[Flashback] A Run-In (Rak'kena)

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A half-collapsed city of alabaster and gold fiercely governed by Eypharians. Even partially ruined, it is the crown of the desert and a worthy testament to old glories and rising powers.

[Flashback] A Run-In (Rak'kena)

Postby Jamisia Abijah on August 3rd, 2011, 2:38 pm

80th day of Spring, 510 AV
Ports of Ahnatep

Ahnatep was not always a bad place to live. There were days in which the weather was mild, some Eypharians nice and Dani not hungry, streets less crowded. Unfortunately this was not such day. Jamisia already had been chased away from one market stand and tripped over by few hyenas or somewhat these soldiers were called in their fancy helmets. Hyenas fitted best. The unforgiving Eyktol sun was frying the land mercilessly today and the human girl felt tired, even if it wasn't even noon. Her foster aunt demanded some ingredients to be delivered to the elder Eypharian. It was rare they did any business with the four arms; in Ahnatep human kept to themselves as did Eypharians and Dhani, although an average Ahantep noble treated any snake man better than a human.

Jamisia sat down for a moment in the canopy’s shadow and watched people passing by. People...They were no humans, neither of them. Dhani and Eypharians everywhere. Not even a single soul of her kind around. It angered her, especially the way majority of four arms looked at her. Like she was dirt, something filthy that got stuck to their fancy shoes. Something poked her in the shoulder. Jamisia jumped to her feet, only to notice a middle aged Eypharian was using a stick to show how much he didn't want her under his canopy. The girl frowned as the rush of anger was slowly getting to her head. Her pale, by Eypharian standards, cheeks flushed and eyes narrowed dangerously.

With one, swift move Jamisia pulled the stick out of Eypharian's hands who began to spout curses in his native tongue. Jam, a fiery spirit as she was and always gave as good as she got, responded with loud swears in Shiber and Common. With a corner of her eyes she noticed guards coming closer. It was obvious she was fighting a losing battle, as a free human her word counted as less than that of a slave. Seeing the guards, her the Eypharian tried to catch the girl and hold down but Jamisia bit him in his small finger like a feral animal. Few seconds later Jamisia was running away from the angered merchant. She took few turns, not really knowing where she was going but hopefully away from the guards.

She took a turn, then another, weaving her way through the dark and deserted alleys, many Eypharians didn't know about. Reserved mostly for Dhani and other suspicious element. Still with full speed, the girl took another turn. ”HA!” Jamisia let out a laugh of triumph, seeing that she lost her pursuers. ”Stupid four-ar...ahhhhhhh! Suddnely a silhouette appeared before her, seemingly out of nowhere. The girl turned her body sharply, trying to change the direction but lost balance, being unused to such acrobatics, and ungracefully fell on the ground, right under the Eypharian's feet. Dust and sand filled her nostrils, causing cough in which few juicy Shiber cusses could be heard.
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