[Flash back] Night Sky (Open)

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A surreal cavern city inhabited by Symenestra where stones glow and streets are reams of silk. Cocoon like structures hang between stalactites and cascade over limestone flows in organic and eerie arabesques. Without a Symenestra willing to escort you, entrance is impossible.

[Flash back] Night Sky (Open)

Postby Genici on July 7th, 2011, 8:19 pm

508 AD Summer 42nd Day

Dusk had slowly begun its descend over the land, causing a wave of pink and blue to wash above the tree lines. From below it was unnoticeable. Time past without knowledge of night or day, or need for that knowledge. They worked on a similar time frame, but it was always exhilarating to see time actually move when she left the caves. It was exactly with Genici had planed for that falling evening as she wrapped the long part of her dress up over her knees and tied it together with a sash. Long pale legs leaned against the wall as she wrapped up the long sleeves just a few inches past her wrists, showing off the variation of color that engulfed her flesh. In the dark it would have been hard to tell what the tattoos were that had peaked out. Her long black hair fell backwards and across the small of her back as she looked up towards the far entrance and exit above.

Assessing whether she had everything she needed or not, Genici finally began to move up quickly, climbing up the cold walls. Her graceful fingers and toes clung to every fold and jut of the stone walls. Enjoying the small challenge she leaped from one large jutted rock to another, fingers wrapping around the rock as she twisted her body up and leaped against the wall. On all fours she finally ran up the wall, pulling her light body up as easily as if she weren't on a vertical incline. It took nearly twenty minutes to finally exit the dark caves, but she didn't stop from there. As soon as she exited Genici moved to a large ancient tree that was near the entrance and began to climb up it, hooking her feet on branches and leaping farther up, catching the ones above her and swinging herself upward. Like the small acrobat that she was, she managed to gracefully pull herself up to the top in a motion of twists and turns. When finally at the top Genici finally sat down on a small branch, unrolling her sleeves as she cocked her head back and looked up to the glowing sky.

Genici was fascinated by the sky. Perhaps it came from growing up in the dark caves below where no sky could be seen. It wasn't a daily ritual when she was in kalinor to leave the caves before nightfall to catch the setting sun, but occasionally when she was feeling especially antsy she chose to venture to the surface.

Painted fingernails ticked at the wood of the large branch as her dark eyes peered into the pastel colored sky. Sometimes she imagined herself being a bird instead of a spider. Instead of crawling below the surface she would fly above it. She wondered what it would feel like to pierce through those fluffy clouds that had now taken on an eerie shade of pink and red. Would they feel like anything at all? Questions played in her mind that had consistently played over and over again. She had no answers, but didn't mind either. It was the silence that she enjoyed, and the time to herself as she watched the sun begin to fall behind the mountain lines in the far distance. Perhaps what she did was odd, but she couldn't see how anyone wouldn't enjoy the beautiful sight. To her many were just too lazy or stubborn to leave their little homes below.

Finally as the sun set down into the west for the night Genici stood up and began to slide down the tree. Her pupils enlarged, bringing in the small amount of light rays for her to see better in the darkening woods. As she stepped lightly onto the ground Genici unwrapped the hem of her wrapped dress and let it descend over her feet. She wasn't over with the night. A twenty minute trip up and only thirty minutes to watch the setting sun seemed like a waste of travel. The night had begun to shed a new idea upon her. Was she up for a hunt, or perhaps she would try to find someone interesting to happen upon tonight. If she was lucky, perhaps both.
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[Flash back] Night Sky (Open)

Postby Nisana Curare on July 11th, 2011, 4:43 pm

With the descent of darkness on the world above came Nisana's ascent from the city of Kalinor below. Night was the best time for a Symenestra to hunt, and Nisana was a huntress through and through. Clad in her dark crimson body wrap and chitinous armor, plus armed with her shortbow, she was a veritable epitome of a Symenestra hunter in look as well.

Emerging from the cavern that housed Kalinor she paused a moment to let her amethyst eyes wander over the surrounding landscape. Darkness was just taking the landscape, and that made her timing practically perfect on arrival. Many creatures would be making the transition from day to night, and that would give her an advantage in catching them off guard.

Movement and sound from a nearby tree drew Nisana's attention, and she paused in her forward movement to see what was moving. Though she didn't ready an arrow she did at least flip open her climbing quiver in case she needed to use it.

Her doubts proved right as a Symenestra woman emerged from the tree... wearing a dress? Strange clothing for a Symenestra, especially one who had ventured outside of Kalinor as night came. Still Nisana relaxed a little, putting on a polite smile, and raised her empty right hand in greeting to the woman as she spoke in the smooth and pleasant tongue of Symenos, "Good evening. What brings you out of Kalinor this night?"

Her words were all for politeness and being proper. The woman seemed vaguely familiar, but in a place as small as Kalinor it was difficult to find anyone Nisana had not at least seen once. She was certainly not someone Nisana currently called friend, but she would not be opposed to the possibility of making a new friend. Even if she did have strange tastes in clothing.
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[Flash back] Night Sky (Open)

Postby Adavi Brevissima on January 12th, 2012, 6:41 am

While crawling up from the depths of Kolinor the young Adavi mentally kicked himself. What had started off as an innocent game of competition had morphed into something potentially far more dangerous.

It had happened a few nights ago while he’d been playing with some of the other Symenestra children. Theirs was a simple game consisting of taking turns shooting various objects with slingshots, or throwing the stones by hand for those without a tool. He’d been practicing some on his own and to his excitement was doing rather well that evening; even hitting some of the moving targets tossed by other members of the group. At some point all the kids had been weeded out except for himself and another boy a few years older named Joraes. Adavi’s luck had held true, keeping score with the older boy, until both were tired and the game had lost its initial interest. While a little disappointed not to have won, a tie was more then plenty to be proud of as Joraes was a boy known to be skilled in nearly all things. Pleased with himself and the knowledge that he and Joraes had become closer during their competition Adavi was ready to call it a day, but the older boy had other plans.

“Hey, you’re pretty good.” He’d said catching Adavi on his way home and walking besides him. “I bet if you practiced you could be really good, even better than me someday.”

Adavi smiled, pleased at the older boy’s complement. Secretly like most of the other children he looked up to Joraes and being able to talk to him like this felt like a real honor.

“Thanks” He said, “I’ve been practicing some.” Adavi held up his shooter and drew back the cord letting it snap harmlessly backwards. “It’s a good one.” He said smiling again.

Joraes laughed, “Yeah, hey you wanna go again?” He asked. Adavi’s smile drooped slightly as he caught something off in the other boy’s tone but, failed to place his finger on what could be.

“Sure.” He said dismissing the prick of doubt. “Anytime, anywhere.” He challenged puffing his chest out a little and taking an air of confidence.
“How bout tomorrow night.” Joraes shot back, a little too quickly. “Except let’s make it a real challenge. You game?”

“Yeah…” The younger boy replied a bit hesitantly but, still warm with the self-confidence of their last match. He’d already got the older boy’s attention but, if he wanted Joraes’ respect he couldn’t back down now.

“Cool, cool, so then this is what we’ll do. Each of us will take turns going up to the surface and whoever brings back the biggest game is the winner. I’ll go tomorrow and you can go the next night. Then we’ll meet up at school and compare them.”

“Game? You mean, an animal?” Adavi asked. He wasn’t very familiar with hunting terms having never done it himself. Joraes nodded in answer of the younger boy’s question, a brief glint flashing within his eyes. “Oh…yeah…I can do that.” Adavi said unable to hide the waver of uncertainty in his voice.

“You sound scared.” The older boy observed his tone taking on a softer edge that contradicted his eyes. “You really impressed me back there so I thought you might be up to it, but I guess we could do something easier…”

“No, no I’m not!” Adavi argued puffing out his chest again. You’re on! I’ll bring back an animal twice the size of any you get.” The older boy smile at that and again Adavi's skin crept with a feeling of unease.

“We’ll see about that.” Was all he said silkily, before turning towards his own home.

And now here he was two days later wondering how he’d ever be able to catch anything above ground much less survive through the hunting. The competition was all well and good for Joraes. His dad was a hunter and he’d spent plenty of time above ground, but Adavi’s father; well Adavi’s father was a merchant and the boy knew next to nothing about hunting having only been above ground on a few occasions. Not only that but, Joraes had killed a great horned owl for his catch and Adavi wasn’t sure he could find anything bigger than that; wasn’t sure if he really wanted to actually. The bird’s talons had been huge and wickedly sharp.

He’d tired to do a little research before tonight but, had come up with hardly more than the basics: Don’t make a lot of noise, keep your eyes and wits about you and don’t get lost. At one point the boy had thought of bypassing the hunt all together and just buying some animal from the market. It didn’t have to be bigger than Joraes, just proof that he’d keep his end of the challenge. It was a tempting idea but, in the end he’d scraped it. He wanted Joraes to respect and killing a tamed animal wasn’t going to do it. Not to mention that the entire school seemed to have magically become aware of their competition and if anyone were to find out he’d cheated then there’d be no end to his shame.

So resigned to his fate Adavi had left his colorful outer garment at home hoping to camouflage better without it. Though as his toes wiggled over the various debris blanketing the ground Adavi wished he’d brought some shoes. Exiting the cave which marked Kalinor’s entrance he squinted as the last rays of sunlight gave one final burst over the horizon. It was a beautiful and wild expanse that surrounded him; untamed and eager to devour the unwary and unprepared. Simply said Adavi was starting to feel very small.

Lifting the veil from around his neck the boy glanced around noticing for the first time two others sharing a visit of the outside world.

The first was a woman Adavi he’d seen a number of times before though he knew not her name. Maybe it was the short bow held expertly by her side or her stance of regal pride but, there was something primal about her, something dangerous that called for respect.

The other was a lithe graceful woman clad in a wash of colorful fabrics with bright painted fingernails and some kind of equally colorful markings upon her legs. She too seemed familiar but, the boy could place no name to her elegant features.

Hesitating for a moment Adavi let the silky black veil drop back around his neck before cautiously making his way towards the two women. They were Symenestra at least which while comforting didn’t tell him why they we’re here, and outside in a foreign world with no ceiling or walls the boy was feeling more exposed than ever.

“Umm, hello.” He said once they’d noticed him his voice softer than normal and laced with a weaver of unease.

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