[Ivan's Journal] Life is Death...

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[Ivan's Journal] Life is Death...

Postby Ivan on January 11th, 2011, 10:51 pm

It has been many long days since i left my mountain home. The air is crisp with winter chill, and chill too are the hearts of those i have seen after my departure. Long days since... the death of my beloved. I likely will never see my home again. A century of cold nights await me, and i only hope to see them through with my sanity intact. I keep this journal to remind myself of what brought me here, now. I am Ivan “Stonecrusher” Coglias, former initiate of Izurdin’s Hammer.

With nothing by my weapon and my shield dear to me, i left my old life behind. No more do i serve my God and my people. My life has no purpose. I am left with loss and lust, but not for women. I was to protect my people, combat being all i know. My hammer calls for use. With me, i have gathered others, so that i may earn my living with my skills. I will serve those who have the coin to buy those skills.

A dangerous job it is, and i do not think my companions know it. I secretly do not care if i die, combat is all i know... I wonder how much they will risk before they turn tail and run. Leading them as i am, i wonder if they would turn on me as well. Hopefully, i need never find out...
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