Vhertos' Plotnotes

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Vhertos' Plotnotes

Postby Vhertos Forgebroken on August 9th, 2015, 4:15 pm

Vhertos Forgebroken Vizerian’s Plotnotes

This will mostly be a place to list Vhertos' goals, current plots/events going on that I will be planning, and keep other notes.

Immediate Goals
This means those goals that can be achieved in the foreseeable future, or the short term, with enough effort.

  • Raise Blacksmithing skills to Competent.
  • Learn Weaponsmithing and Armoursmithing.
  • Forge an Item.
  • Learn to Ride a Horse.
  • Learn to Play the Flute.
  • Become more comfortable when interacting with others.

Primary Goals
The goals that are a priority to Vhertos, and he will seek to achieve at all costs.

  • Find his father's killer and bring him to justice, return his father's arm to his grave alongside the rest of his body.
  • Become a Knight, especially one that he feels his father could be proud of.
  • Live by the Code of his father, and never falter.
  • Forge something that can last the test of time, that will be his legacy.

Secondary Goals
Goals that Vhertos has in life, but take a backseat to those more urgent of goals.

  • Meet a God. Preferably Izurdin, though he isn't picky, one of the 'good' gods would be fine. Gods like Rhysol are not very high on this list.
  • Meet enough true friends in his lifetime to number them on the fingers of a single hand.
  • Travel to the homelands of his people, and discover the history of his people for himself.
  • Be granted another Gnosis mark for his devotion.
  • Master a skill, teach others, and pass on his techniques.

Out of Character Goals
Goals I personally have for the character, and not the character's own goals. Obviously he doesn't know what is in-store for him, but I am hoping to push him in the right directions.
  • See Vhertos become more wise to the world, and less of the naïve Isur he is now, believing in good and evil as black and whites. Probably make Vhertos more jaded.
  • Kill a man and have him react realistically, put him through the trials of being a true knight when he gets there.
  • Learn some form of magic. Probably just the one, but something that will allow him to hold his own in a multitude of different scenarios, rather than just relying on strength.
  • Create my own skill, developed by Vhertos with time and patience.

Current Plots or Events
Awaiting the verification of Patron NPC in order to play out some interactions that better explain his personality and open him up a little more to those around him. This will probably be necessary due to the nature of the Isur people being wary of others.
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