[Skill] Gardening

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[Skill] Gardening

Postby Martini Elwood on December 2nd, 2018, 6:06 pm

Article: [Skill] Gardening
Author(s): Martin Elwood, Crystal Nightshade (Previous)
Other development: None
Additional Info: Stub, Partial Write-Up and Discussion thread

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Synopsis: Gardening is the skill of cultivating plants. Gardening is normally on an individual or familial scale verses the large scale production (in terms of food) that is involved with Agriculture or Farming. It can also include decorative or medicinal gardening. Many florists or herbalists garden to supply their wares, but it can be used as a form of exercise of relaxation for some. Some may argue that Gardening is simply farming but with different plants, that is for the most part true, except that Gardening has many different roads to travel. While Farming involves fertilizing the land and raising livestock, Gardening is the act of Growing, Cultivating, and harvesting flowers and/or plants for the purpose of decoration, consumption, and sometimes cosmetic uses such as dyes.

Outline: I’ll be taking over this article. I plan to make small edits to the outline and fill in the information blanks. I’ll expand the information to be more Mizahar relevant, such as adding details from from history and maybe adding a section about gardens in different cities, or how gardening is viewed in the regions. I’ll also be going back to check for any unlinked references.

Old Outline for reference

I. Prerequisites/Related Skills
I.I Botany
I.II Herbalism
I.III Agriculture

II. Types of Gardening
II.I Aesthetic Gardening
II.II Kitchen Gardening

III. Gardening Tools and Uses
III.II Shovel
III.IV Waterskin
III.V Scythe
III.VI Spade

IV. Gardening Know-How
IV.I Soil Types and Properties
IV.II Plant Climate
IV.III Seed Spacing

V. General Upkeep
V.I Planting
V.II Watering
V.III Weeding
V.IV Pests
V.V Harvesting

VI. Learning To Garden
VI.I Self-Taught vs Being Taught

VII. Skill Progression
VII.I Novice
VII.II Competent
VII.III Expert
VII.IV Master
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