Quest When Ships Don't Come Home

The Settlers of Syka form a plan and look for James and The Veronica.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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When Ships Don't Come Home

Postby Jace on June 29th, 2018, 4:29 am


Even this early in the day, the Syka heat was stifling. Even more so underneath the normal leather attire that Jace had on from traversing the jungle, the added weight from his short sword, bow, and quiver only becoming more of a burden the longer he stood in the hot sun. All he wanted to do now was get to the Guest Quarters and take these damn clothes off. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen.

Walking through the settlement, he couldn't help but notice the people hurrying about. Young, old, men, women. Even the Verusk were in a frenzy. He couldn't but wonder what the hell was going on. Judging from the direction they were all going, well, it looked like they were heading the Tidepool Bar. Did someone call a meeting? He hadn't been here that long, but Jace knew that when a meeting was called a celebration was sure to follow. Deciding his desire to go to the meeting was stronger than his desire to go home, that's exactly what he did.

The meeting had already started by the time the blond Kelvic had arrived at the bar; the sheer amount of people in attendance was a little overwhelming. The heat was even worse here than it was out in the open sun, an unfortunate side effect of packing too many people into a small place. He had missed most of the conversation so far, but he did catch the man in the front of the crowd asking for any means other than physically searching the Suvan to find James and The Veronica. His focus had been on trying to get through the crowd, but that question had made him look up. Apparently they weren't planning a celebration after all.

What was really curious, was the ghost child and kitten standing on the counter next to Juli. Something....mysterious, was going on here and he didn't have all the information he needed just yet to volunteer the one thing he had that might help them: Akajia's mark.

His curiosity peaked, he looked around the crowd in hopes of finding someone he knew. Before long, he spotted Okara up by the front. He was hoping for Nieve, the only other Nightstalker here in Syka, but he enjoyed Okara's company as well. The young wolf made his way through the tight crowd to where she was, listening to the different questions and ideas as he did so. By the time he actually reached the Konti, Jace had pretty much figured out the rough idea of what was going on and who had already volunteered. Okara happened to be one of them.

The blue-eyed male stopped just behind his friend a slightly to her left. The scent of fresh blood filled his nose and he followed it easily enough to a small cut on her hand behind her back. "Hey, Okara." he said quietly, hoping not to startle her, but offering a kind smile if he had. Before she could respond, he would offer his own idea to find the lost captain and his ship. "I don't have Avalis' blessing, and I can't exactly use magic either, but I do think I might be able to help." he began, his words loud enough for the entire room to hear him.

"I'm a servant of the Goddess Akajia, and through her mark I can speak with the shadows; though there's no guarantee they'll speak back. It probably isn't as accurate as the Isur letting the girl possess her, but it does sound like it's safer. Either way, you can count on my help." It wasn't something he volunteered lightly, his bond with the Goddess of Shadows. There were only a handful of people in Syka who knew his secret, and he would have kept it that way, but he couldn't help himself from volunteering. Whether it was because of his concern for James and the settlement of Syka, or his curiosity at the obvious mystery in front of him, though, he wasn't sure. He just knew that he had to be a part of this and, knowing him and who he served, he likely wouldn't back down until he uncovered the truth.

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