain in this stake for about 10 chimes. After that time he will return to his other form no matter what the situation may be.

Humanoid Seeming

Standing at 6'3 as he did in life, Dresskal keeps his five heads. The center head is a normal size, the next two on either side are smaller and look to the left, and to the right, and the last pair that sit nearly on his shoulders are 1/4 the size and look behind him. He can only see and speak with one head at a time, and to compensate for the multiple new appendages his shoulders and neck are thicker and wider than normal to accommodate all of the heads. His chest is thick and barrel chested, and his arms are longer than normal, his knuckles just short of touching the ground when he walks. His body is covered in a strange mix of scale and hair, while his heads are completely balled save for ridges of bone that resemble fins that sit at the crown of each one. Each mouth only has a hand full of teeth each, and each tongue is forked, the combination making coherent speech nearly impossible for the creature. Most clothes would not fit him, so he never bothers to try and cover himself. It is rare that he changes to his human form, as he cannot bear to look at himself at all in this state.

Personality and Mentality

In his human form he is able to think and act 'humanish'. He can resist wildly attacking people around him, or trying to eat anything that moves. The effects of the djed storm, coupled with Uldr's tampering, have forever dulled his wits, making complex thought nearly impossible for him. He does understand his desires, and he knows what he wants. The death of both Myrians and Dhani, both of whom he blames for his current state of being.

When Dresskal takes the form of a snake his consciousness is divided between the five heads which can act independently of one another. This leaves him unable to form any rational thoughts, leaving only instincts for him to rely on. He is wild, vicious, and will strike at anything that catches his attention. He is less than a beast, unable to think or plan or react in any kind of logical way. He is only hunger, destruction, and hatred in this form.


Through some weird twisted humor, Uldr found it amusing to give this already poor creature a craving to devour snakes. Specifically he hungers for the flesh of Dhani, or at the very least to cause them as much trouble as possible, be that damaging supplies, stealing slaves, or leading hunting parties into Myrian raids. Without the taste of Dhani flesh, however, Dresskal cannot change to his serpent form. The God of the Undead perhaps found it amusing to see a creature from a race so devoted to their own people forced to devour his own kind.
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Wretched Aura: As a Wretched One Evalin possesses an unnatural aura about her that causes unease in those who get too close. It can come as a prickle of the hair on the back of the neck, a sense of 'wrongness' about her. How people experience it is different depending on their personality and how they handle the unnatural and unknown. Animals tend to become more agitated, more easily sensing how wrong Evalin is and often avoiding contact with her.
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Postby Evalin on July 29th, 2012, 5:19 am

Follow me, and I will give you true purpose

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515 AV :
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85th of Spring, 515 AV: Returning Home (c)
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Wretched Aura: As a Wretched One Evalin possesses an unnatural aura about her that causes unease in those who get too close. It can come as a prickle of the hair on the back of the neck, a sense of 'wrongness' about her. How people experience it is different depending on their personality and how they handle the unnatural and unknown. Animals tend to become more agitated, more easily sensing how wrong Evalin is and often avoiding contact with her.
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