[PC Plotnotes] Baelin Holt

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[PC Plotnotes] Baelin Holt

Postby Baelin Holt on August 11th, 2014, 6:43 pm

Expert in Blacksmithing; Competent in Weaponsmithing and Armorer :
ImageName: Rose Nightfall
Race: Human
DoB: 32 of Summer, 494 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Clerk at Bay Forge
Skills: Seduction 30, Persuasion 10, Negotiation 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Rose had been one of Brega’s whores since she was a girl. Adept at getting both men and women to spend their mizas on her, Rose was familiar with many manners of pleasure. She had thought there was nothing that could faze her, right up until she had a relatively normal client with a request that had hardly been the craziest thing she’d done. He paid, she was fine, and life went on. But something had changed for Rose after that night. What used to be easy slowly became more difficult as inexplicable dread filled her in fits and bursts. Furious with herself, Rose tried to work more bells than usual to get over whatever absurd reluctance she’d developed. But things got worse, not better, and Brega finally let her go. While looking for work, Rose heard of a new smithy opening up in the bay. Rose may not have known much about blacksmith shops, but she was confident that she could sell anything. Baelin hadn’t needed much convincing―he’d been desperate for a clerk to take over general sales―and Rose was hired on the spot.

Unless it’s a special request, most sales go through Rose. She’s developed a strong grasp of the general selling points for the Bay Forge’s goods and services. And for anything she doesn’t know, Rose likes to think she’s adept at faking it. Rose flirts like she breathes, relying on her seductive abilities as both a method of sales and as a familiar way to chat. While Rose doesn’t mind the transition to clerk, she often misses being confident in her sexual prowess and―if she feels relatively safe with you―might try to see if she’s still got it.

ImageName: Nelly
Race: Human
DoB: 12 of Winter, (Current Year – 13) AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Courier for Bay Forge
Skills: Intelligence 30, Subterfuge 10, Weapon (Dagger) 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Nelly’s earliest memories were of the Sunset Orphanage. They weren’t bad; Calyn had taken care of her as she did all the orphans. But, despite Calyn’s best efforts, something about Nelly was just different. Others’ feelings were like a curious puzzle to her. She learned how to work with them not because she could empathize, but because it made it easier to get people to do what she wanted. Nelly, however, was not entirely without feelings; she can be positively viscous when defending what she considers to be hers. This became painfully clear after another girl ripped up her favorite dress. So Nelly took what she thought was an appropriate reaction: she knifed the girl in her sleep. Jillene promptly threw Nelly out of the orphanage and she has since survived by working as a courier for whoever needed one. She jumped between people and places, always keeping her ear to the ground to know who needed what next. When she caught wind that the new smithy in the bay was struggling with its logistics, Nelly saw her opportunity. Baelin was thrilled when his deliveries actually made it through with nothing missing, and took Nelly on as the Forge’s full-time courier.

Nelly can be terrifyingly proactive in the defense of her employment. She keeps her ears open for any wind of both potential customers as well as possible threats, doing her damndest to make sure this job sticks.

Bay Forge :
The Bay Forge strives to be a useful smithy for the many sailors, fishermen, and Svefra that pass through Baroque Bay. It attempts to cater to the specific steel needs of sailors, from fishing hooks to harpoons, as well as provide a shop welcoming to Svefra. Baelin also carries stock of general tools, armor, and weapons that may be versatile and useful for both Sunberthians and Bay visitors. For anyone who visits his shop, general steel upkeep is offered in an effort to build a returning customer base. As a way to encourage customer satisfaction, almost all items coming out of the Bay Forge are treated for rust prevention.

Business Type: Goods and Services

Items Sold:
For Svefra, Sailors, & Fishermen:
Grapple Pole 15 GM
Sword, Cutlass 12 GM
Harpoon, Light 10 GM
Shortspear 2 GM
Ballista Bolt 1 GM
Grappling Hook 1 GM
Fishing Hook 1 CM
Guessing price per hook, assumed bulk sales

General Sales:
Hammer, Light 1 GM
Dagger 2 GM
Knife 5 SM
Handaxe 6 GM
Helmet, Skullcap 10 GM
Arm, Vambrace 50 GM
Back and Breast 50 GM
Leg, Cuisses 60 GM
Leg, Greaves 60 GM
Chain Shirt 100 GM
*Other items can be commissioned

Services Offered:
Armor Repair 1–10 GM
Blade Refurbishing 1–10 SM
Rust Removal 1–10 CM
Steel Maintenance 1–10 CM
*Service costs depend on severity of damage
Maintenance includes reapplying rust-prevention finish and/or sharpening

Base Income: Blacksmith, 6 GM/day
Skill Bonus: Expert Blacksmithing, 18 GM/day
Sales Bonus: 3 GM/day (20% for owner/operator)
Total Income: 21 GM/day – 6 GM/day = 15 GM/day
Employee Wages: 6 GM/day
Clerk, 3 GM/day
Courier, 3 GM/day (1–5 GM/day)

Assets: 3598.6 GM
Materials: 798 GM
Item Price Quantity Total
Iron 5 SM/lb 1000 lbs 500 GM
Charcoal 2 CM/lb 150 lbs 3 GM
Grapeseed Oil 1 SM/gal 50 gal 5 GM
Linseed Oil 4 GM/gal 5 gal 20 GM
White Vinegar 5 SM/gal 20 gal 10 GM
Wire, Mild Steel 2 GM/lb § 40 lbs 80 GM
Leather, Common 1 GM/lb 20 lbs 20 GM
Lumber, Local 5 GM/sq-ft 32 sq-ft 160 GM
Bulk charcoal isn’t in the price list, so guessing 10 SM per 50 lb bag here
Another guess, no idea what it should be
§ Guessing a price (using iron per pound and chain shirt prices as reference)
Estimate of wire needed for two chainmail shirts

Startup Tools: 142.6 GM
Item Price
Toolkit, Leatherworker 70 GM
Toolkit, Woodcarver 50 GM
Whetstone Wheel 20 GM
Metal Vice 1 GM
Hatchet 6 SM
Cinder Rake 5 SM
Coal Shovel 5 SM

Structure: 2658 GM
Description Type Price
Land City, 1 acre 1000 GM
Smithy Simple 700 GM
Shop Simple 600 GM
Storage Simple 250 GM
Lock Good 80 GM
Bedroom Simple 350 GM
Bath Simple 200 GM
Hearth Average 3 GM
Total: 3183 GM
Rooms: 2100 GM (Smithy, Shop, Storage, Bedroom, Bath)
Discount, 25%: 525 GM

Debt: 3000 GM
Down payment: 598.6 GM
Loaner: Goldfinger’s Loan Agency
Four seasonal payments: 750 GM
Interest, 5% per payment: 37.5 GM
Seasonal payments, with interest: 787.5 GM

At expert blacksmithing, Baelin currently should make around 1638 GM a season in wages (18x91), so that will hopefully be reasonable. If the loan rules mean four payments at 5%, then four seasonal payments of 787.5 GM over the course of a year will cover Goldfinger’s 3000 GM loan.

Another interpretation of the loan rules would be 5% on the first 750 GM payment, 10% on the next, and so on for payments of 787.5 GM, 825 GM, 862.5 GM, and 900 GM over the course of the year. Either payment plan should work. Here’s that plan at a glance:

Payment segment: 750 GM
1st payment, 5% on payment: 787.5 GM
2nd payment, 10% on payment: 825 GM
3rd payment, 15% on payment: 862.5 GM
4th payment, 20% on payment: 900 GM

If I’m misunderstanding, or a different plan would be advisable, I’m entirely flexible on how to pay this off.

Ready for Expansion :
ImageName: Jason Morgan
Race: Human
DoB: 62 of Spring, (Current Year – 13) AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Cook at Bay Forge
Skills: Cooking 30, Larceny 10, Scavenge 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Jason grew up underfoot in the upper apartments of Brega’s, taking it for granted that his mother would always manage to keep him fed and happy. She’d come upstairs, exhausted and spent, but still muster up the energy to tell him the most fantastical stories. A few of the other workers at Brega’s were friendly with him, and Jason was never without things to do. Eventually they moved out to the Bay, and Jason and his mother had thrived for a while. Jason had an eye for finding things, and his mother encouraged his scavenging efforts by coming up with absurd backstories for every odd thing he brought home. Looking back, Jason couldn’t be sure when things started to fall apart. His mother’s deterioration had been slow, and Jason had taken up her slack bit by bit until he one day realized he was more the caretaker than she was. His scavenging became more serious―he needed mizas―and eventually it wasn’t enough. What he couldn’t find freely, he could always take. And so Jason began to steal. He started off small at first, snatching items when they were unattended. When it still wasn’t enough, Jason decided it was time to up his game.

The smithy in the Bay wasn’t far from where he lived, and Jason didn’t think it had any security to it. He could just sneak in, grab some daggers or whatever, and then sell them for sweet gold mizas. It was a great plan…up until he got inside, realized everything was locked in storage, and then couldn’t get the lock open. Things took a turn for the worst when the blacksmith came out of his rooms to see the young teenager trying to pry the lock open with a cinder rake. Jason still wasn’t sure how that kind of first meeting wound up with the blacksmith hiring him as a cook, but the fact that one of his mom’s old co-workers was the clerk might have had something to do with it.

ImageName: Cait Sweetrun
Race: Human
DoB: 13 of Spring, (Current Year – 29) AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Retired Prostitute and Bartender
Skills: Storytelling 30, Persuasion 10, Cosmetology 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Cait had thought she was a lucky girl when she met John Morgan. A deckhand that frequented the Drunken Fish, John had been gregarious and handsome and everything Cait had wanted. When she was pregnant, he’d bring her little gifts of kohl and rouge and playfully sing her praises. And then he was off, the ship he manned doing what should have been a routine voyage to Zeltiva and back. But seasons went past, Jason was born, and John and his ship never returned. Cait struggled to support both herself and a newborn, so a friend introduced her to Brega. Some of Brega’s other whores helped take care of her toddler as she worked the two jobs, and with the combined support, Cait was able to get by. As Jason got older, Cait eventually left Brega’s and resumed full-time bartending. Things were good for a while. Jason was an energetic, creative boy and brought Cait equal amounts of frustration and joy. She barely even noticed when the first changes started to take place. It’d been small things at first: a spot on her face was a bit numb, she’d get more headaches, and she surprisingly started to spill ale. Then came difficulty placing words, forgetting simple things, and she’d struggle to plan ahead to cook meals. Jason took over cooking and other homemaking responsibilities when it became clear that Cait was only getting worse.

Today, Cait struggles to function at anything at all. Her son has taken over as caretaker―a fact Cait is sometimes aware of and hopelessly frustrated about. She sometimes thinks she’s lost, doesn’t recognize where she is, can’t remember what she’s supposed to be doing, loses time only to realize she’s lost more than that. Cait clings to what’s left of her sanity in the little ways she can, telling stories to anyone willing to sit around and listen.

Note: Will need modded thread
Master in Blacksmithing :
ImageName: Daniel Nita
Race: Human
DoB: 78 of Fall, (Current Year – 13) or (1yr younger than Nelly) AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Blacksmith’s Apprentice at Bay Forge
Skills: Unarmed Combat 30, Medicine 10, Blacksmithing 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Daniel grew up knowing that he was luckier than most. His parents were well-off by Sunberth’s standards and were both fiercely protective of him, almost to the point where it was smothering. But Daniel bore it and enjoyed his life. He loved sparing with his father―practicing moves with his friends to later try and surprise his old man―and would sometimes even pay attention when his mother tried to teach him her trade. Life was good. Or it had been up until his mother’s ghost showed up. Dead, crazed, and demanding he rush to the orphanage, his mother wouldn’t take no for an answer and started knocking things off shelves when he still hadn’t budged. So Daniel went. He’d wait for his father and then together they’d get revenge on whoever had done this. But his father never came. No one ever came. Jillene assured him that so long as he was with the orphanage, he’d be protected. But Daniel didn’t want to be protected. He wanted to kill whoever had done this. Filled with rage and no outlet, Daniel picked fights with anyone that gave him an excuse and, when he refused to apologize for it, Jillene kicked him out. Daniel had been on his own for all of two days when a stranger showed up and―after an embarrassingly short fight―took Daniel with him. Trapped in the Wolf’s Den with his mother’s ghost flitting in and out and saying nonsense like “help’s on the way,” Daniel had known that there was no one coming for him.

Even now, after all this time, Daniel still has trouble reconciling the fact that a random blacksmith―who owed him and his family absolutely nothing―had come for him at a dead woman’s request. But Daniel wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth when the alternative was whatever slow, horrible death the Den would offer. So he does the work Baelin asks of him, accepting the role of apprentice, and bides his time.

ImageName: Andrea Nita
Race: Ghost, Formerly Human
DoB: 42 of Summer, (Current Year – 42) AV
PoB: Sunberth
DoD: 18 of (Current Season), (Current Year) AV (42yrs)
PoD: Sunberth
Title: Ghost, Formerly Doctor
Skills: Soulmist Projection 30, Materialization 10, Possession 10
Previously: Medicine 30, Leadership 10, Persuasion 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Andrea had been an impressive woman during her life. Patching up wounded mercenaries with knowledge and persistence rather than any gnosis-given talent, Andrea wasn’t one to ever quit. Her relationship with Kaiden began after she requested a date in lieu of payment and, when the mercenary balked, she went ahead and brought drinks to her clinic for the next time he stopped in. It’d been the start of the best years of her life. Andrea was confident that―between her and Kaiden―their son would be protected, loved, and grow up to be a force to be reckoned with. Sunberth could be cruelly dangerous, but she had no doubt that she and Kaiden could handle anything that life threw at them. She still believed that, even as Karis’s wolves tore her apart. She had to protect her son. Daniel would grow up and have his own family. Nothing else would do. When her body finally quit on her, Andrea tore through the city. She found Daniel at home and demanded he go to the orphanage, where Jillene would protect him. She had to protect him. Daniel would grow up and have his own family. Nothing else would do.

The parts of Andrea that had made her an impressive, vibrant woman during her life did not carry over into her death. Now a shell of her former self, Andrea’s world is stuck on one last, all-powerful need: Daniel had to grow up and have his own family. He had to be protected. Nothing else would do.

Daniel Background :
ImageName: Kaiden Nita
Race: Human
DoB: 63 of Winter, (Current Year – 39) AV
PoB: Sunberth
DoD: 18 of (Current Season), (Current Year) AV (39yrs)
PoD: Sunberth
Title: Dead, Formerly Mercenary
Skills: Unarmed Combat 30, Weapon (Bastard Sword) 10, Body Building 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Kaiden never asked for any reasons behind his jobs, he just did them. So when he got a seemingly normal request to rough up some drunkard with a debt, he didn’t look too deeply into it. Kaiden did the job and dumped the guy by the Mudway, where he then slowly succumbed to his injuries. Unfortunately for Kaiden, the dead drunk swimming in the river had old friends that still remembered him. Old friends that were still somebodies in the Wolf’s Den. Old friends that took his death as a personal insult. The order went out to kill anyone the merc and his client called family, and Kaiden himself was brought to the Blood Pits as a demonstration of what happened when you cross the Den. Kaiden stepped into the Pits with a fresh Lacun mark on his chest―the weight of it almost suffocating―and the reality that his wife and son were already dead.

Old Plotnotes (2014) :
OOCPlease note that many things said here will not be attempted in the forums until written consent is received.


Summer 514
[_] Job Thread – Make it light, make it strong
[_] Job Thread – Sloppy work kills
[_] Learn to read
[_] Make acquaintances

Fall 514
[_] Prompt – Chaos in the Council Chambers
[_] Learn to read

[_] Body building with first relationship
[_] Grenor in his smith / helping Cleor
[_] Swimming with childhood friend


5/80 Armoring
20/60 Blacksmithing
5/55 Weaponsmithing
5/55 Metalsmithing

5/30 Swimming
5/30 Body Building
0/30 Climbing

10/60 Observation
0/30 Writing
0/30 Socialization

5/30 Endurance
0/30 Running
0/60 Unarmed Combat

What Baelin wants

- Open successful armoring practice
- Be the best armorer
- Perfect Symenestra armor
- Return to Black Rock
- Live near the sea
- Be accepted
- Father no children

In Words
Baelin would be most happy if he could open his own armoring practice somewhere warm, preferably close to the sea (but he could manage with a lake). He has every intention to be the best there is, the Isurians and their long lives and god granted arms be damned. Perfecting Symenestra armor is something he has his eye on. For Baelin, Symenestra armor provides the perfect challenge. It must be fluid and light enough that the Symenestra is not hampered in its agile climbing, and strong enough that the fragile bodied people can walk into a crowd without a single worry. Strong enough that it can withstand blows when others take an offensive defense against the troubling trends of the race.

Family life is not something Baelin ever wants to be a part of. Firmly believing his half-Dhani blood marks him as an abomination of humanity, Baelin has no intention of passing it on to a child. Also, lingering in the back of his mind is the fear that he would be as cold and unloving as his own father had been to him. That said, Baelin doesn’t want to be alone. He hungers for acceptance and (though he’ll never admit it) someone’s love.

But things are never so easy

- Attempt to kill a Nuit
- Achieve a gnosis mark from Dira
- Be enslaved

In Words
Baelin’s inability to accept the undead, even in a city as accepting of races as Syliras, will throw a rather large wrench in his plans for himself. He will lose his firmly held control over his anger in the presence of a Nuit and attempt to kill it (after his smithing stats are worked up rather nicely). Baelin will likely fail since the Nuit can be tricky to kill and he has no fighting experience, but his efforts will earn him banishment from the fortress city of peace. It will also (hopefully!) earn him the notice of Dira.

I want to see Baelin advance far in Dira’s regard, but it is essential that he has either a strong relationship (not necessarily a romance) before this happens. Baelin holds Dira with the utmost respect and would not hesitate to do anything she bid. If Baelin is asked to carry out the hunt for the undead before he has a close relationship I fear that he will dive into his responsibility whole-heartedly and let the things he used to hold dear fall to the wayside. I believe losing his own desires and ambitions would be tantamount to ending him as an individual and lead him into being a passionless drone. He will need someone to remind him not to forget who he is.

I also want to see Baelin used for something he takes pride in, whether that be his smithing or his body. Either or would be infuriating to him. Perhaps a period of time as a slave in Ravok would be interesting to pursue.
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[PC Plotnotes] Baelin Holt

Postby Baelin Holt on October 31st, 2019, 6:44 pm

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[PC Plotnotes] Baelin Holt

Postby Baelin Holt on December 4th, 2019, 3:39 am

Fall 519

Location: Sunberth
Synopsis: As Baelin gets more settled in Sunberth, it becomes increasingly critical for him to learn combat skills. He spars in the proving grounds with Gareth (3) and attempts to learn unarmed combat from one of Sunberth’s premier fighters (7), but makes little headway. His shoddy ability defend himself gets him in trouble both at the Drunken Fish (6) when he picks a fight with some drunk bully, and on his walk home from work (33).

Date Title PCs NPCs
3 [The Proving Grounds] Survival of the Fittest
Ongoing. Baelin goes to the Proving Grounds for a group lesson and partners up with Gareth. Gareth is a far superior fighter, and Baelin’s temper gets the better of him. Gareth Iztel
6 Drunken With the Fishes
Ongoing. Brought to the Drunken Fish on the half-baked hope that he might catch wind of Sahova trade details, Baelin proves incapable of deescalation and instead starts a brawl. Malachi, Gareth Unnamed (4), Cira
7 [Tall Johnny’s] The Brawler and the Blacksmith
Ongoing. Rumor has it that one of Sunberth’s premier prize fighters is looking for a student. While Baelin can’t imagine that he’d be the kind of person the brawler is looking for, he figures the least he can do is try. Kreig
12 [The Knight’s Armory] Just a Little Rusty
To be finished. Baelin services several bucklers delivered to the Knight’s Armory for rust treatment. Using vinegar and sand to remove the rust, Baelin then lets the shields dry and then finishes them with boiled linseed oil for future rust prevention.
15 Ripe for the Picking
Ongoing. Anthoni nabs Baelin’s coin pouch and dashes off before Baelin can see his face. Enraged, Baelin chases after but quickly realizes he won’t be able to find the thief. He does, however, find a beaten and robbed guy with a scar across his face: Anthoni. Unwilling to leave him there, Baelin unknowingly helps his own robber pursue Baelin’s coin pouch. Anthoni Unnamed (2), Tebo
17 Adapt and Prepare
After having his coin pouch snatched so easily, Baelin resolves to make himself something better. He purchases a leatherworking kit and some leather to start off with, and learns on the fly how to sew himself a coin sleeve. It’s not great, but it’s a step in the right direction.
20 Behind Closed Doors
The walls in the apartments of the Sunset Quarters are awfully thin, and Baelin is kept up one night by his neighbor. Unable to ignore the sounds of abuse, Baelin bangs on the wall. It’s the first time he meets Noah: a boy he eventually takes in. Noah, Tobias
28 With Jobs to Do
Ongoing. Baelin finishes up an order at the Knight’s Armory, and Asterope is sent to pick it up. Asterope Lawrence, Nathaniel, Alard
31 A Slice of Reality Completed
33 The Cost of Routine In Progress
60 [Halloween Challenge] A Rattled Dance Completed
61 An Enigmatic Gift In Progress
78 [Brega’s House] A Strange Client Completed

Rest :
Date Title Status
Summer 519
2 [Aquillar Hot Springs] Remember the New In Progress
5 [The Knight’s Armory] Return to the Grind Graded
14 Crab Traps In Progress
33 [The Proving Grounds] Be Better Completed
52 [The Knight’s Armory] Refurbished Steel Graded
Summer 517
1 Syliras: The Jewel of Sylira, Symbol of Hope Graded
7 Rock Me Mama Like A Wagon Wheel Graded
66 [The Defiled Blade] A Lesson in Buckles Dropped
70 A Gadgeteer Walked Into A Smithy Graded
Summer 516
14 One Problem at a Time Graded
Spring 516
39 [The Aylasa Caves] To Fix a Problem Graded
Winter 515
22 Easy as 1-2-3 Dropped
47 [Soothing Waters] A Splash of a Time Graded
50 [The Ironworks] Too Little, Tool Late Dropped
63 An Unexpected Shipment Graded
72 [Anthonius Fighter’s Pit] It’s Petching Productive Dropped
Fall 515
22 [The Rearing Stallion] A Nuit & an Eiyon in a Bar Graded
34 It’s as cold as ice! Graded
40 [The Ironworks] The Foundation Graded
50 [The Broken Casket] The Achilles Heel Graded
Spring 515
3 [The Ironworks] It's Riveting Dropped
77 [The Ironworks] The Sea’s Wife Graded
Winter 514
1 [The Ironworks] For a Price Graded
20 [The Ironworks] Buckling In Graded
24 Dira is Watching Gnosis Story
24 A Healer’s Warmth Graded
33 [The Ironworks] Little Blue Boy Lost Graded
87 [Anthonius Fighter’s Pit] Weapons Are Good, Eh? Graded
Fall 514
2 Terror in Stormhold: Chaos in the Council Chambers Graded
Summer 514
3 Welcome Center and Employment Office Post
3 [The Ironworks] Make it Light, Make it Strong Graded
50 [The Ironworks] Still a Novice Graded
60 [Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates Post
90 [Temple of All Gods] To Speak with Gods Graded
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