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Postby Okara on May 30th, 2016, 2:17 am


Personal Features


Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: 37
Birthday: Spring 17, 481
Birthplace: Mura

Image Okara stands 5’7’’ and is very slight in build, lacking significant feminine curves. Her arms are surprisingly muscular, mostly due to kneading bread and stirring thick mixtures.Her legs are well formed and solid from frequent swimming in the ocean’s strong currents. Her movements are thoughtful and fluid, never careless.

She has green eyes and white-blonde hair that falls a few inches below her shoulders. She typically keeps her hair braided and out of her eyes. Her face is a long oval with prominent cheekbones and delicate nose and brow line. Her lips are full and the most sensual aspect of her person. Iridescent scales run up her legs and back, narrowing up to her neck. These scales also appear on the backs of her webbed hands and the top of her feet. Small patches of scales are also prominent on her temples and along her cheekbones.

ModelRomina Lanaro

Character Concept

Okara can be very service-minded and thinks about the whole, to the point that sometimes she forgets about the individual. She likes to contribute and puts a lot of pressure on herself to perform to her high personal expectations. She can get so wrapped up in being who she feels she should be that she has a bit of a repressed sexuality and pent up urge for recreation. When she does have the opportunity to indulge she tends to over-indulge since she hasn't had much opportunity to release and find her limits.

While neither boisterous nor confrontational about her beliefs, she has conviction and will speak with confidence when asked her thoughts. She is generally peaceful and avoids conflict when possible but will defend herself if the need arises. She takes no pleasure in death and would only kill for sustenance or self defense. Her mark of Rak’keli reminds her of her duty to heal the wounded around her and inflict no unnecessary damage.

Okara has a curious mind and enjoys exploring the world around her. She seeks out the unknown and appreciates novelty. She has a particular love of exploring the sea, no surprise for a Konti, but will turn her curiosity in any direction she can find an outlet for it.

Character History

Okara was born and raised in Mura, on Konti Isle. Okara has no memories of her father, an Eypharian man her mother met while traveling Mizahar. This man left Okara’s mother due to his family’s pressure which led to her mother finding her way back to the comforts of Mura in time for Okara's birth. Okara knows little of this man, not even his name, and has no desire to question her mother regarding it.

Okara’s grandmother was an important influence on her life and she spent much time in her company. When her grandmother passed Okara received one of her suvai, the other in the pair going to Okara’s mother.

Her life has been relatively quiet and peaceful among her family and Konti-kind. Okara is the oldest of three daughters. Her sisters are quite a bit younger then Okara and she assisted her mother in bringing up the gentle and inquisitive girls. Her younger sisters Kalora and Haloni are twins born of a Svefra man whom Okara came to respect. Unfortunately this man died when the twin's were toddlers when his boat sank in a storm. Okara remembers his laughter and mischievous smile with fondness.

Okara has begun her own journey into the world and faces the challenges of leaving the familiar for the totally unknown.
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Postby Okara on June 1st, 2016, 1:56 am

Divine Gifts and Religion

Konti Gift - HD Approval

Comfort Food- Upon touching an individual, Okara sees a picture of their favorite meal in her mind. This of course can change for the individual as they are exposed to new cuisines and Okara would need to touch them again to see the new favorite. If Okara makes the meal she has envisioned the consumer will find it especially comforting, more so if it is a cuisine that Okara is experienced in cooking.

Gnosis - HD Approval

Rak’keli - 1 Gnosis; Okara received this at birth and this gnosis physically manifests as Rak’keli’s twisting snake sigil in shimmering, opalescent blue beginning on Okara’s right hand and running halfway up her forearm.


Okara pays homage when it is due to many gods but holds up Rak'keli above others. She tries to live honestly and show her gratitude for Rak’keli’s gnosis by using it when it is needed and trying to learn more about the divine gift. She frequently prays to Rak’keli and outwardly shows her devotion by healing others.

Okara also prays to Avalis and Laviku as creators of her race. She has recently begun to learn about Priskil and has begun to develop a connection to that goddess.
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Postby Okara on June 17th, 2016, 6:01 pm

Material Possessions

Secret :
1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt (white)
-Simple Pants (light green)
-Simple Undergarments (white)
-Simple Cloak (pale blue)
-Simple Boots (brown)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Purchased (refer to ledger):
Chef’s Toolkit
Cooking Pot, 2 gallon
Pan (round), 12”
Picnic Basket Set
Large Wooden Spoon (cooking utensil)
Large Metal Two Pronged Fork (cooking utensil)
Large Metal Tongs (cooking utensil)
Oyster Knife
Woven flower basket
1 oz ground sage (-.25 oz used in thread)
16 oz earthenware jar
Journal filled with Okara's class notes

Jungle Boots
Tent, 1 person
Healer's Kit
4 sq yd burlap
Rope, Hemp (50 ft)

The following was bought in this thread:
Nail Hammer
2 lbs Metal Nails
Metal Saw

1 white windowpane oyster shell

Heirloom: Okara was gifted one of her grandmother's Suvai upon her passing.

Special Items
Secret :
ImageA dagger that is simple in appearance, it has the special property of being bound to its owner. If anyone else attempts to wield it, it will cause pain equivalent to a small wound every minute held regardless of hand coverings.
This item was an award for the Weapon Weekend Challenge.
This item was discovered by Okara in the thread To Find Your Way, You Must First be Lost.


Image Name: The Amulet of Desire
Properties: When you hold it in your hand and turn a careful circle until you stand in whichever direction the person, place, or thing that you desire will cause the amulet to glow. The person place or thing you desire can change moment to moment. It will continue to glow as long as you concentrate on that object of desire and point in the direction it lies relative to you. This item will only work if you are within a 10 mile distance of the one thing you desire. PC’s must have a lore of what they wish to find.
This item was awarded in the Weekend Word Marathon Challenge.
This item was discovered by Okara in the thread Remedies and Lessons. As of this thread, Okara does not yet understand the properties of the amulet.

ImageName:Priskil Idol, sometimes referred to as Mini P by Okara
Properties:This figurine depicts a fair-skinned woman dressed in white robes that is warm to the touch. When animated, it glows with soft illumination that increases or decreases depending on the statues mood. While its face is always somewhat sad, it actively works to motivate its owner and provide hopeful advice and inspirational stories. Gnosis: 1 mark Priskil. Skills: Leadership: 10, Storytelling: 10, Philosophy: 10. Lore: Priskil, Finding ways to inspire hope in others. Magical Ability: Surround someone in a soft, warm light that not only prevents darkness from touching them but also provides them a boost to their leadership qualities as they are able to inspire others. +10 to leadership.
This item was awarded as part of the Rings of Power Weekend Challenge. Further details regarding the idol can be found in the linked post.
This item was discovered by Okara in the Sweet Hope, Ethereal Balm thread.

Mura :
Location: Mura

House: 1 basic 20x20 single room cottage (400 sq feet) with a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table (sea glass on top of painted stone.

Purchased furniture:
Cupboard, good (bleached driftwood with blue shells for knobs)
Shelf Set, Good (bleached driftwood fastened to the wall with bits of coral stone)
Table, Good (heavy slab of smooth white stone set upon two thick stone legs)

Description: Okara’s home is made of white stone and of simple construction. Okara's home is near the coast a quarter bell's walk from the Opal Temple. Inside the simple home her bed is pushed into a corner with her chest pressed against the end and a small stone and sea glass table is near the head. The opposing wall holds the hearth surrounded by a set of shelves and a cupboard that contain Okara’s cooking supplies. A heavy stone table with a single chair graces the center of the cottage.

Okara's evolving property on Syka, Okara's Residence.

Secret :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Chef’s Toolkit -10 gm 90 gm
Cooking Pot, 2 gal -5 sm 89 gm 5 sm
Pan (Round), 12” -3cm 89 gm 4 sm 7 cm
Picnic Basket Set -5 gm 84 gm 4 sm 7 cm
Large Wooden Spoon (cooking utensil) -2 sm 84 gm 2 sm 7 cm
Large Metal Two Pronged Fork (cooking utensil) -2 sm 84 gm 7 cm
Large Metal Tongs (cooking utensil) -2 sm 83 gm 8sm 7 cm
Cupboard, Good -4 gm 79 gm 8 sm 7 cm
Shelf Set, Good -2 gm 77 gm 8 sm 7 cm
Table, Good -3 gm 74 gm 8 sm 7 cm
Oyster Knife -1 cm 74 gm 8 sm 6 cm
Flower Basket -1 gm 1 sm 73 gm 7 sm 6 cm
1oz ground sage -2 sm 73gm 5 sm 6 cm
16oz earthenware jar -1 sm 73 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Summer 516 Herbalism Class -8 gm 65 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Blank Book (class journal) -3 gm 62 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Summer 516 Wages +364gm (91x4) 426 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Summer 516 Living Expenses -135gm 291 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Fall 516 Living Expenses -135gm 156 gm 4 sm 6cm
Winter 516, Inactive 0 156 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Spring 517, Inactive 0 156 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Summer 517, Inactive 0 156 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Fall 517, Inactive 0 156 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Winter 517, Inactive 0 156 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Spring 518, Inactive 0 156 gm 4 sm 6cm
Boots, High, Leather -1 gm 155gm 4 sm 6 cm
Tent, 1 person -2 gm 153 gm 4 sm 6cm
Kukri - 8 gm 145 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Healer's Kit -50 gm 95 gm 4 sm 6 cm
Bedroll -1 sm 95 gm 3 sm 6 cm
4 sq yd Burlap - 2sm 95 gm 1 sm 6 cm
Rope, Hemp -1 gm 94 gm 1 sm 6 cm
Nail Hammer -5 sm 93 gm 6sm 6cm
2 lbs Metal Nails -1 gm 92 gm 6sm 6cm
Metal Saw -4gm 88 gm 6 sm 6 cm
Shovel -2gm 86 gm 6 sm 6 cm
2 Pullets -4 cm 86 gm 6 sm 4 cm
chicken coop -50 gm 36 gm 6 sm 4 cm
Weekend Writing Challenge Winnings +200 gm 236 gm 6 sm 4 cm
Summer 518 Wages +910 gm 1146 gm 6 sm 4 cm
Summer 518 Living Expenses, Common -135 gm 1011 gm 6 sm 4 cm
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Postby Okara on June 17th, 2016, 6:01 pm

Breathing Possessions

Name: Gertrude
Type: Chicken
Information: Gertrude is a green-feathered chicken. She is special in that every 10th day she lays an egg that contains an oil paint of varying color. Gertrude often seems content but enjoys pecking at anything that comes near her head, particularly body parts.

Gertrude was a prize for the Location Challenge Weekend.
Gertrude was found IC in the thread Run to Your Mama.

Betty and Mabel
Name: Betty and Mabel
Type: Chickens
Information: Betty and Mabel were purchased as companions for Gertrude. They are very close and tend to keep their distance from Gertrude. Their favorite meal is ticks. They are regular chickens and lay regular eggs.
Betty and Mabel were purchased in this thread.
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Great stories start with humble beginnings.
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Postby Okara on June 17th, 2016, 6:02 pm

Knowledge and Abilities


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Kontinese


Skill Based
Lore of Kontinese Cuisine
Survival: Keeping One's Distance from Wildlife
Kelp: An Anchor in the Ocean
Meditation: Letting Go of Unnecessary Thoughts and Distractions
Focus on Breath: Unwise for Underwater Meditation
Using Rocks to Harvest Oysters
Freeing One's Self from Mud
Opening Oysters with a Knife
Don't Harvest Oysters after a Storm
How Seeds Germinate
Book: Introduction to Plant Life
Fingers: Rough Measuring Implements
Using Proper Spacing when Copying a Work
Wilderness Survival: Using Syna to Tell Direction
Floristry: Mixing Flower Placement in a Bouquet
Walking as Meditation
Meditation: Acknowledge and Dismiss the Problem
Floristry: Tying a Bouquet with a Stem
Kelp: The Drying Process
Cooking: Kelp as an Easy Broth
Meditation: For Religious Connection
Botany: The Bareberry
Botany: Herbaceous Life Cycles
Botany: Woody Plant Life Cycles
Botany: Annual Cycles
Botany: Perennial Cycles
Botany: Purpose of Stems
Botany: Purpose of Leaves
Botany: Terms for Leaf Shapes
Botany: Terms for Leave Margins
Botany: Terms for Leaf Arraignments
Botany: Reproduction of Angiosperm
Botany: Parts of a Flower
Bareberry: Uses as a Tan Dye
Bareberry: Uses as a Yellow Dye
Oak: Uses as a Tea
Oak: Medicinal Uses
Oak: Uses as a Poultice
Willow: Uses as a Tea
Willow: Medicinal Uses
Pine: Edible Nuts
Pine: Uses as Tea
Pine: Medicinal Uses
Herbalism: If you can’t identify it, don’t use it.
Herbalism: Leaves are the most common part of a plant to use
Herbalism: Collect from the top, tender leaves are best.
Botany: Plant with no foliage will die
Caiyha: Leave something behind to regrow
Herbalism: Dandelion – all parts of plant edible and useful
Herbalism: Dandelion – Harvest Leaves best when young
Herbalism: Dandelion leaves – tincture or tea preparation
Herbalism: Dandelion leaves -- good for kidney/urinary tract appetite and digestion issues
Herbalism: Flowers means more flowers, leave behind some.
Herbalism: Flower buds need to be dried as soon after picking
Herbalism: Study and research your target plant
Botany: Root system most important part of plant
Herbalism: Roots harvested in Fall in most cases
Herbalism: Dandelion root – Harvest from the base to bring up tap root system
Food Preservation: cut up roots dry easier than whole
Herbalism: Dandelion root – used for liver function, liver inflammation, gall bladder function and laxative
Herbalism: Dandelion root – preparation – tea, tonic or tincture
Philtering: recipe – Dandelion root tincture
Medicine: Dandelion tincture dosage recommendations
Herbalism: Suskatan identifying features
Botany: Taking bark from the trunk can cause disease and invite insects
Botany: Difference between outer bark and inner back
Botany: Heartwood
Herbalism: Harvesting bark best in spring
Food Preparation: Saskatan – dry the bark
Herbalism: Saskatan bark – Preparation – ground and make a tea
Herbalism: Saskatan bark – used for sore throats
Herbalism: Plant growth cycle to obtain seeds for collection
Herbalism: Saskatan Berries – edible but sour, used in dyes
Botany: Fungus growing conditions, some are poisonous
Herbalism: Lingzhi mushroom identified
Herbalism: Lingzhi mushroom – Harvest from deciduous trees at the base
Food Preparation: Lingzhi mushroom – dry the mushroom soon as it is picked
Herbalism: Lingzhi mushroom – used for boost immune system, blood circulation, blood pressure and asthma
Cooking: Mussels and Timing
Food Preparation: Pitting Cherries
Kelp: Delicate when Boiled
Food Preparation: De-cloving Garlic
Food Preparation: Mincing Garlic
Food Preparation Green Onions
Cooking: Kelp and Mushroom Stock
Food Preparation Sea Mustard
Food Preparation: De-bearding Mussels
Cooking: Mussel and Seaweed Soup
Endurance: Summer heat makes everyone move slow
Cleaning: Cleaning counters to avoid cross contamination
Food Preparation: Squid gutted cleaned and cut up for grilling
Cooking: Squid cook quickly
squid ink sacs good for dyeing and cooking
Cooking: Time management is important
Cooking: Hidden critters in the seaeweed are not good eats.
Cooking: do not rinse seaweed in fresh water, salt water retains flavor
Cooking: Recipe -- Seaweed with ginger and scallions
Cooking: Recipe -- Grilled Squid
Cleaning: an organized and clean workspace is a happly space
Collaboration with other chefs make for a smooth running kichen
Planning: How to make a Menu -- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Meditation: clearning the mind
Tracking: Following Footprints in the Sand
Meditation: Deep Breathes to Relax
Syka: Cuisine
Persuasion: Explaining Own Merits
Foraging: Avocados, Appearance and Signs of Ripeness
Foraging: Oranges, Appearance
Medicine: Correct Way of Bandaging
Medicine: Signs and Symptoms of Sand Fleas
Medicine: Extracting Burrowed Sand Fleas
Medicine: Signs of Infection
Medicine: Removing Splinters
Medicine: Importance of Keeping Tools Clean
Suvai: For Incapacitating Opponents, Not Killing
Wilderness Survival: Creating a Fishing Pole with What is Around You
Wilderness Survival: Crafting a Fishing Hook with Sharpened Sticks
Composition: First Pick a Topic
Fishing: Hunt for Squid at Night
Fishing: Different Poles for Different Fish
Fishing: Bait Should Resemble What Fish Eat
Negotiation: Don't Ask for Deals You Don't Deserve
Wilderness Survival: Travel is Slow in the Jungle, Always Plan for More Time
Land Navigation: Bodies of Water Make Good Landmarks
Botany: Cayenne Peppers, Appearance and Preferred Growing Conditions
Foraging: Cayenne Peppers, Beware of Spicy Oils
Land Navigation: Climb a Tree to Get a Wider View of the Area
Botany: Neem Trees, Appearance and Drought Resistance
Botany: Cinchona Trees, Appearance
Wilderness Survival: Avoid Panic While Being Pursued
Wilderness Survial: Take Cover to Escape a Pursuer
Wilderness Survival: Field Dressing a Wound
Organization: Arranging Medical Tools for Quick Access
Medicine: Maintaining Composure with Difficult Patients
Medicine: Draining an Infection and Dressing the Wound Afterwards
Medicine: Questioning Patients to Investigate Symptoms
Medicine: Symptoms of Food Poisoning
Botany: Ginger, Appearance
Wilderness Survival: Using Animal Trails for Easier Travel
Land Navigation: Building a Cairn as a Marker
Wilderness Survival: A Water Source with Dead Creatures Around May be Unpotable
Wilderness Survival: Stay Calm if You are Lost
Wilderness Survival: After a Fall, Test Your Limbs for Injury
Construction: Building a Chicken Coop
Construction: Slanted Roof Helps Rain Roll Off
Construction: Apply Tar for Water Proofing
Cooking Recipe: Coconut Oil
Medicine: Skeletal Structures of Humans
Philtering Recipe: Quinine Tincture
Medicine: Symptoms of Malaria
Herbalism: Uses of Cinchona Bark
Herbalism: Uses of Neem Leaves
Philtering Recipe: Neem Leaf Tisane
Medicine: Importance of Proper Dosages
Medicines: Types of Bone Fractures
Medicine: Treating Bone Fractures
Philtering Recipe: Hot Pepper Salve
Leadership: Stay Outwardly Calm, Even When Freaking Out
Philosophy: Mentality of a Healer
Philosophy: Be Resolute in Your Actions
Cooking Recipe: Tropical Fruit and Crab Salad
Foraging: Pineapple, Appearance and Harvesting
Medicine: Treat Jellyfish Stings with Vinegar and Hot Water
Medicine: Removing Jellyfish Stingers
Medicine: Jellyfish Stings Naturally Heal in One or Two Weeks
Medicine: Signs of a Dislocated Shoulder
Medicine: Treating a Dislocated Shoulder
Medicine: Once Dislocated, A Shoulder Will Dislocate Again More Easily
Medicine: Strengthen Muscles to Prevent Repeat Dislocations
Medicine: Removing Stingray Stingers
Medicine: Breakdown Stingray Toxin with Heat

Location: The Kelp Forest
The Watchtower: A Landmark for Navigation
The Medical Library: A Place to Volunteer
Place: Opal Temple Kitchens feed patients and staff
Place: Opal Temple entrance
Place: South Tower, Rak'keli's Altar
Location: Syka
Location: The Panacea
The Panacea: Run by Jansen and Kalum
Syka Location: The Community Pool
Syka Location: The Swine Swells
Syka Location: Estuary Cave
Mura Location: Suvai Pavilion
Zeltiva: Protected by the Wave Guard
Mura Location: Starry Night
Syka Location: The Mercantile

Alissa Nova: Head of Restoration at the Medical Library
Alissa Nova: An Encouraging Mentor
Person: Merida Surval -- Receptionist
The Founders of Syka: Mathias, Randal, James
Randal: Appearance, Personality, Location of Home
Nya: Head of the Rangers, Kelvic
Duncan Malstrom: Maintains the Community Pools
Rainmere Shantu: Firedancer
Lars Waska: Runs the Syka Sawmill
Estrellir Konrath: Grew Up in Kenash
Aladari Coolwater: Vantha Raised in Zeltiva
Aladari Coolwater: Perfers to be on the Water, Not in It
Visi: Vantha Who Enjoys Poetry
Tap: Konti Fisherwoman
Uta Lavin: Appearance, Occupation, Home
Juli Chaliva: Appearance, Occupation
Uta Lavin: Bonding Over a Shared Experience
Artik: Appearance, Can be a Difficult Patient
Nesra Arlean: Apperance, Occupation
Lars Waska: Can Process Lumber for a Price
Randal Zor: Helps Out Settlers in Need
Akalaks: Have Two Souls in One Body
Kalum: Jansen's Other Half
Tony Swiftwater: Apperance
Buraga Shamzen: Apperance, Occupation
Nasra Arlean: Has a Past she Doesn't Talk About

Religion and Magic
Lore of Religion: Rak’keli
Priskil: A Light to Follow
Religion: Burning Sage for Prayer
Healing: Respect the Gnosis
Healing The Wounds You Cause
Priskil: Goddess of Hope, Radiance, and Vigilance
Pray to Priskil for Hope
How to Awaken and Utilize the Priskil Idol
Prayer: Praying to Priskil in Gratitude for Hope

The Relative Endlessness of the Ocean
The Desire of Shallow Tides to Embrace the Shore
Tides Farther from Shore Pull One Out
A Konti's Presence: Welcomed by Underwater Wildlife
A Sore Back and Hand: Repayment for a Good Deed
Plan Before Leaving the City
Djed storm of 512av
Destruction invokes sense of helplessness
An act of kindness brings back hope.
Actions speak louder than words to help others
A Determined choice, Opal Order Student
Syka: Settlers Get 5 Acres of Land
Syka: Founders Offer Loans
Making the Best of an Unexpected Situation
Playing with the Swine in the Swells
Syna Sets Quickly in Syka
Persevering Through Injury
Being Kind to Counter Hatred


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Anthropology +1 1 Novice
Bodybuilding +3 3 Novice
Botany +14 14 Novice
Cleaning +4 4 Novice
Climbinb +2 2 Novice
Composition +1 1 Novice
Construction +3 3 Novice
Cooking 30 SP +11 41 Competent
Copying +4 4 Novice
Drawing +11 11 Novice
Endurance +10 10 Novice
Fishing +2 2 Novice
Floristry +2 2 Novice
Foraging +7 7 Novice
Herbalism +6 6 Novice
Interrogation +1 1 Novice
Investgiation +2 2 Novice
Land Navigation +7 7 Novice
Leadership +1 1 Novice
Medicine 10 RB +19 29 Competent
Meditation +9 9 Novice
Negotiation +3 3 Novice
Observation +72 72 Expert
Organization +4 4 Novice
Persuasion +2 2 Novice
Philosophy +2 2 Novice
Philtering +3 3 Novice
Planning +4 4 Novice
Rhetoric +1 1 Novice
Socialization +29 29 Competent
Tracking +1 1 Novice
Weapon: Suvai 10 SP +3 13 Novice
Wilderness Survival 10 SP+16 26 (Sea, Tropical Forest) Competent
Writing +15 15 Novice
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Postby Okara on June 28th, 2018, 7:48 pm

In Character Journeys

Thread List
Flashbacks :
Thread Title Date Skills Notes
Volunteering at the Medical Library Winter 6, 491 +3 Writing, +3 Copying, +1 Botany Flasback, training copying and developing relations with the Library
Present Practice and Practicing Futures Summer 49, 502 +2 Observation, +1 Suvai, +1 Endurance, +1 Socialization Flashback with Estrellir Konrath
Helplessness or Motivation Spring 5, 512 +3 Observation, +1 Bodybuilding, +2 Meditation Flashback to aftermath of djed storm
Exploring the Coastline Spring 61, 514 +1 Planning, +4 Observation, +5 Socialization, +2 Wilderness Survival Okara meets Aladari Coolwater

Summer 516 :
Thread Title Date Skills Notes
Meditation and Exploration Among the Kelp Summer 3, 516 +2 Bodybuilding, +1 Endurance, +1 Foraging, +1 Land Navigation, +3 Meditation, +3 Observation, +4 Wilderness Survival Solo
Wine and Poetry, a Natural Pairing Summer 7,516 +3 Socialization, +2 Observation, +1 Composition Open thread
Counting Shades of Yellow Summer 8, 516 +4 Observation, +2 Meditation, +1 Wilderness Survival, +1 Land Navigation, +2 Floristry Okara gets turned around in the Silverwood and ends up offering prayers to Priskil
The Doings of Ordinary Days Summer 11, 516 +1 Endurance, +1 Foraging, +3 Observation, +1 Cooking, +1 Negotiation, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Meditation, +1 Botany Solo of a few random things.
Long Lectures and Hurried Notes Summer 14, 516 +1 Socialization, +2 Observation, +3 Drawing, +4 Writing, +5 Botany, +1 Herbalism Solo, Okara begins herbalism class
Simmering Soups in Summer Summer 26, 516 +3 Endurance, +3 Observation, +5 Cooking Summer, 516 Job Thread
Memorizing Methods of Responsible Collection Summer 37, 516 +3 Herbalism, +3 Writing, +4 Observation, +3 Botany, +3 Drawing, +1 Organization, +1 Socialization Herbalism Class thread
Jets of Ink Summer 80, 516 +1 Suvai, +1 Persuasion, +1 Socialization, +2 Fishing, +1 Endurance, +1 Interrogation, +2 Observation Okara fishes for squid with Tap
Slippery Squid and Seaweed Salad Summer 81, 516 +2 Cleaning, +3 Cooking, +1 Planning, +2 Organization, +1 Socialization, +1 Endurance, +1 Writing, +3 Observation Job Thread

Fall 516 :
Thread Title Date Skills Notes
Splishing and a Splashing Fall 48, 516 Incomplete Abandoned

Summer 518 :
Thread Title Date Skills Notes
Fresh Off the Boat Summer 3, 518 +2 Observation, +1 Tracking, +1 Meditation, +4 Socialization, +1 Persuasion Okara's Syka Founder Thread
A Pig Day Afternoon Summer 4, 518 +1 Socialization, +5 Observation, +1 Foraging Solo
The Panacea's Newest Addition Summer 6, 518 +1 Socialization, +4 Medicine, +3 Observation Job Thread
Run to Your Mama Summer 10, 518 +5 Observation, +1 Negotiation, +2 Socialization, +1 Planning, +5 Wilderness Survival, +2 Land Navigation, +3 Botany, +3 Drawing, +3 Foraging, +1 Endurance, +1 Suvai Solo, Location Challenge Weekend award found
To Clear Your Mind, Put Your Hands to Work Summer 11, 518 +4 Socialization, +3 Observation, +1 Negotiation, +3 Construction, +1 Endurance Solo
Different Shades of Bodily Fluids Summer 20, 518 +1 Organization, +3 Observation, +5 Medicine, +1 Philtering Job Thread
Summer Afternoons Summer 21, 518 Incomplete Open Thread with Anibesa
Jungle Flowers, Jungle Trees Summer 23, 518 Incomplete Jungle trip with Sophia Sunshore
Theres Nothing Like the Whisper of Shadows Summer 25, 518 Incomplete Open Thread with Jace, Nieve, and Iolara
Remedies and Lessons Summer 29, 518 +3 Observation, +1 Anthropology, +1 Cooking, +1 Drawing, +1 Copying, +4 Medicine, +2 Philtering, +4 Writing, +2 Herbalism Solo, Found Amulet of Desire
Who Needs Gold with All This Glitter? Summer 37, 518 Incomplete Thread with Iolara
To Find Your Way, You Must First Be Lost Summer 43, 518 +1 Planning, +4 Observation, +1 Drawing, +1 Botany, +4 Wilderness Survival, +3 Land Navigation, +2 Climbing Solo, Weapon Weekend Challenge award found
Stings and Pops Summer 47, 518 +2 Cleaning, +5 Medicine, +3 Observation Job Thread
When Ships Don't Come Home Summer 50, 518 incomplete Syka City Quest
Sweet Hope, Etheral Balm Summer 61, 518 +3 Observation, +1 Leadership, +1 Medicine, +2 Philosophy, +1 Investigation Solo, Found Priskil idol
Small Acts of Kindness and Cooking Summer 63, 518 +3 Observation, +1 Investigation, +4 Socialization, +1 Foraging, +1 Cooking Solo, Found Backpack of Voiding
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