To Soothe The Itch (Roman)

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To Soothe The Itch (Roman)

Postby Cassandra Coven on April 18th, 2011, 10:40 am

"That's...all, I guess," Cassandra replied, relieved that this new doctor did not take advantage of her and her ignorance to anything medical related. So unlike the last time, whom she had to tolerate probing and inspecting her like she was some sort of test subject. She was impressed with Roman's knowledge and reminded herself to consult the man again should she have more issues with her health. "Thank you so much for everything. I hope you won't mind if I return later in case this doesn't work and if...if I have other medical problems."

Taking the jar of salve he had prescribed to her earlier, the dark-haired woman applied a bit of the creamy paste on her rash before cradling it on her lap. Then she pulled out her money pouch and looked at Roman expectantly. "How much for the salve and consultation, Doctor?"

Once she had paid him, Cassandra thanked the man again and reiterated her offer for a free drink at the tavern before going on her way.

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To Soothe The Itch (Roman)

Postby Roman on April 18th, 2011, 11:50 am

Roman just gave her a smile as she thanked him.
"Of course I wouldn't mind if you return later for other medical problems, Its both my pleasure to help others and my job to do it. Besides wouldn't you come back in a few day's to pick up those herbal treatments you wanted?" He took a quick tally of what she had to pay as she brought up her purse.
"Well the salve is 5sm and the consultation itself is 3 gm." Roman answered, taking the coins a short while after.
"Well then I hope I won't see you again that soon here, but I will certainly take you up on that offer for a free drink." After Cassandra left Roman took the mortar and pestle and continued working on it. Mentally scheduling to go and look for those herbs tomorrow.
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To Soothe The Itch (Roman)

Postby Seth on April 29th, 2011, 1:47 am


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Not much to award here. Maybe I am just off my game, but it looked like you just talked. Not much detail was given to any of the medical work you did, which wasn't much in the first place... but this RP seemed to be just a way for your characters to meet. You DID explain a lot about the birth control, and you did some research, so you get a point there. It was a nice read!


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The Method behind my Madness :
I didn't see much here! You learned a little bit, got a salve, and offered someone a free drink! It is always nice to read about Cass, though!

Let me know if either of you think you deserve something else!
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