[Flashback - The Kulk] Fleeing the Kulk (Nilkayn)

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Flashback - The Kulk] Fleeing the Kulk (Nilkayn)

Postby Chevis Maelstrom on July 15th, 2011, 2:50 pm

Timestamp: Spring 15, 501 AV
Who: Chevis, Nilkayn
Location: The Kulkarak Tavern and Inn

Chevis sat in the corner booth suited for at least ten people, his eyes scanning the tavern for potential women. He wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the young Akalak sitting in the booth with him. He had been told by another Svefra that women don't ever go out alone, so if you want to get one, you needed a partner. He found this Akalak and bought them both an ale, and they were both now here sipping them, waiting. His eyes scanned the crowd for potential women, his eyes bouncing from the human bartender, to a couple of older floozies at a table. Then the door opened, and a group of young women, seven strong walked in. Chevis smiled. He was right to pick the only unoccupied table to suit a large group. He elbowed his partner, forgetting his name, "There we go," nodding at them.

They looked downtrodden at the lack of seating, when a braver one approached the pair. She was tanned, with pure black eyes, giving her an exotic look. Chevis had heard stories of the desert people but couldn't remember the name of them. He put on a charming smile as he watched her eyes roam over his muscled arms, and open shirt exposing his muscled torso. She smiled genuinely at him and asked,
"Um, could we join you two? There's no room elsewhere..."

Chevis smiled and nodded at her. She motioned for her friends to come over. They all were in their early womanhood. There was the desert woman, three normal human woman, an Inarta, and two he suspected to be Kelvic. The Chaktawe woman sat on his right, the Inarta between him and Nilkayn, and the others spread out around them. They were all fairly skimpily dressed showing a lot of their youthful skin. They all ordered wines or ales. The Chaktawe smiled, a bit flirtingly, "We are having a girl's night out, we a tired of these Akalak men, no offense, thinking they own us. So we are just out having fun."

The group drank and chattered for a bell, Chevis downing two more ales. He didn't notice the Akalak man enter, see them, and leave in a fit of rage. He was the Chaktawe's man, and he was going to go get the rest of the women's men and return to teach those two a lesson.

The women were quite intoxicated making a loud ruckus, their hands and lips showering the two men. Chevis was eating it up, as his lips devoured the Chaktawe's, her hand massaging his inner thigh. His hand was on her flat stomach, inching it's way lower, fingertips just beneath her waistband, his other hand up the shirt of the Inarta women, who was kissing Nilkayn's neck. Chevis suggested they get out of here to his Casinor. "Of course you can see my Bongodier. Then you can see my boat too." All the women laughed uproariously at this, and the group stood to walk out, when a large group of Akalak men stormed in, looking very upset. They were all armed, and moved forward toward them. "Go out the back, we will meet you there." He told the women. "Is there a problem gentlemen?"
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[Flashback - The Kulk] Fleeing the Kulk (Nilkayn)

Postby Nil'kayn on July 16th, 2011, 5:41 am

Kayn liked his new friend, he seemed nice, plus he had bought Kayn a drink. Nil had complained greatly at Kayn's choice to spend time with the non-akalak. Leaning back he was content to sip on his drink in the comfortable silence, but Chevis seemed to be waiting for something. Kayn glanced around noting the usual lack of female's in the bar, but nothing else seemed out of the ordinary he had been here many times before.

He was leaning back his eyes closed when he heard the door open, he opened his eyes and caught site of seven woman entering the bar; not a common occurrence. By the silver Undan on there arms, they where Nakivak, he glanced over the group making sure to check each wrist for signs of gold, but he saw none.He did see ln atleast two of them no signs of the bracelets, but he knew only one reason for that; Kelvics. He relaxed slightly sipping from his mug.

He felt an elbow in his ribs and he winced slightly more to the fact of his friends crude gesture, more than it actually hurt. "It would seem so..." He was going to continue and explain about the Undan, but one of the woman had approached them and spoken. Kayn smiled hesitantly, he could feel Nil at the back of his mind annoyed by Chevis elbowing him and warning Kayn to stay away from the Nakivak's, but he ignored his brother. He glanced at Chevis wondering if he knew very much about Akalak culture, he decided it was unlikely.

Kayn got a closer look at the woman as they approached, he wondered why they wore so little wondering if females felt hotter than males came to mind. He tensed slightly at the comment of Akalak's owning the Nakivak, and was going to retort, but he could visibly see a few bruises on at least one or two of them. He clamped his mouth shut; he felt very strongly about any who would do such a thing. He felt that a man was supposed to be surrounded by his womanfolk, and for they to look after him and tend to all his needs, but in turn a man should protect and treat there woman with respect.He knew at least one thing for sure; if he met the akalak who did this he would give him a piece of his mind.

The group of woman soon surrounded them, sitting on all sides. He had the inarta to one side and one of the kelvics to the left, behind him he could feel the heat being edited by one of the human woman. The other two humans, and the other kelvic seemed to stay back. The woman talked and chattered, he engaged them in conversation personally perplexed by the woman, not very often had he gotten the chance to speak to a woman let alone this many. He was still relatively young among Akalak standards; only considered a teenager; so he had yet to find his own womenfolk, or bed them for that matter.

Kayn downed three more ales just to top Chevis his body would take much more ale before he even slightly felt the affects of alcohol, also he had eaten earlier and he knew that would distil the effects, but Chevis seemed to preoccupied with the woman to attempt to take in Kayn's attempt at a drinking contest. Soon the human woman behind him was massaging his shoulder, which felt good after a day of training with his friends. He felt the human whisper in his ear and occasional nibble on his ear, the inart continued to snuggle up to Kayn and kept kissing his neck for some odd reason, and even the kelvic seemed in on the action leaning in close she rubbed his chest, one hand on his lower back. It had taken him time, but it finally registered what these woman wanted.

He panicked momentarily his mind going wild wondering if these woman had other men or any number of things, but those thoughts died as soon as they begun from both Kayn and Nil as both could feel the kelvics woman's hand glide slowly down his chest edging closer to his more private regions. He could feel his manhood stiffen and the kelvic woman felt it to, she commented on it and it made the woman laugh. They continued so the woman teasing him, with lips and hands, but never giving him more than that.; it drove him crazy, but in a good way.

He smiled, as Chevis made the comment about his boat. As the woman laughed, and started to get up. Kayn was now putty in there hands hormones taking over for logic or reasoning, he hd only the mind to grab his sword from under the table and strap it onto his back. The group was soon standing, and having not paid much attention] earlier he was surprised when the group of males barged into the room armed to the teeth, flithy, and angry.

Chevis told the woman to head out the back-door and they did; in a great hurry. Kayn's took back control of himself in a flash, letting his mind regestir all that happened his mind coming to a conclusion, his eyebrows showed it, as they hovered over his emerald eyes like thunderclouds in a furrowed expression. Both Nil and Kayn where agreed on this; these where those women's unofficial men, and a few of them at least where the abusers, and all of them hated there guts at there moment.

Both knew that now that the clash was inevitable, so Kayn plastered on a mask of his usual demeanour of optimistic fun, but inside he was raging, and waiting to get his swing at them, though if a fight could be avoided he would go for it... eventually.
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