[Sunberth] Job & Wage Requests

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[Sunberth] Job & Wage Requests

Postby Regime on August 21st, 2018, 12:47 am

Jobs in Sunberth

Job Applications

While Sunberth is very much an anarchy with lacking organization and very scarce bodies of authority, the populace nevertheless has to make a living in the city. There are plenty of opportunities for jobs despite the city's very nature; merchants and shop owners hire personnel to protect themselves and their businesses all the time, for instance. Every employer in the city stands for their employees' wages and any employment is usually less than formal and official depending on the nature of the establishment you're hired to protect or otherwise provide your services for.

Job Applications in Sunberth are actually going to be pretty simple, however. You've no need to apply directly to certain NPCs in various locations for a steady job that can keep you alive for a season, but you'll be able to fill out an application here so you can get the job you want without depending on or limiting yourself to the locations and NPCs that have already, currently, been posted. This allows you to tailor different kinds of opportunities for your character within the city, as long as your ideas are well-founded and reasonable considering the city's existing lore.

To apply for a Job, simply fill in the application below and submit it here in this thread. As soon as you filled out the application and posted it here, you're free to start making Job Threads. If I see anything wrong about your application, I will contact you through a PM or intervene as necessary in your threads.

Job Request Template
Code: Select all
[b]Link to Character Sheet[/b]: Self Explanatory

[b]Desired Job:[/b] What job do you want for the specified character? You can find a good list of examples in the Price List.
[b]Suggested Wage:[/b] From the Price List
[b]Relevant Skills:[/b] What skills do you have that are relevant to your desired job?
[b]Employer Name[/b]

[b]Why do you want this Job?:[/b] Mo' money, mo' problems... So explain why you'd take this on!

Wage Request

At the turn of each season, players who have been approved for a job can request their wages for that season. In order to qualify for seasonal wages, you must provide links to two threads where the main focus is your PC's job. These threads must be over 2500 words each.

Note If you complete only one job thread in the season, or your two threads do not reach the 2500 word limit, you will not receive the full pay for that season. You may instead receive half of your seasonal income, or any other fraction the ST deems fit. Similarly, if you started part way through a season, and you first job thread was dated, say, on the on the 30th of that season, you will only receive wages from that day onwards (so for 60/61 days days instead of a full 90/91). As long as your job threads are both at least 2500 words, you will receive full seasonal wages from then on.

As well as seasonal income, players with jobs are able to request a seasonal experience skill. This is different to their job skill, but somehow related. A veterinarian, for example, might have the main job skill of 'Animal Husbandry' but the seasonal experience skill of 'Medicine'. If you are at all unsure about what qualifies as your seasonal experience skill, PM your storyteller for advice, or simply leave the related area blank in the form below

Wage Request Template
Code: Select all
[b]Link to CS[/b]: [url=]Link here[/url]
[b]Season[/b]: Season & Year.
[b]Job Title[/b]:
[b]Wage[/b]:  How much do you make?
[b]Job Skill & level[/b]: What skill is your pay based off, and how good at it are you??
[b]2 Threads Eligible for Seasonal Wages[/b] (where employment is the focus of the thread, Job Skill [i]must[/i] be used, threads must be AT LEAST 2500 words EACH)

[b]Seasonal Experience Skill[/b] What skill would you like to request seasonal experience for? This CANNOT be your job skill, but related to it.

Twister & Royal for post details.
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[Sunberth] Job & Wage Requests

Postby Kreig Messer on August 13th, 2019, 3:30 pm

Link to CS: http://www.mizahar.com/forums/post138661.html#p138661

Season: Summer 519
Job Title:Prize Fighter
Wage: 40gm/day
Job Skill & level: Brawling, 98.
2 Threads Eligible for Seasonal Wages
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[Sunberth] Job & Wage Requests

Postby Trynne on August 13th, 2019, 4:34 pm

Link to CS: Link here

Season: Summer 519AV
Job Title: Seamstress
Wage: 4GM/day
Job Skill & level: Novice Sewing, 20
2 Threads Eligible for Seasonal Wages
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[Sunberth] Job & Wage Requests

Postby Vest on December 1st, 2022, 3:55 am

Looking for Seasons Wages for Fall 522 as a Hunter Apprentice at 3gm a day

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