[Flashback] A crossing of paths (Rayage)

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

[Flashback] A crossing of paths (Rayage)

Postby Reaver on March 31st, 2011, 8:55 pm

Reaver did his best to grasp the layout before him, and contemplated what was and wasn't needed for this process to be proper. “You do know what D-wire is, right?” Reaver thought a while, trying to be sure. "It's, expensive, if I recall. I heard it had something to do with transmitting magic. I hear of those in the upper levels of my craft using it to make working with multiple sources easier, or across several rooms."

It was here, that he got something he never would have expected, a speech, of sorts. “You need ambition.” “You need to be driven not to accept failure, but deal with it. You need a goal, but you also need a good imagination and problem solving skills. If things don’t turn out the way you want them to ask yourself why and go to solve that question." "Of course, you already knew that from past studies of magical arts, right?” Reaver's eyes were darting back and fourth, looking downward as if swiftly reading a book. “You hide your face in a mask.” That broke Reaver's train of thought. He looked up with a bit of concern, and thought to nod to be sure.

“To learn Alchemy you must be driven. You must remember anyone can learn Alchemy, but to be truly great at it, you need to devote yourself to the art, and question everything. You must then, when you realize what alchemy truly is, push to do what hasn’t been done before. You must be innovative, and cunning.” After waiting a moment, Reaver noted an abrupt end. He was pacing still, maybe he lacked something? “You're still here?” Ah, I was supposed to move. “If you want to help me then why don’t you go examine that body like you seemed so eager to do, or perhaps help me find another suitable for transmutation. Reaver nodded his head, and moved to the door. "I'll need more then a needle to get decent information on that subject, I'll be back with some proper implements." With that, he left to the hall, and again the door. This time, he examined the interior of this hidden door, and yes, no lock. Strange, maybe he doesn't trust standard locks. Reaver knew a trick to those, maybe he'd get one.

Exiting the door, Reaver was caught somewhat surprised at the presence of another young person, similar to the one who had managed to force him to make his way here. Then he swiftly noticed the difference, this one was curious. Reaver knelt down before him, and whispered to him. "We're making candy in there, don't tell anyone." With that, Reaver shut the door behind him, and was about to go when he got the reply. "Really?" "I'm just an assistant, but if you promise to keep it a secret, maybe the candy man would let you try some." In this city, people need to learn to detect lies quick. If it worked, my position would be secured. With that thought, Reaver made his way past the child, and made his way through the city to get his tools. Today is an interesting day.

((In case you missed it, italics were used to dictate Reaver's thoughts. I think this would be a good spot to call this thread, get a grading. Thinking of using another thread to continue the adventure, plus or minus another post from you.))
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[Flashback] A crossing of paths (Rayage)

Postby Seth on April 15th, 2011, 2:16 am


  • +2 Voiding XP
  • +1 Rhetoric XP
  • +1 Teaching XP
  • +1 Persuasion XP

Lores: Basics of Alchemy, Simple Alchemy Circles, Basics of Magical Debate.

The Method behind my Madness :
You get your 2 points of Voiding because of the little blurb you wrote about Voiding, which was quite nice. You got a Teaching point for explaining the Void, as well as some Rhetoric for the magical discussion as a whole. You got a persuasion point for convincing him to let you stick around, and let you learn from him!


  • +3 Alchemy XP
  • + 1 Rhetoric XP
  • +1 Teaching XP

Lores: Basics of Voiding, Basics of Magical Debate, Just How Annoying Others Can Be, Just How Curious Magic Can Be.

The Method behind my Madness :
You got 3 Alchemy points for your rather nice description of Alchemy! Both the failure and the actual act of doing it seemed pretty spot on to me. The Teaching point was given for explaining and showing the process of simple Alchemy, while the Rhetoric was given for the discussion as a whole!

Great thread, guys! I appreciate the edits that Rayage made in order to make this thread work for me. I look forward to seeing more interaction between you two in the future!
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