Learn to speak Lion (Khiara, Van)

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Learn to speak Lion (Khiara, Van)

Postby Vanator on December 7th, 2010, 8:45 pm


Vanator had remained frozen, even as Khiara ran to meet Dhanya. It was her. And she held babies. babies. Were they hers? Maybe she was holding them for someone. If they were Dhanya's, those infants would have to have been conceived more than three seasons ago. Just before he met her. Obviously she was not pregnant while they lived together. They must not be hers. Regardless, she was here again, and that fact wrecked his mind, his thoughts disjointed and scrambling to make sense of it all.

As Khiara approached the Kelvic, Van realized Dhanya probably did not know he and her friend were married. Khiara and Vanator had kept their love a secret for so long to protect Pygmy. Now, it could not be hidden. Vanator sighed as he realized he would leave another wound in the woman. There was no end to the regret the Drykas felt over his mistakes in his relationship with Dhanya.

Vanator stared at the Kelvic as Khiara hugged her. Part of him wanted to run to her and hug her too. But he remembered the pain he caused her, and what she did to him before he left. He knew if she vanished without speaking to her he would regret it for the rest of his life. He began to move through the crowd towards the two women. But Dhanya turned from Khiara, a pained look on her face, before she seemed to disappear. Van, disappointed, stopped when he reached his wife, his confused gaze turning to Khiara.
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Learn to speak Lion (Khiara, Van)

Postby Khiara on December 8th, 2010, 7:59 pm


Staring at Pygmy as the Kelvic backed away from her, Khiara couldn't take her eyes off the bundles in her arms. They cried. They moved. Little...little babies. Her violet eyes shifted back to the young womans face, before suddenly, she dissappead. Khiara cried out wanting to stop her but unable to. The kelvic was too fast and the crowd to thick. The cries trailed away, and the vantha stood lowering her hands slowly.

As Vanator approached her, she turned to look at him. She could see the confusion in his face, and something else...

Babies...who's were they?

Opening her mouth, Khiara spoke softly.

"I got a letter..." She began, before dissolving into tears, hand over her face.

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