Location The Great Gathering Hall

Another structure lost to the Valterrian and Jungle, the Great Gathering Hall is a glimpse into Pavena's past.

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The Great Gathering Hall

Postby Gossamer on July 10th, 2016, 5:04 pm



Built to last, the ancient city of Pavena housed more than a thousand citizen scientists and mages who all used this space to gather for meetings and as a sort of craft hall bazaar on certain days the city turned out for rest. Now in ruin, the great hall still displays echo's of the past though now overgrown with vegetation and overran with wildlife. The hall is almost unnoticed in the jungle of the Maw from the outside - so reclaimed by the jungle the structure is. However, light still glints off the windows that have remained intact and missing walls allow access periodically to its interior.

Historians who stumble upon it and walk its paved depths would get an incredible idea of the technology of the past and their superior building skills in comparison to the future. Murals can still be seen on the walls peeking out between creeper vines and statues still grace the landing of stairwells. If it wasn't for the sheer size of this structure, it might easily be mistaken for a temple of some sort due to its massive windows and arches, most of which are still filled with stained glass work.

There is still knowledge to be found here. Those with Tanroa or Eyris' gifts can easily harvest it. And Dreamwalkers can find many a chavi touching this place, indicating how important it had been once to those who walked its confines. Even such mundane things as engineers and structural architects can even learn a thing or two from what is still standing of this hall.

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