{Flashback}The Horrors of Growing Up {Solo}

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An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. [lore]

{Flashback}The Horrors of Growing Up {Solo}

Postby Ceto Lowtide on August 2nd, 2011, 11:08 pm

Day 55 of Summer, Year 494AV

“Grandmama, is he here yet? Is he?” Her legs jittered anxiously and her fingers tap, tapped along the rail of the ship. Her grandmother smiled indulgently as the rest of the crewmates and family groaned, it seemed every two minutes the young girl wanted to know.

“Do you see him among the waters?”Gentle but chided skillfully the young Ceto smiled bashfully. She knew she was being a nuisance but she couldn’t help it, her eyes scanned the horizon with steady concentration. A fellow Svefra shipped had past not two hours ago saying her father had finally returned! And with a pregnant wife! Ceto brushed her fingers against the inside of her wrist; a small tattoo of a female Orca and her babies, all circling each other, intertwined. It was a memory of her mother and her baby brothers who were no longer with her. ‘Laviku, I thank you, though my brother and mother returned to you...I am still here and your waters have brought my father and a new pod members!’ Kissing the tattoo quickly she returned her gaze to the sea. “This is all I wished Grandmama!”

The older woman stared at the girl; she was being much too serious for her usual self. Nodding briefly to her nephew she watched in amusement as the young girl was pitched overboard, followed by her nephew and cousins. Her son was coming back but it was not necessarily a grand thing. He had abandoned his pod and child. He had much to answer for and the she was not sure if her sister would approve or allow him back to the pod.

Cold silk, it caressed her, surrounded her; her eyes opened slowly the salt sending shooting pricks through her head and down to her legs. Yet she held her position, relaxing, allowing the bubbles to pop and push against her skin. It seemed silent, quiet save for the thudding of your own pulse but this was a feeling for outsiders. To her the ocean seemed alive. Every molecule of water had a story to tell, she fetl at peace.

It wasn’t until her chest tightened and the air seemed to stale inside her own body that she kicked her feet steadily, her arms seemingly pinned to her sides. When her lungs seemed ready to swallow the water she so loved her head broke the surface. Her chest heaved and each breath seemed dry and painful, one would never be able to tell though. Not with the smile that was spread across her face.
“Feel better?” Ice blue eyes raised up the side of the boat, taking it in with pride before they finally met the beaming face above her. She waved to her grandma before playfully spalshing her cousins and starting a war that would last the rest of the afternoon.
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