[Sesha's Flat] Entertaining & Training {Dalvinia}

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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

[Sesha's Flat] Entertaining & Training {Dalvinia}

Postby Sesha on March 30th, 2011, 5:18 pm

Timestamp: The 20th Day of Spring

It didn’t take them long to find her home. Sesha led them up to the second story via a winding staircase, one that spiraled in the wrong direction, and to her front door. She retrieved a long skeleton key from her purse and stuck it in the lock, smiling with satisfaction at the sound of a click. Sometimes the locks would change themselves unannounced in Alvadas or disappear altogether. It made for an interesting gamble when attempting to enter one’s own home.

She swung the door aside and revealed the interior of her flat. Warm rugs and vibrant wall hangings created a cozy atmosphere, amplified by the bright glow of embers in the hearth. Sesha passed through the doorway and set her purse down on the carved wooden table, spinning to catch the eye of her guest. “Please. Come in,” she said cheerily, feeling somewhat relieved to be home after a somewhat tiring day. “Let me give you a tour!” She spun again, indicating the wide open feel of her home. There were no walls of divides, just simple sprawling comfort.

Sesha dropped her cloak and scarf on the bed. She pulled the pins from her hair and let the curls shake themselves free of her scalp, delighting in their freedom of movement. Next she sat on the bed and pulled the slippers from her feet, tossing them next to her wardrobe and flexing her foot muscles. “I apologize,” she said kindly, returning to her feet. “I find that a good hostess cannot make her guests comfortable unless she too is comfortable.” It was another line taught to Sesha by her various aunts.

“Now let me set about making some tea while you finish your…” she paused. Slab of dead carcass? No. “Your lunch!” Her smile seemed to brighten the room as she crossed it and retrieved the pot from her chest, filling it from the ceramic pitcher with water gathered this morning. She set the pot on the hearth and returned her attention to Dalvinia, relishing the feel of the soft carpet beneath her feet. Sesha rarely took time off to truly enjoy her home, it would be quite a treat to spend some time with another in it, even if this one was half animal. Woman’s best friend, she thought, a chuckle issuing forth between her lips. “So what do you think?” She gestured about her home as if revealing some grand prize.
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[Sesha's Flat] Entertaining & Training {Dalvinia}

Postby Dalvinia on March 31st, 2011, 10:57 am

The blue fog was dense like a never-ending ocean, but in spite of this, Sesha and Dalvinia ambled through and made it to a series of flats. The human and Kelvic climbed up a peculiar staircase that lacked direction until they found a door on the second floor. The entrance to the quarters was without the works of Ionu. However, underneath the windows were smiles that were all too familiar throughout the city. Sesha removed a key from her purse and jammed it into the lock. Dalvinia's eyes inspected her surroundings as if the flat was invisible.

A click resonated from inside the lock, and the ornately clad woman pushed the door open. Dalvinia peeked in to see walls of various colors and rugs that stretched throughout the interior of the room. The embers inside the fireplace were fire red jewels that glowed like fireflies. Sesha entered and placed her purse on a wooden table with beautiful detail carved onto its surface. She beckoned the animal to come in. Dalvinia deftly made her way inside and shut the door behind her. Her feet seldom left the comfort of the rug as she dragged her feet closer and closer to her hostess. Sesha then removed her cloak and scarf upon her bed and took out the pins in her hair. After removing more articles, she apologized and said, “I find that a good hostess cannot make her guests comfortable unless she too is comfortable.” The fanged woman perked up. Never had someone said something like that to her in such a caliber. It was a pleasant change for her. Dalvinia smiled and began to roll around on the carpet like a blissful puppy.

The woman gathered the necessities to make the tea while the Kelvic basked in the wonder that was the soft rug while she reduced the chunk of meat to mere bones and then proceeded to consume those as well. "So what do you think?" said Sesha.

Dalvinia, whose face and hands was smeared with crimson, looked up at the owner of the house. She grinned, exposing her keen canines, as she said, "It's beautiful, Miss Sesha! I love it! Thank you so much!" She then slumped down as if the puppeteer released his grasp on her and writhed about, rubbing her back on the velvety floor. Her meal left bits and pieces of bone and drops of blood upon the rug, but Dalvinia was still oblivious. She stood up on all four of her limbs and bolted toward Sesha. With open arms, she wrapped her hands around the woman's body and proceeded to lick her cheek repeatedly. Her hostess said to become comfotable, and this was the best way she knew how to.
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