[The Temple of All Gods] Misunderstood (Open)

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[The Temple of All Gods] Misunderstood (Open)

Postby Nira Curare on January 29th, 2010, 11:55 pm

Nira had already moved her things into the small cottage on the outskirts of town, not that she really had much, just that small pack she had been carrying for more than a year. She had always been a little hasting, relying on intuition and instincts more than thought out conclusions, but if she thought everything out, she would probably still be in Kalinor. Leaving her new home home, Nira began a search. Wandering the giant city, she finally found what she was looking for. Before her stood a gleaming cathedral with stonework like she had never seen. Nira had heard of the Temple of All Gods relatively soon after she had left home, a place where any person could go to worship any god. With a slow pace she climbed the steps and walked into the building. The inside was glorious, each stain glass window depicting a different god or goddess. Nira didn't even know a few of them. She pulled the hood of her cloak off her head and sat at one of the pews and watched the brilliant rays from the windows color her too white skin. Sighing she bowed her head and began as though she were talking to an old friend,

"Viratas, I am sorry I have not looked to you for guidance in a little while and I know this is usually something I do in private, and I probably will not able to sacrifice anything here, but I had to see such a temple, and you are represented on the windows...Anyways, I have followed your ways my entire life, even if I showed it in a way that differed from my family. I need help, something compels me to stay in this city, and I need a way to make money and to feed. All I know is medicine, and they do not have any shortage of healers in this place, and most of them are much more skilled than I, please help me."

Nira always spoke her prayer aloud, mostly because they were usually done when she was alone still she felt a sense of discontent, making a note to go buy a cheep farm animal to do a blood sacrifice later to complete the ritual. That and it would give her some food. Sighing, she raised her head and jumped about a foot in the air when someone happened to be looking back at her. Her face flushed wondering if the stranger had been listening, Viratas was probably the most misunderstood god there was. People thought he was evil, being the God of Blood, but to Nira he was anything but; he was the god of connection, of heritage, and he made all things with blood sacred. She peered back with wide eyes waiting for a reaction.
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