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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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Life Undeterred (Wa'Djinnabi)

Postby Baelin Holt on February 22nd, 2020, 4:50 am

51, Winter 519 AV

Whenever Baelin thought he was finally getting the hang of the Outpost, he always seemed to stumble onto something entirely new and incredible. With her gift that kept on giving, Xyna had fast become a goddess that he held with reverence.

Here―at what Baelin could only describe as a very well irrigated garden―he pulled in a deep breath and drank the scents of thriving plants and fresh, running water. In a reoccurring theme of the Outpost, fountains were plentiful here. But unlike the other fountains of the Outpost, it was clear that the waterworks here were more than just ornamental. Baelin may know absolutely nothing about gardening, but he had to think that the flowing water here was serving a more functional purpose. The plants here were so bountiful and fresh… And yet, with seemingly very little dirt? He’d never seen anything like it.

Baelin stepped in closer to the garden of water and plants, inhaling the scent and marveling at how much life he could taste. The flash of color under the surface coalesced as he got closer: shapes darting around each other and spines occasionally breaking the surface. These gardens weren’t just lush with greenery. Fish teemed under the surface.

What kind of variety of flavors would he get if he were to try a sampling of them? He could imagine their flesh would be tender and white, flaking with the slightest touch. Truly mouthwatering.

Off to the side of the gardens, a man with a mane of red hair tended to one of the plants. Baelin watched him as he worked, bent over one of the pools and surveying something in its shallows. The waves of Laviku’s mark cresting across the man’s skin was a surprise; he didn’t look Svefra.

Nevermind that―Baelin was getting distracted. The real question was: how did this even work? Where was all the soil? You had to have lots of soil, right? Wasn’t that a thing? Were these plants specifically bred to grow better with lots of water? How would you even do something like that? No, there were so many different types of plants here. Baelin didn't get think there could be so much diversity if that was the case. But, in truth, he knew so little about growing plants that he just couldn't be sure.

If he were a betting man, he'd put money down that it was less the plant and more the system. That these were normal plants, yet somehow grown without fertile soil. And if so... Baelin thought of Black Rock. So few things grew well there. He had grown up on fish not because his family was particularly pescatarian-inclined, but because there were few other options. But if it was possible to grow plants of all sorts, even with the absence of particularly fertile lands... He wished there was a way to tell his family.

Slipping around the perimeter of the gardens and hugging close to the flowing pools, Baelin scanned what little he could see of the system here. But―as far as he could tell―it was like the plants were somehow just magically growing from water.

Maybe it really was magic. Baelin's optimism sank as he considered the possibility. If it really was just magic, the there wasn't much he could do. Baelin reached to brush one of the leaves, but hesitated, his fingers just short. The leaf swayed, a slight breeze toying with it, and yet still Baelin held himself back.

Pulling in a slow breath, Baelin lowered his hand. For all he knew, the plants had some sort of magical trap on them. Not that that fell in line with what he'd seen of the Outpost so far, but you never knew. Still... Baelin glanced around, hoping to catch sight of the red-haired plant tender again. Maybe... He might be able to ask.
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