Within Limits (Open)

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Within Limits (Open)

Postby Darren on July 14th, 2011, 2:00 am

Date: 23th of Summer, Year 511

Today seemed to Darren felt strangely at peace when he was doing his usual training. He wondered for a moment if the routine he was giving himself wasn't enough anymore. No that couldn't be right... if I increase the intensity I know I wouldn't be able to complete the venue within a bell. There has to be something else that's affecting me he mused silently as he searched his mind for a possible answer. He shrugged as nothing came up, resuming the workout he had planned out for the day. "Alrighty, stretches first, a crisp run and then we'll see what happens next" he announced as he started.

Grabbing his foot he pulled back on it as he balanced on his leg, holding the pose for a few seconds. Alternate. Darren pushed out his chest before planting his feet and leaning forward. His left leg was out in front as he leaned forward feeling his's body's motions pulling on the back of his right calve. Rinse and repeat, then do the last stretch for the legs... He took a deep breathe as he sat on the ground, leaving his legs out in front of him. Then, slowly but surely, he leaned forward. His face only mere inches away from his legs as he held the position for a few moments. Trying to go past his comfort zone he gritted his teeth as the back of his tights groaned in protest. Finally he was satisfied as he pulled back and stood in the same motion. Granted he might never be as flexible as those contortionists but this would suffice.

Now he had to decide where to run around exactly. He grimaced as he looked at the part of town he was in. Darren was already familiar with the place and he earlier found that it was slightly unpleasant to run through the a city. Compared to Taldera the area seemed too noisy and crowed for his tastes. His eyes followed a group of people who passed him, their demeanor seemed ultimately familiar and when he thought about it he was sure he remembered where he saw them. They were by the docks when we first entered Denval. It looks like they are going to repeat the gesture with some newer people at the docks he rationalized. Hmm the docks, maybe there? Darren shrugged as he considered the option. There really isn't much else in the area of choices is there?

Dodging the usual human traffic as he made his way to the docks, he grinned sarcastically as he moved past the odd groups blocking the way. And there it was. The rock quarry that made up the entrance of Denval made him scowl as he quickly realized that it would be a poor place to run around in. One small slip and I could possiblely injure myself. That won't do. Perhaps a beach? Yea that was what I was thinking of in the first place he thought as he looked to out into cliffs that bordered the ocean. "I'll have to find someone who might have an idea" he mused silently as he looked out to the waters.
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