Location The Snake Pits

A venom farm beneath the Caverns

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An undead citadel created before the cataclysm, Sahova is devoted to all kinds of magical research. The living may visit the island, if they are willing to obey its rules. [Lore]

The Snake Pits

Postby Languish on May 23rd, 2017, 3:36 pm

Snake Pits


Considered the Cavern's only permanent residents, the snakes of the Snake Pits are as inhospitable and vicious as the island itself.

Though snakes of all kinds are held there, the snakes of the Snake Pit are largely venomous. Used for the harvesting of their venoms, these snakes are far from pets. They are kept in a series of deep pits in the cavern with slick walls that cannot be scaled without a ladder or other climbing aid. The snakes feed on the fungi that live around them, as well as rotting meat they are tossed as treats on occasion. It is not uncommon for a novice worker in the pits to be bitten, and though the snakes and their venoms are being studied, the cures are less reliable than the cause.

It is rumored that the snakes are familiars of their keeper from a faraway world, and that they will attack on his command, but none who have been attacked live to verify this tale.

Keeper Malaki

Summoning 25
Familiary 48
Poisoncrafting 77
Philtering 31
Animal Husbandry (Snakes) 82

Malaki was born a few years after the Valterrian, in the jungles of Taloba as Malaki of the Blooded Fangs. He studied snakes and poisoncrafting there until he came of age. Then, in his late adolescence, he moved to Sahova in order to further his studies in private. With no one to keep him careful, his fascination with venoms came back to bite him quite literally. The only way to save him was to undergo the Daek-Nuit before the poison set in, and so he became undead.

Malaki can be aggressive if he feels that his studies or subjects are threatened, but is generally not openly hostile to visitors of the Pits. He has been known to take Apprentices, but none have survived long enough to take his place due to various, sometimes mysterious causes of death.
Snakes and Venoms
The following snakes are kept stocked. Rarer snakes are ordered and examined occasionally but are not raised in the pits and are not for sale. Venom may be purchased at Price List value, or by proposing a trade with Malaki.

Western diamondback
Mottled Rock rattlesnake
Pygmy Viper
Death Adder
Coral Snake

Common Watersnake (Aquatic)
Rhino Rat Snake
Ringneck Snake
Malaki always has open spots for many different positions. Employment may include Apprentice Poisoncrafter (Base: 7 GM/Day), Animal Handler (Base: 6 GM/Day), or Philterer (Base: 7 GM/Day). If you have another idea for employment, please contact your local ST.

NotesLocation may be self-modded. All trades (but not necessarily purchases) should be run by your ST. Template credit to Mirage.
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