[Flashback] A lock of special design (solo)

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[Flashback] A lock of special design (solo)

Postby Reaver on April 5th, 2011, 1:00 am

[Winter 302av]

Reaver, after a lot of effort and focus, finally got his house rearranged. It wasn't easy, but now everything was set on the far wall. With time and care, Reaver had drawn up two circles. They were the same circle in design. The design was simple, straightforward, and the only one he could get to work. Reaver walked to the second circle and placed in it a lock, a simple one that did not use a key, but heavy enough that it wouldn't be undone with a simple shaking. He had one small addition to the lock, a somewhat thin leather strap, hanging off of the lock. This lock, it was to be special. It would be, a great test for his magical determination.

Reaver made his way to the first circle, and sat down inside it. It was time to focus, the first step, though one he may need to try multiple times to get right. A, what did the book call it? A Soulcore, yes. He's done it correctly before... Once? Or was it twice? Well, no need to slow down. Reaver focused, on his internal energy, on what made him unique. He pulled out his knife, and a small cut, and set it to the circle. The process started, he focused on his soul. He needed a template for his golem, and with nothing better around, he used himself. He focused, and felt the energy, and did his best to copy it from himself, to the contents of the other circle. Moving, arranging, shifting, and setting it within, he allowed it to shape itself to the lock, hold to it, and sit ready for life.

Reaver could tell at once, if only from his keen desire to keep it for himself, it was ready. Reaver sighed, the first step was complete. He then had to build directives, absolute law it would follow. He looked at this lock, simple enough, but it needs to know either sight or sound for it to recognize who it's supposed to be loyal to. Well, let's go about this another way. Only one primary directive, as this will be a simple project.

Locking onto the Soulcore, Reaver transmitted his directive. First, the memories he needed to instill. He started with 'close,' the idea of his hands together. 'Open,' the idea of his hand now apart. 'Knock,' that feeling you can feel when someone hits something your attached to. 'Hold,' nothing that lasts a second. 'Pattern,' a combination of multiple 'knock' and 'hold' in a certain order. 'Input,' 'knock' 'knock' 'hold' 'knock.'

With the memories it needed, Reaver now had to set the directives, in order of priority.
If you feel 'input,' 'open.'
If you feel 'knock' 'hold' 'hold,' 'close.'

Reaver signed heavily, he couldn't tell how long he had spend here, or even get a guess as to the time. He had finally finished his second step, a bit more complicated then he normally does... but it was now time for the last step. He focused, and started to shape the lock's Astral body. It was simple enough, the memory it needed for open and close were in place, and it was only a matter of connecting those memories to the mechanism. Beyond that, what the sound of the 'knock' was. With those steps complete, he was ready for the final step, a simple awakening. He focused, and let his energies awaken the 'golem' now in the other circle.

Feeling no desire to wait, Reaver attached the lock to his own door, which by design wouldn't lock it in this case, but this was testing. Having attached it, he knocked once and waited, one, two, and success! The bolt slid to the left and closed. Reaver knocked twice, waited a second, and knocked again. This time, the lock opened right away, for two seconds before closing again. It was perfect, just as he planned it. Feeling triumphant, he almost didn't want to give it up. Knowing it was no use to hold to such emotion, he removed it from his door, which had a different lock attached anyway, and put the lock carefully into his bag. If this isn't a good gift to a mage, I don't know what would be. Almost makes me want to sell it.

Packing his supplies, books, and the lock into his backpack, Reaver made his way out of his house, finding it was night out. One bit of research done, now to work on the rest.

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[Flashback] A lock of special design (solo)

Postby Seth on April 15th, 2011, 2:52 am


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