(Skill) Carpentry

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(Skill) Carpentry

Postby Ramona Silvertongue on December 18th, 2017, 8:16 pm

Article: Carpentry
Author(s): Ramona Silvertongue
Other development: Lore Discussion
Additional Info:

Peer Review Thread: TBD...
Founder Review Thread:TBD...

Synopsis: Herein this article lies the guidelines and standard information that a player can know and understand the basics of carpentry as a skill here on Mizahar. Not only will it include guidelines and the process if using carpentry, but will also explain how each domain/region identify differently with their unique architectural designs and other customary builds.

I. Related Skills
II. Introduction
III. Styles of Carpentry- listed as Domains.
    i. Akvatar Isle
    ii. Cyphrus
    iii. Eyktol
    iv. Falyndar
    v. Kalea
    vi. Konti Isle
    vii. Syliras
IV. Process
    i. Preparation
    ii. Guidelines
    iii. Execution of Carpentry
V. Types of Tools
    i. Tools
VI. Prerequisites
VII. Skill Progression
    i. Novice
    ii. Competent
    iii. Expert
    iv. Master
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