Quest A Fireside Chat

Zoot the Pycon shares tales of his amazing life with our heroes.

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The Wilderness of Cyphrus is an endless sea of tall grass that rolls just like the oceans themselves. Geysers kiss the sky with their steamy breath, and mysterious craters create microworlds all their own. But above all danger lives here in the tall grass in the form of fierce wild creatures; elegant serpents that swim through the land like whales through the ocean and fierce packs of glassbeaks that hunt in packs which are only kept at bay by fires. Traverse it carefully, with a guide if possible, for those that venture alone endanger themselves in countless ways.

A Fireside Chat

Postby Prophet on December 11th, 2016, 6:45 am

Zoot liked Jasmine. She was happy to answer questions and the little clay figure’s incessant search for answers had drawn far more people who were of the opposite variety. The Pycon was going to speak up when more women came and each added more to conversation. This sudden influx excited the tiny fellow to the point where his mind forgot what he was initially going to say. When the questions stopped, he hadn’t the fainted clue where to begin.

The squeaky voice broke the ticks-long silence with a flurry of responses. “Oh, wow! Nice to meet so many of you I found my way over and thought a little company would be nice but now I guess you al enjoy little company so that makes us friends, right ‘cause I’m little.” His words, sentences and thoughts all ran together but over time, the average ear begins to hear in a different way that allows him or her to deal with the rapidfire of syllables. “I love telling that story, I’m so glad you asked. You see, I was walking along this wooded path in Sylira when I thought I saw a furry little squirrel run up a tree with something shiny.” Zoot took a breath. “So I spent the whoooooooole next day climbing and climbing and climbing until I reached the hole which the squirrel had chewed into a knt on the main trunk of the big tree. It was a really, reeeeaaaallllly big tree.”

The tiny clay arms extended out to emphasis his point which even included some reenactments of the actual climbing. Zoot might have been easily distracted once or twice but it was never in the middle of a story so he continued with a strong zest for telling his tale. “When I reached the place where I want to be, I stepped into the tree and took a look around. Wouldn’t you know it? The first step I took, I fell into the trunk. I tumbled down and down and down until there was nothing but this strange stone like that which you see around us. Turns out, I had fallen into an old ,old ,old ,old ,old building that once belonged to some kind of guild from the pre-Valterrian days. It had beautiful walls lined in gold paint, gold everything and there were lots and lots of jewels. There was this one jewel that was so perfect that it didn’t reflect light so much as it glowed.”

Zoot was teetering in his excitement while retelling of how he was introduced to the magic that transformed his eyes. “The thing sat on top of what looked like a well but it held no water. I climbed up to get a better look at this amazing stone but it fell from its frail stand and struck a piece of metal on its way down to the inside of the empty well. The impact did something and the stone flashed so bright that Syna would have been jealous and it knocked me unconscious.” The Pycn rocked back on his heels then fell flat onto his back. For nearly a chime he remained spread out on the ground. Then his eyes popped open and he got to his feet before continuing. “I wandered for days trying to find my way out…perhaps even weeks bevause it was such a large stricture that I had a hard time telling when I had switched rooms. There was this one room though that had nothing in it but hundreds of pictures on the walls. They really told a pretty story all about how everything works and what makes it important. I mean, we all know life is important but learning is always the first thing I prioritize.”

Zoot got up and climbed around the girls making large motions for his small self to outline battle plans and even stopped to gather another one of those floating lantern lily pads so he could continue to fuel his fire. “The stars let Zoot see the magic people leave behind. The star can be shared with others and made to be stronger. Zoot likes the stars because they brought him down to see the small merforlk in the water here.” If anyone cared to look back and could see with the huge lack of natural light, a dozen tiny sets of eyes looked at them all from the surface of the water. The first person to physically turn to look at them would chase them all back down into the depths of midnight. Zoot paused his story for a drink. He was feeling satisfied with his answers and turned his gaze back to his new friends.

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A Fireside Chat

Postby Jasmine Stormblood on December 19th, 2016, 7:05 pm

Jasmine watched as the little one seemed to become very easily distracted. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was glad that she was not the only one who had that trait. The woman was glad that Zoot had a fire going already as her back was getting colder the more her clothes dried still attached to her. With a small laugh at his excitement, Jasmine couldn't help the happiness that she felt knowing he saw them as friends. The blonde watched the little fellow as he spoke excitedly. The story of how he got the stars was more entertaining to the young woman than anything else. A strange word caught her attention though causing her face to become askew.

"Wait, merfolk? What's a merfolk?" Jasmine asked following the little one as he moved.

There was not many times, she was surprised but another race always did. So people truly did live in the water. Her grandfather had spoken of them once before, but her father and mother had dismissed his tale as being made up nonsense. Could his words have carried some kind of truth after all?

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