Location The Habūb

This series of alley and backroom meeting areas shelters the darker side of The Outpost.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Habūb

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Named for fierce desert storms that blow up out of nowhere, The Habūb is definitely the darker side of The Outpost. Although considered Xyna's territory, other Gods have invaded as well, dipping their tendrils into all things good and all things organized. There are mazes of back alleys behind The Raids and woven into the underground of The Outpost create The Habūb.

This underground is populated, not unsurprisingly, by the darker side of life. It is said that assassins can be contracted here. And there are deals to be made as well - things well within Xyna's commerce, wealth and trade domains - that are so dark, so heinous, that only whispers of it escape back into the daylight world. To get lost in The Habūb is to lose one's soul - it is said - because it will take that kind of bargain to find one's way out again.

The Habūb is well populated by the lost, loathsome, and those of ill repute. They prey on the folks above and answer only to Sand, who rules The Habūb with an iron fist. If The Keiss have one singular enemy at The Outpost, it would be this leader and his army of darkness.

ImageName: Sand
Race: Unknown
DoB: Unknown
PoB: Unknown
Skills: Weapon (Scimitar, Throwing Star, Whip, Longbow, Dagger, Garrote, Blowgun, Longsword, Katana, Throwing Axe, Battleaxe), Larceny, Business, Leadership, Psychology,
Gnosis: Unknown

It falls naturally that the leader of The Habūb would take on a name like Sand. Not much else is known about him other than he has agents all over The Outpost and throughout Mizahar. Sand is known as a problem solver, employer, and a mover and shaker. However, if he does you a favor, you will owe him one and that debt will be collected. His favors are never cheap and they are always something that will effect a person's life forever.

Mod Note
Please talk to a moderator about what you are looking for in this area. They can set you up with a contact and a way to contact that contact. You can even make contact with the Mortanis in these back alley passages.
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