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Postby Sesha on February 11th, 2011, 2:54 am



Basic Information

Race: Human
Birthday & Age : Season of Spring, Day 21, 488 AV – 22 years old
Gender: Female

Physical Description :
Approaching a willowy six feet, Sesha is taller than most women, though she does try to stoop whenever necessary to make herself appear less obtrusive. Often garbed in an assortment of darkly prismatic fabrics, her ever shifting attire blends perfectly with the miraculous streets of Alvadas. Her choice of clothing borders on the eccentric. Corsets from across the Suvan Sea in sultry violets and crimson paired with gathered skirts and leggings ranging from distressed yellows to brilliant magenta comprise the basis of her wardrobe.

Shiny baubles commonly adorn her neck and fingers, and her hair is never short a decorative flower or some exotic plumage. They are trophies really, an excessive attempt to draw they eyes of her marks precisely where she chooses. Never is she far from an all concealing cloak, however, either disguised as some other ornamentation or hidden beneath the regular ruffles. A quick escape generally consists of no one knowing where you’ve run off to, as a rule.

Where most women use painfully impractical heels to accentuate their height, Sesha finds dancers’ slippers to be both easy on the feet and on the ears. She is commended on her unexpected appearance even more commonly than on her eclectic collage of color. And though her appearance may seem striking to foreigners, it certainly isn’t all that uncommon in Alvadas.

Sesha's mahogany hair is as changeable as the rest of her, pulled back in a complex bun some days, and flowing whimsically past her shoulders on others. Her face, while painstakingly attended to, lacks the innocence she so desperately desires of it. Her jaw is refined, and her cheekbones exquisite, drawing attention she could kindly do without. Sesha's last fatally obvious trait is her eye color; a piercing indigo, constantly whispering of some far off nobility.

Ensconced by a constant miasma of flavour, Sesha doles out her perfumes recklessly, attempting to sway the lusts of one commoner or another into her grasp. Truly, she considers the occasional whiff of her own outward persona as something refreshing; preferable to the foreign spices and randomly occurring scents of Alvadas. A slight plume of smoke is a steady constant in her midst. An unfortunate habit of her upbringing, Sesha will smoke when her nerves have frayed beyond reasonable repair.
Character Concept :
Sesha has a mottled past which makes for a disturbed present. Her love for the God Ionu combined with her strange upbringing make for an unusual persona, one divided by an instinct for survival and a deeply spiritual desire to understand existence and its complexities.

Belief in her chosen deity has proved to extend her perception of what is believable and thusly she takes a solemn comfort in knowing that she will be provided for. She has almost no reason to question this belief due to the support of her father and the unrelenting availability of that which is provided to her via the pockets of those whom she encounters.

Sesha lives and breathes the streets of Alvadas, knowing that reality can change in the blink of an eye. Her ability to perceive the nature of her home town is subdued only by her stubbornness to explore the beauty outside her metaphysical box.

The realm of love is a curiosity for the young woman, and though her body screams for a union of spirit, she has thus far remained untarnished by the essence of cruelty and lust, which she considers a paramount aspect of communal union.

A commoner’s existence is all that she expects of herself, with the barren hope that Ionu might shine his light on her and allow her to be what she has always wished. One who walks the border between what is, and what should be.
Character History :
Sesha’s birth was unremarkable, especially for the citizens of Alvadas. Her father, a well-known escort for nobility near and far, was initially hesitant to care for the proliferation his youthful antics had generated. Regardless, his questionable benevolence and the prevailing taboo of nobility born out of wedlock allowed for the newborn to pass into the capable hands of Alvadas’ courtesans and underworld businessmen.

She was raised like any other bastard child. Taught the fine art of pickpocketing at an early age, the youngster soon blossomed into a potentially lovely creature. This drew her father’s attention from the brothels back to his only living offspring and motivated him to make a name for himself. Ripped violently from the meaningless world she’d come to accept, Sesha was tutored in a variety of lucrative talents. Her mothers doted on her and her various uncles were always quick to offer an enticing piece of knowledge pertaining to the swindling of undeserving merchants.

Attaining status in the underworld as a prolific entrepreneur, Sesha’s father became a man obsessed with power. On the rare occasion that they were in each other’s company privately he would discuss his plans for the city of Alvadas at great length, asking after her thoughts and wellbeing only out of curiosity. This drove an impenetrable wedge between the two. Though they shared the love of blood, Sesha’s ambiguous upbringing and stolid nature proved more of a challenge than even her father could master.

Given a small flat far from the dregs of the city, Sesha was tasked simply with the directive to make a better life for herself. Communication with her father has all but broken down, and knowledge of her mother is as tightly sealed within the walls of Alvadas as Ionu’s bewildering moods. Left with only the wit of the criminals she grew up with and a blunt disregard for society, Sesha makes a living pilfering the pockets of those stupid enough to approach her on the street or in one of many nameless taverns.

Her life would be utterly meaningless were she not a devout believer in the power of Ionu. Every morning, before her daily escapades in the Bizzare or the Garden of No Return Sesha makes her way to the City’s greatest Temple and gives an offering to the God of Illusion. Her faith has not waivered since its inception at an early age and Sesha does not expect it to wane in her lifetime. More than once the power of illusion has shielded her from harm. Needless to say, it is difficult to live in a city like Alvadas without becoming mystified by its divine splendor.

She desires above all else to be one of The Inverted. Having seen them perform on and off the stage. Sesha’s quick wit and eye for irregularity has caught many a scam played by The Greatest of Players, the Chosen of Ionu. Part of her deference for the Unknown Deity comes from her own desire to understand who she truly is, the other stemming from her need to escape the mundane reality borne of this world.


Cosmetology 9 (5SP)
Disguise 5 (5SP)
Impersonation (Acting) 2
Intimidation 2
Larceny 35 (30SP)
Observation 2
Persuasion 12 (10SP)
Seduction (Charm) 7 (5SP)
Stealth 2
Unarmed Combat 10 (10SP)
Religion: Ionu
Irregularities: Streets of Alvadas
Remembering Old Lessons
Pulling off a Successfull Theft
The Art of Telling Lies
Tradecraft: weather can create unexpected traces
Cruelty as a weapon
Things can always become more unexpected in Alvadas
Curiosity can overpower hatred
Common - Proficient
Symenos - Basic
Ancient Tongue - Weak

Equipment and Possessions :
  • 1 basic 20x20 single flat (400 sq feet) with:
    • Hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small vanity.
    • Arm chair, average (-4 gm)
    • Assorted rugs and tapestries, common (-5 gm)
    • Bed, average (-10 gm)
    • Bookcase, average (-8 gm)
    • Chairs, good (-2 gm)
    • Couch, average (-3 gm)
    • End tables, good (-21 sm)
    • Mirror, small steel (-10 gm)
    • Shelf set, good (-2 gm)
    • Table, good (-3 gm)
    • Wardrobe, good (-5 gm)
    • Wash basin, average (-2 gm)
      ~Sesha's Flat~
  • 1 Set of Clothing (cloak/coat & footwear included)
  • 1 Waterskin
  • 1 large purse which contains:
    • Book (Secrets of the Eye: The Tale of Verlyna Devette)
    • Cosmetics, common (-10 sm)
    • Eating knife
    • Fancy Pipe
    • Food for a week
    • Flint & steel
    • Perfume, unusual (-2 gm)
    • Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
    • Theives' tools (-30 gm)
    • Tobacco (-5 sm)
    • Turquoise Scarf, Silk
    • Enigmatic Pocket Mirror (Family Heirloom)
Ledger :
  • Starting Mizas (100 gm)
  • Revenues (15.96 gm)
  • Expenses (-91.31 gm)
  • Remaining (24.65 gm)
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