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Taren starts building his new home

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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A new home?

Postby Taren Coballon on September 24th, 2018, 3:20 am


15th Fall, 518

Taren leg injury had made life harder as he given it time to heal, he had went to see Jansen some time ago whom had talked him through as he gave him four stitches in his leg and told him he needed to rest the leg to allow it to heal. He had limited his work as much as he possibly could but boredom was setting in and he needed to start getting something done again on his new home. He knew he couldn’t cut and bring wood or bamboo back himself but he could work on other things. Over the past days of rest, he had walked and found the area he wanted to start building. He used a rope to measure the base of the house and tied ribbon to it so he could buy some lumber from the sawmill to frame the raised flooring but he hadn’t went to the sawmill just yet and he still hoped to get Randal’s help to build and set the floor frame.

After he retrieved his kopis from his survival pack and started to clear the area he wanted to build. He cut and cleared everything off the ground and away from his new home, he pushed the brush into piles as far off to the side as possible so he had room to work on things as needed. Once the piles dried he would burn it to dispose of it nicely and get some heat or cooking out of the piles. Once the house area was cleared he started on a nice path down to the beach so he or others might find it if needed but he doubted he would have tp entertain much company but just in case he would mark the path entrance on the beach.

After he finished the path to the beach he pulled the remaining foliage onto the beach to dry near his campsite. From there he started right near the entrance and walked to pick up any stone he could find to pile on either side of the entrance. The small to medium rocks were what he piled, while the larger ones would have to wait for help or more if he wanted them moved out of the way. Soon he had a pile on either side that was almost a bit of wood for as high as his waist. Maybe he could do something more with them later.

With the area ready he grabbed his weapon belt before he proceeded toward the sawmill to see if he could get some wood milled down to his needs. The walk would be long he knew but he wouldn’t stress his injury more from the work he already had done regardless he checked his leg to make sure it looked alright, which it did so without shirt or shoes he started down to the sawmill.

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