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Vhertos Forgebroken Vizerian

Postby Vhertos Forgebroken on August 2nd, 2015, 9:36 pm

Vhertos Forgebroken Vizerian


Physical Appearance
Race: Isur
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Birthday: 22nd, Spring, 479.
Birthplace: Syliras

Physical Description: Vhertos stands, as most of his kind do, at a less than impressive height of five feet and two inches, but what he lacks in the height of other races, he makes up for in the trademark sculpted form of his people, weighing approximately two-hundred and thirty-two pounds, most of which is because of his Isurian muscle.
Vhertos can be considered an attractive man, with a midnight blue hue to his medium length hair, and dark green eyes. His skin carries a faint blue tinge to it, and the familiar silvered veins one would recognise if they had seen the Isur, as most would instantly recognise the telltale sign of his entire race; his left arm. The arm carries a blue colouring to it, seemingly glinting with a sapphire hue to it in the sunlight, and adopting a more muted mightnight blue during the night or in the shadows.

Character Concept

Vhertos holds many of the familiar traits of his people; the wariness and initial mistrust of others, and the strong loyalty that comes bound with it, should one go beyond the surface. He has been shaped by his parentage, Isur through and through, and taught their ways, their customs, and ingrained with traits that truly make him the son of his parents. Sheltered by the sanctuary of his parents within Syliras, Vhertos is slightly naïve in his views of the world, believing that should he be good in his intent and methods, others will follow suit and any trouble that lay before him will be removed.
The dominant factor that influences the development and personality of Vhertos would be the code of his father, a code that was created by his father during his time as a Knight of Syliras, a set of traits and ethics that he lived by, and in doing so, inspired his son to do the same. Now, as a squire, Vhertos seeks to live up to his deceased father in following this code and trying to bring honour to his family by seeking the lost piece of his father’s body and laying it to rest alongside him. The code is something that gives Vhertos much internal, and sometimes even external, conflict; it is something that he struggles to uphold on a daily basis, but tries to persevere in remembrance of his father. Vhertos feels that he is a just and good man, although sometimes his darker feelings tempt him from his chosen path.


Vhertos is an Isur of faith, believing that it is due to the many gods working in tandem that keeps the world balanced, and as such, Vhertos is devout in his worship of the ‘good’ gods, seeking to pay homage to those who he treads into the domain of.

Being the father of the Isur and their patron god, Izurdin holds a special place for Vhertos, and is a name that is spoken often in the prayers of the young Isur. Izurdin is the inspiration and reason for many of the crafts Vhertos attempts and perhaps even succeeds at, and his name is invoked during each craft.

Tyveth & Sylir
A seemingly natural choice for an aspirant to the rank of Knight, Tyveth is constantly at the forefront of Vhertos' mind, being a firm part of the code that his father created and embodying the ideals that Vhertos hopes he can uphold in his lifetime. Along with Tyveth, another natural selection for his inspirations is Sylir, the namesake of both the city and the order of knights he wishes to join the ranks of. Although gone, Vhertos still pays respect to him with his prayers as befitting one who seeks to become one of his knights.

The Other Gods
While he does not worship specific gods, and holds a few above others due to their impact upon his life, Vhertos is an Isur of great faith, and will usually pay respect to all gods before entering into their territory or domain, speaking a prayer for them, or, in the case of those gods he perceives as evil, avoid their territory or offending them altogether, for fear of retribution. He will, in general, include gods such as Yahal, Semele, Tanroa, and all those he perceives as either neutral or 'good' gods in his daily prayers, in hopes that he will be in their good favour in times of trouble, his faith acting as a shield to his mental state.

Character History

Vhertos was born on the twenty-second of spring, in the year of four-hundred and seventy-nine, to parents of Isurian Lineage, Kherasir and Elvorel Forgebroken. Like his father, Vhertos’s left arm began to take on a blue hue as he grew, and it was the Isurian arm of both himself and his father that would come to shape the boy’s life, and the events to come.
With his father a reputable knight of Syliras, Vhertos was accustomed to certain levels of sanctuary and status, things that one could attribute his naivety towards, and although there were many boys and indeed, girls, that could potentially become his playmates at younger ages, he had already been instilled with the ideas and traits of the Isur, and was hesitant to become too familiar with these others.
As time passed, slower for Vhertos than many of the other children of different races, it would seem that the absence of his father on various quests and the doting of his mother had caused the boy to become somewhat distant and isolated from others, the young Isur seemingly very quiet and introverted, but deep of thought at the same time. As the years slowly progressed, this would be compounded by events to come.
During the twenty-eighth year of Vhertos’ life, and at the end of one of his father’s many routine tasks, it was not his father who appeared at the door to mark the end of the quest, but his long-time comrade, Aleinir Redmane, a knight of similar reputation to his father and a long-time friend of the family. The smile usually seen when Aleinir visited the family was not to be seen today, and despite seeking out his father’s familiar visage through the doorway, Vhertos could not find his parental figure.
Aleinir spoke of the journey they had undertaken and the risk involved, and how, during what felt like an all too familiar fight with what seemed like commonplace bandits, turned sour quickly, and caused his father to fall to the terrible skill of his unknown assailant. Vhertos stood numb, watching as his mother collapsed to the ground and the elder human knight tried to comfort her in her time of grief.
The numbness persisted for Vhertos into the funeral, where many had gathered for the Isurian’s burial. It was at this moment that the young Isur discovered what changed his numbness into a form of burning anger. Not content with simply taking his father from the world and speeding up his meeting with Izurdin, they had taken from him something which defied the Isurian’s belief; his left arm.
It was perhaps due to the prize of taking an Isurian arm or a morbid desire to collect a trophy of the dead, but this is why Kherasir Forgebroken was targeted above all his comrades, and why he was laid to rest as less than whole. It was at this point that Vhertos made his decision to attempt to follow in his father’s footsteps. Not out of a true desire to perform the same tasks, but hopefully bring his father’s killer to justice, reclaim his father’s arm, and lay it to rest alongside the rest of him, giving him the rest he deserved.
It was not a decision that his mother approved of, although she understood the sentiment, and they had spoken with Aleinir regarding the matter, in hopes of finding an ally in this cause, and perhaps a patron. He had agreed to the premise, but issued a decree to the young Isur he saw before him. It was not to be until he had reached maturity in the eyes of his people, which given their rate of aging, was around six to seven years away. Reluctantly, Vhertos agreed, but the next seven years of his life were dedicated to learning what he could of the knights and what was to be expected of him, and doing what he could to practice his skills untutored until the time came that his father’s comrade, now well into his fifties, came to him, honouring his agreement with his friend’s son.
And so it was that Vhertos became a squire, with Aleinir serving as his patron, watching over the tutelage of his passed comrade’s lineage, and trying to do right by him. For Vhertos this was an opportunity, he would succeed in his father’s position and live by the code his father did, all the while seeking a way to finally lay him to rest.


Reclaim the Arm of his Father
The Primary goal of Vhertos is to track down his father’s killer and bring him to justice, not for vengeance, but to take back the part of his father he had stolen from him along with his life, and put it to rest once more alongside the rest of his remains. It is this goal that gives Vhertos hope that he can shut out the nightmares that still plague his dreams.

Become a Knight and Live by the Code
In honour of his father, and his patron Knight, Vhertos seeks to become an upstanding knight of good repute, and live by the code his father did, standing against injustice and protecting the innocent. It may be a little naïve, and he may struggle with some parts of the code, but he has decided to dedicate his life to it, as his father did before him.

Visit the Homelands of his People
Having been born in Syliras and not really setting foot outside of the city on the whole, other than the odd ride in front of his father, Vhertos has always had the desire in his heart to see the homelands his mother spoke of, and his father avoided talk of. To him the homelands are a place of mystery that call to him, a place where he may discover infinite wisdom of his people.

Create something to last the Ages
Being an Isur, and given a fondness of creation almost from birth, it is Vhertos’ desire to create something that will last well beyond his own mortal lifespan, and will give him a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation, so that in a way, he can watch over his kinfolk.


Fluent Language: Isurian.
Basic Language: Common.
Poor Language: N/A.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Blacksmithing 10 RB, 10 SP 20 Novice
Weapon: Mace, Heavy 20 SP 20 Novice
Body Building 10 SP 10 Novice
Weapon: Spear 5 SP 5 Novice
Wrestling 5 SP 5 Novice


Izentor (First Mark): Racial Gnosis, approved.

Lore of Isurian Culture
Lore of History (Sylirian Knights)


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt (White)
-Simple Pants (Black)
-Simple Undergarments (White)
-Simple Cloak (Brown)
-Simple Boots (Black)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Heirloom :
Iron Small Hammer
Vhertos carries a hammer that once belonged to his father, and was used by him to craft some of his finest work. Vhertos carries it with him at all times in order to remember his father by it, as well as using it himself to hone his own crafts. In times of trouble, it also serves as a makeshift weapon, though it is not his primary choice in one.


Location: Syliras
Housing: Squires Dormitories, alongside the other squires.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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