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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

In Hand And Mind

Postby Lani Stranger on October 26th, 2014, 12:06 pm

82nd of Fall 514AV

It was time to retreat to the forest, to give her sanity to the mountains and nestle in their serene atmosphere until she could absorb the calm demeanor of nature. Lani could hardly remember the last time she sat in the woods. Yes, she remembered when she did, a little over a season ago. But Lani had lost the feeling of nature. She couldn't remember what the grass felt like on her fingertips or tickling her toes. She ha forgotten the music of trees brushing up against each other by command of the wind. These memories were lost, she had spent too long traveling and then the past few days of getting settled took up her time.

And now she was free at last, free to meditate under Caiya's embrace.

But this was not a Zeltivian forest. Although the mountains were tenfold steeper, the patches I forest was lush. Filled with underbrush and small creatures it was nothing like the grey Zeltivian forest that she had grown used to. A crystal clear stream trickled between the stone under her feet and she could see where the brilliant green of the pine's clashed with the baby blue sky. Before her there was a patch of forest hugging the bottom of the low (at least for Kalea) mountain in front of her. The rolling holds of grass that trenches out from the city of illusions provided Lani with a rough enough hike that she found her breathing with her mouth by the time she reached the trees.

Lani felt the cool cover of shade and turned we black eyes up to search the high pine canopy. A bright red bird, that Lani didn't know the name of, bounced between tree limbs. She watched the bird for a second, curious about what it was searching for. Every once in a while a shrill chirp would ring out, as if he was calling for a lost lover. Lani turned her head away, choosing not to wonder why he wasn't already in flight to Cyphrus to wait out the harsh winter.

Lani took a step forward, eager to explore this new forest and forgetting to remember the danger. Unlike the Zastoska mountains, there was a guarantee that there would be creatures in the Kalea lowlands, and not always creatures she wanted to meet. But Lani didn't care as she started forward, bare feet crunching twigs and branches in her path.

The mixed blood had never worn shoes, havin Chaktawe heritage she developed far thicker soles than the average human, but that didn't mean she couldn't feel the ground below her. It wasn't long before she could feel the soreness in her feet. Constant bombardments if Sahara rocks and broken twigs told her that this Alvadian forest was harsher than we comfortable hike in the Zastoska mountains. But it also became appear any to the exploring half-blood that she was in no way silent.

She was probably the loudest creature beneath the pine trees. Lani knew she would have to be quieter. It wasn't necessary stealth that was necessary, it was immersion. Lani's idea of immersion told her to take part if the forest. Blend with the creatures and plants that inhabited it so that you are not a trespasser. And so that was what Lani did. She slowed her steps, taking her time to pick out her footfalls more carefully. Step on this patch of dirt... and that rock, but try not to get tangled in the thornbush.

Although Lani found a significant difference in her trek, one where she coils hear the forest more than herself, she had spent all her focus on her feet, missing the beauty around her.

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In Hand And Mind

Postby Ssezzkero on October 8th, 2018, 4:50 pm

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