[Skill] Dance

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[Skill] Dance

Postby Sayana on July 30th, 2016, 8:21 pm


Rhysol/The Voice Trance Dance – The Voice Calls (might find a better name)

This dance is almost exclusively performed by those who worship Rhysol and the Voice, and favors the latter. It is most commonly done in small groups or alone, with next to no audience. This highly religious dance brings followers closer to the Voice by letting everything go in a chaotic and sometimes seductive nature. One characteristic aspect of the dance is the ritualistic hair swinging. Dancers appear almost possessed when performing and it is said that they can feel the presence of the Voice during their crazed frenzies. Others have noted its rather meditative quality, since performers tend to relax and relinquish their control when dancing.

Music for this dance typically involves a single melodic instrument and a drum. However, in a pinch, just a drummer can provide sufficient music. The musicians are usually the only people who watch the dance, apart from the Voice or Rhysol themselves.

Required skills: None, however, lore on Rhysol and the Voice is needed to fully gain the religious experience.
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