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Making a living

Postby Geroth on July 24th, 2018, 4:46 pm

Geroth would wake up early in the morning when the birds started singing. He was groggy like usual as he ran a hand threw his messy hair. Stepping out of his tent and snuffing the fires and vits burning embers before sitting down on a log he's used as a chair that previous night.he takes out a portion of his balance rationfir breakfast consisting of bread and cheese having his fill before starting his day. Pulling out his backpack he loads it with five crossbow clips his botnist and appraisal kit neadle and threadhis fishing set and the rest of his uneaten ration for the day.
"I should probably go hunting today and if there's time left gather some supplies." he said to himself a trait he's done often lately as he sets out he would make his way to the marshes. Being in no rush at the moment he would take in the sight of the forest the peaceful as well as slightly ominous feel to. His repeating crossbow safely held on his back loaded, he would look around once he got to the mashes. Once there he looked at the different vines coming out of the marshes checking what we're healthy which were dead and what would be more viable for what he needed for poison. With the help of his botnist kit and his survival skills he was able to find a good candidate for his poisons and made a mental note for them later. Taking out his fishing set he would spend a good while at the marshes. After a while and several not so good catches he had caught a couple turtles so he quickly would gut and clean both of them keeping their shells and underbelly and meat. He would load all the meat that he could harvest and not butcher from the turtles into the larger shell of the two and secured the underbelly on the shell with his thread making a makeshift bowl before using his water from his water skin to clean the other shell. After all this it would be mid day as he headed back to the vine he saw using his botnist kit he began to carfully collect the parts of the vine he needed like his mother showed him long ago. After stashing them in the other shell like the meat he was happy with what he had accomplished today. walking back to camp and putting away his bowl of vines he grabbed his simple dark brown Cloak and secured it over his light brown shirt with the sleeves removed and after getting fully dressed he would make his way into town with the turtle meat in hopes of finding a good deal for it in the market. After looking for a bit he found a buyer and got o good sale out of it before heading back he dicided to sit against a wall and happily scarf down the remaining bit of his portion of ration from earlier after his days work.
"Today was a good day" Geroth said to himself happily before getting up and making his way back to the camp carful to not get fallowed back.
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