[Sunberth] Approved HD NPCs, Creatures, & Locations

Feel free to utilize these approvals as they were approved for everyone's use.

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[Sunberth] Approved HD NPCs, Creatures, & Locations

Postby Gossamer on January 1st, 2022, 4:35 am

Please post all the NPC city approvals you send through the HD here so other residents of the city can utilize the NPCs as well.

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[Sunberth] Approved HD NPCs, Creatures, & Locations

Postby Baelin Holt on January 29th, 2022, 8:43 pm

ImageName: Noah Hildebrand
Race: Human
DoB: 88 of Fall, 507 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Amateur Woodcarver
Skills: Carving 30, Tanning 10, Weapon (Knife) 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Noah’s mother died before Noah could really remember what she was like, but his dad has taken the liberty to educate him. Apparently, Noah looks just like her: a little (but quickly growing) male version of her, with her nose and hair and even her laugh. Noah might have liked knowing that, if it didn’t seem to get his dad so riled up. There wasn’t much he could do about that. So, at night, with his dad drunk and particularly aggressive, Noah solves his problem by going outside. Whittling serves as good a way to pass the time as any; working his knife with increasing dexterity around blocks of wood to make whatever comes to mind. The end goal doesn’t matter, and Noah isn’t opposed to taking a previously finished piece and carving it into something new. With lots of time to kill before his dad inevitably passes out drunk and he can go back inside, Noah has progressed into quite the amateur woodcarver.

Those who wander in the Sunset Quarters at night might hear the sound of his knife scraping on soft wood. And, should they care to investigate, may very well find the growing boy himself. While Noah’s often indifferent and may not be the best conversationalist, he’s rarely hostile.

ImageName: Lily Blackburn
Race: Human
DoB: 87 of Summer, 508 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Raider in the Sun’s Birth
Skills: Acrobatics 34, Brawling 29, Weapon (Shortsword) 23, Intimidation 17
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: For as long as Lily could remember, she’s wanted to be a Dragoon. She grew up in the Sun’s Birth―her mother having joined the Dragoons’ ranks shortly after Joander took the Gated Community―and has always had the ambitious dream of one day being the Warmarshal. Lily would stick-fight with the other kids and get into brawls with whoever she could get riled up―whatever she could do to prepare herself for her dream. The only flaw that she could find with her grand plan was her mother’s insistence that she stop. No matter how much Lily insisted or reasoned or begged with her mother, her mom simply wouldn’t budge. She didn’t want her daughter to be just another sword among the Dragoons, and she told Lily as much over and over again.

Lily used to resent her mom for that. But now? She just wants her back. The night of masks and ghosts had claimed her mom as one of its casualties, and now what used to be a fun pursuit for Lily has become an obsession. Furious resolve drives her: she’s determined to become a Dragoon so fearsome that her enemies will quake in their boots at the very mention of her. No one comes in and attacks her home and people like that. No one.

ImageName: Ifra Moran
Race: Human
DoB: 20 of Winter, 586 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Weaver
Skills: Weaving 46, Persuasion 32, Weapon (Dagger) 29
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: A long-time member of the Seaside Market, Ifra used to be a regular face among the daily peddlers. Her garments may have not been the fanciest, but they’d do your average Sunberther just fine. A generally pleasant person, Ifra had a knack for convincing people to buy some of her nicer pieces over the standard ware, and was always able to take a day of too-few sales in stride.

That changed when she came home to find her two young kids missing. An older child―left in charge of watching Ifra’s and a handful of other kids too young to be left alone―hadn’t even noticed that they’d wandered off. The next several days had been a blur of panic, terror, and desperation that all culminated in the terrible discovery of two small, dehydrated bodies tucked into a side-alley of the Sunset Quarters. The death of her two children has changed Ifra. She can still be found selling garments in the Seaside Market, but the loss has left her raw and scattered.

ImageName: Tobias Hildebrand
Race: Human
DoB: 12 of Spring, 581 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Tanner
Skills: Tanning 62, Negotiation 38, Weapon (Knife) 27
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Life is difficult; a fact Tobias is well aware of. Every day, he gets up early and works on hides that still need to be tanned. And every day, as Syna crests, he and his son cart leather to his stall in the Commons. Every day, he haggles and wheedles. And every day, he comes home exhausted and spent. A never-ending and all too unsatisfying grind. With his wife long since dead, the stress of having to raise a kid on his own, and the unending grind of his daily life, Tobias sought relief in the form of ale. Lots of ale. In the beginning, it was only to take the edge off after work. Now, he spends his days hungover and his nights intoxicated, all in a long, exhausting spiral of existing.

Tobias doesn’t remember most of his nights, but he’s seen his son’s bruises. And while a part of him recognizes that this can’t go on, another, far more persuasive part can’t imagine living without ale to ease his burden. So he drinks, he tans hides, and he sells leather in the Commons. Day. After. Day.

ImageName: Rose Nightfall
Race: Human
DoB: 32 of Summer, 494 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Prostitute at Brega's House of Happy Endings
Skills: Seduction 30, Persuasion 10, Negotiation 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Rose has been one of Brega’s whores since she was a girl. Adept at getting both men and women to spend their mizas on her, Rose flirts like she breathes. She relies on her seductive abilities as both a method of sales and as a familiar way to chat, and she’s no stranger to smoothing out a customer’s potential discomfort with sweet words and a soothing touch.
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