Endrykas Raw Ideas. Feedback Welcome!

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Endrykas Raw Ideas. Feedback Welcome!

Postby Hex on January 6th, 2010, 1:55 am

Hey, please take a look at these ideas and please comment on what you all like and what needs improving or changing.





Within a Drykas controlled perimeter that covers 2/3rds of Cyphrus, Endrykas moves strategically between the five main navigational landmarks. These landmarks help the Drykas - and those trading with the them - maneuver through the maze like grasses to the denser populations of traders which always reside closest to the landmarks themselves (tradeposts and crossroads). Endrykas stops short of the city of Riverfall which lies west of the perimeter. A short strip of land divides the contested savannas of southern Cyphrus from the northern temperate terrain that lies between Riverfall and Zith territory closer to Syliras.

Nature of City Migration

Endrykas cannot occupy the northern region in the winter months because of the uncomfortably harsh winter conditions. During this time a higher concentration of Zith populate the northern mountains - a most loathed enemy race of the Drykas. As a result, the main hubs of traders, shopkeepers and city leadership split off from the north in the winter and move south towards ekytol where the eastern tradepost becomes a focus of trade and commerce with syliras by boat and the south eastern traderoute. Likewise, trade opens up between Endrykas and the benshira tribes from ekytol. Many spices, fabrics, and horse breeds are traded.

In the summer however, the drykas are able to use the land effectively as the ground thaws and is suitable to plant and live on. Endrykas collects up in the north, driving the zith out of the northern mountains. At this time endrykas opens up trading with riverfall heavily, as well as the suvan sea, where pirates and traders bring imports from far away regions.

- concentrated hubs move with the seasons as well as with the migrational patterns of animals that provide the colony with milk (cows and goats) and wool for fabric (sheeps). They move with respect to these animal's needs geographically and worship them as modes for survival.

- Their agricultural locations change depending on the richness of the soil and Endrykas moves in various patterns that systematically rotate crops and soil through the different areas of south eastern and northern Cyphrus. These positions also change throughout the seasons; crops that are planted further north in the warmer seasons avoid the frostbite of lower north temperatures and similarly, crops growing south in the colder seasons can be adequately watered without the blistering heat of the summer days. Twice a year the perimeter changes to accomodate the moves toward the north or south poles of the region. Endrykas spoils its people with consistently warm conditions, a pleasant benefit from actively living within Endrykas borders. While the largest main Endrykas encampment moves in sync with this natural system, smaller camps and many individuals move on their own terms within and beyond the borders of Endrykas.

pavillians and large public structures

- reimancers manipulate the earth to raise pavillions and other permanent structures that are not tents at an elevated level. Leadership based buildings and city centers are supported by tree roots and branches that grow through the newly moved earth and weave together, with the help of drykas shaman (in patterns similar to the drykas knotwork) to securely support the buildings. short stairways are installed after this process and as many right angles there are on a building, there are


- each building foundation is built on a bed of woven roots with trees permanently on each corner (on round buildings they use hexagonal pattern to equally distribute the weight of the building on the roots). Each location change involves reimancers and shamans to uproot and elevate the trees so that a large horse pulled platform can be worked underneath. reimancers use earth to raise the pavillions up, use water to weaken the soil around the roots, air to create a cushion and elevate the building with trees and roots, and then a large platform on a wagon is backed up under the building. Once properly aligned, the remaincers can lay the building down onto the platform.

City Entrance: Knotted Gates:

Large wood gates supported by branches and roots from two large trees on either side, acting as gate hinges. the great trees have bark that is interwoven like the signature knotwork of the drykas. these trees are in cooperation with the drykas and support the foundation of the webs that stem out from the Knotted Gates in mid Cyphrus. Although the location of the entrance gates never changes, the development of the animals and landscape around it makes navigating to it like entering a dangerous maze.

Shops & Businesses

* Steeds & Saddles (in progress)

* Scrolls Merchant (makes and sells scrolls, also has a recycling system, if you recycle you get a discount on new purchases. Sale must be made in the same event - no accumulative discounts. Also sells inks that are dissolved with a special solution he uses when recycling scrolls. If foreigner brings scrolls written with other ink, merchant will still take them but there will be no discount as the quality of that next scroll will be reduced because of foreign ink types disturbing the chemistry of how durable the scrolls can be. variety of scroll qualities.)
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Re: Endrykas Raw Ideas. Feedback Welcome!

Postby Gossamer on January 6th, 2010, 6:46 pm

Hey there!

I thought I'd add some comments.

There was one big blatant thing that stood out in your idea list that might not fit the cyphrus region at all. There are barely any trees, especially out on the grass itself. All the trees they do have are on the coastlines. It is called the SEA OF GRASS for a very specific reason. The whole region is made up of rolling grasslands that are for the most part waist high. So when you get to speaking about things like 'knotted gates' with massive trees on either side... how is a city on the move have main gates that are trees in a region with ... no trees let alone large ones? Is there just two big trees everywhere they stop? The only place there's really trees in Cyphrus are along stream beds and in the occasional swampy bottomland. And those trees are mainly thin blanket rooted things like aspen, willow and a few twisted oak. The small variety things. Once in a while you'll have a massive tree, but it would be so rare as to be almost a landmark in itself.

One of the ways they mark boundaries and boarders is by piles of stones - Cairns - that often contain informational webs on them. All the Drykas Ankal's should have webbing as an arcana so they can keep track of their families and where Endrykas is in relation to where they are.

I think what might be more true to the region is to have perhaps some pillars either of stone or perhaps some knot-carved poles to stand as gates. Though truthfully, in a city that has the nature of Endrykas, gates might not even make sense. You could put a spin on a sort of 'check in' place and make that stand in for your gates.... because gates imply a fence or wall of some sort and an entrance into and out of said structure. I don't think for a moment a Drykas would live behind a wall if given a choice.... or at least be happy about it. Instead of city walls, the people who are permanent Endryaks residents erect 'Webs" that encircle the city... they could be linked on poles sunk into the ground and designed to bracket the webs... thats so little ones can wander unattended and not worry about getting snatched by anything bigger than it and eaten. There's a TON of predation on the grass. Their livestock and people can pass through the webs, but predators cannot.

Now... Pavilions are huge multi-room tents held up by poles... think circus tents (without the obnoxious stripes. Each major family owns one - which is why Endrykas can be rather large when they are all together. The Drykas traditionally have traded for wood poles at the coast (Riverfall, Kenash, Claridon). The Drykas have all sorts of animals they travel with and Elephants are native to the grasslands so they probably use these to help them erect the structures. I didn't put any sort of permanent structure into the cultural writeup because the whole group is on the move always. If the grass gets too eaten down where they are, they will starve. Anyhow, loved your idea of the reinmancer assisted buildings... that's pretty cool. However, again your woven tree root platforms wouldn't work due to the fauna in the area.

I love how you've laid out migration.

It might be incredibly frustrating that I don't have a Web writeup up yet. I understand if it is.... I will have one very soon. I anticipate Sunday.

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