Philtering..the beginning of formiulation

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Re: Philtering..the beginning of formiulation

Postby Terminus Norin on December 5th, 2009, 2:33 am

Terminus listened activly to what Vor proposed,it was what he needed anf Vor seemed willing to help for the simple price of lessons and Philtering could be combined with many skills to accent and aid them so He saw no reason not to accept. What Vor porposed was to him like a job offer or a partnership..with Vor being the silent in the background partner, and he had no objections to that either. Vor was definitely unusual for a Symanestra in that Terminus was still here speaking with him rather than on the table as food.

I accept your proposal Vor, however I choose to veiw this as a partnership, you provide the coin and i'll provide the skills and knowledge. I also acknowledge that you will be in the background,no one needs to know about this except you and I. This is my way of thinking Vor, should this be not acceptable to you we can work something out.

He thought about the rest of Vor's proposal such as food and untill he could get something going to earn coin he would need.

Untill I start earning coin...I will need help obtaining food and such so your offer is most gratefully accepted, for any food and board you put out..i will repay you, either in lessons or coin or any service I can provide. He appreciated Vor's charitable nature, but he also understood that this would be an expensive venture till he became known as a Philterer.
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