Location The Syka Mercantile

The first founder ran store for the settlement of Syka. Feel free to browse the limited stock on hand to resupply your basic needs.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Syka Mercantile

Postby Gossamer on June 6th, 2016, 3:15 am


The Syka Mercantile is an oddity at the edge of the jungle. While it can barely be considered a 'shop' it does have usually have staples. One can always find sugar, flour, sometimes rice and basic cooking supplies in the shop on most days. On the days when James Chaliva has just returned from a supply run there is often fabrics, candles, and other more 'luxury' items.

The shop does not carry any ready-made clothing with the sole exception of sturdy jungle boots in various sizes. There are native made baskets - woven - and for sale for a very reasonable price along with waterskins and ponches that have been water proofed with oil. Whale oil for lamps is also available as well as some of the more important items like tobacco. The shop is definitely slanted towards the needs of men and indeed oozes a masculine feel even though most days the clerk behind the counter is Juli Chaliva, James' daughter.

The shop is located up on top of a stilted home at the very edge of the sea. Most of the goods are housed on a terrace, while the more valuable jungle supplies such as machetes and rope are housed inside with the perishable supplies. There are no true doors and indeed no locks.


The following items are commonly in stock in the Mercantile.

  • Basic Food Staples (Flour, Sugar, Salt, Spices, etc)
  • Kits (Travelers, Healing, Candlemaking, etc)
  • Cloth Of All Kinds (Cotton, Linen, Burlap, etc)
  • Tools (Shovel, Hammers, etc)
  • Hunting Equipment (Snares, Traps, etc)
  • Common Weapons (Knives, Daggers, Machete, Simple Swords)
  • Trade Goods (Blankets, Wax, Etc)
  • Simple Furniture (Chairs, Tables, Benches, etc)
  • Survival Equipment (Ropes, First Aid Kits, etc)
  • Containers (Chests, Trunks, Baskets etc)
  • Cooking Supplies (Pots, Pans, Tools)
  • Common Portable Labs (Herbalism, Poison, etc)
  • Writing Materials & Ink (Paper, Journals, etc)
  • Very Limited Supply of Books (Ask Moderator For Specific Titles)

James Chaliva
ImageName: James Chaliva
Race: Human
DoB: 465 AV
PoB: The Suvan Sea
Skills: Sailing 80, Leadership 60, Wilderness Survival (Tropical) 55, Navigation (Sea) 45, Cutlass 40, etc.
Gnosis: 1 Mark Laviku, 2 Marks Rhaus

Captain of the clipper Veronica, named for his lost daughter, James Chalvia has been sailing most of his life. Part Svefra, he has the distinct blue eyes of his people though he was raised at sea and cannot really say he's from anywhere. James worked his way up through the Merchant ranks and is probably one of the most well traveled men on Mizahar. Syka is his retirement project because in all his years of travel, he's finally feeling the urge to settle down. He makes quick trips across the Suvan to Riverfall each season.

In his off time, James Chaliva runs The Syka Mercantile. When he's away sailing, he leaves his capable daughter Juli in charge.

Juli Chaliva
ImageName: Juli Chaliva
Race: Human
DoB: 496 AV
PoB: The Suvan Sea
Skills: Swimming, 72, Business 60, Leadership 40, Wilderness Survival (Tropical) 35, Dagger 30, etc.
Gnosis: 1 Mark Laviku, 1 Mark Yshul

Juli is an uncommonly independent soul. She followed her father across the Suvan to help him in Syka having decided her life in Riverfall wasn't anything she wanted to maintain. She's found that she loves working in the Mercantile and is an avid swimmer. The sea calls to her and she is often found in the water in her free time.

OOC Note: Feel free to buy any basic staples without moderation. However pm me for the availability of more specific items and we will dice roll to see if they are in stock.
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