[Darren's Journal] Quick footnotes of the day

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[Darren's Journal] Quick footnotes of the day

Postby Darren on March 23rd, 2011, 5:21 pm

Spring, Year 511
Day 1 - Got my arse kicked by one of the leaders of IceWatch today. A blind man no less! He calls himself Stitch and has very...weird mannerisms. The thought of him being so strong yet so charming perplexes me. Only thing that was hurt today was my pride. Great way to start off the season.
Day 3 - Met some fool during my late jog. I took care of his "friends" that were beating him up and proceeded to on my jog. He insisted on following me and initiating a spar for some reason. Didn't take him too seriously until he finally annoyed me to the point where I left him unconscious in the snow. The weakling tried to trick me constantly during our fight, usually ending him of falling very short due to training. Had to punish the fool for ever standing up to me. Annoying would-be bard, Barry was his name? Hmph, like I'd be even seen with that weakling again.
Day 5 - Spend a good part of the morning remembering back why I was trying so hard compared to some of the others in this icy place. Sigh* I still have yet to find a true meaning for the path to strength. I'll write it down later when I do.
Day 8 - Ran around as usual, this time to IceGlaze. Went to the Blacksmiths in the area. Met up with the blacksmith's somewhat inspirational daughter Danyella. Even though she was still somewhat not that capable her drive spoke to me. The next day she completed my order and has more then earned my respect and envy.
Day 11 - Ran around Iceglaze again, found myself in the hold lounging with nothing to do. Decided to help out Dany with moving somethings and proceeded to watch her as she fixed the foundation in the hold. The hold was apparently home to some mines that ran pretty deep into the earth. Was suddenly attacked by Yukman, with the foundation crumbling behind us. It was a rather...bad experience, I nearly lost it when I saw they were actually hurting the townsman pretty badly. Me and Dany were able to fend them off until IceWatch came and save us, thank Morwen. Helped her home so that dad and the other healers can patch her up.
Day 12 - Walking around, met Danyella again! Was approached by a woman but then suddenly ran off. After one of the Kelvics collapsed near us and we took him back to the hold to nurse it back to health. Other then that the day was uneventful, sigh* almost wasn't worth mentioning.
Day 13 - Was propositioned by the Bard who wanted to ride some Elks near FrostFawn Hold. Found his name was Berus rather then Barry. We would have been somewhat successful if Cara didn't intervene. We made a friendly wager which we lost...since that woman cheated. Me and Berus split up as we were chased by IceWatch. Chased her down intent on evening the score. Ended up making a fool of myself in front of IceWatch. Ehhh...
Day 15 - Took a personal day to meet up with Cara after the incident. Tried coaxing her into riding horses with him but instead spent a good amount of it grooming the silly thing. Cara kept glaring at me until I couldn't control myself anymore. I confronted her about our relationship, and got smacked. First time I ever truly failed at a task... Got up from my stupid mindset and approached Cara wanting to say the rest of my piece. Rejected any offers of relative friendship between us, I learned alot about her though. ...Sigh* What am I gonna do with Cara? To make things worse i went to the market to hang out and ended up losing another bet. SIgh* Darn it Hammire.
Day 18 -
Day 22 - Fight Crew Night! Invited Berus over but he still managed to surprise me. Managed to beat the first guy and bartender Didn't stop us from burying him though hehe. I love burying all the new guys. Starting to feel a kinship with the bard now. Sigh* what a bother.
Day 23 - Went through the normal motions but decieded to train in the afternoon for once. Met Cara and played with her a bit and had our first...somewhat romatic experience. She of course went too far and started draining my...magics? Either way we both felt a bit torn up had a little spike of ecstasy
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