Duvalyon Hellebore

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Duvalyon Hellebore

Postby Duvalyon Hellebore on June 11th, 2009, 3:16 am

Duvalyon Hellebore


Brief Sketch

  • Race: Symenestra
  • Age: 23, Born Summer 489 AV
  • Gender: Male

Physical Appearance

Duvalyon is lean in build, like most Symenestra, with a six foot frame and medium sized shoulders. His features have a sense of cunning in their arrangement at their worst, and a sophisticated charm at their best. His long hair is black and his eyes are reddish burgundy. He is impeccably groomed, and wears the traditional Symenestra garb of leggings and wraps in claret covered by light shell like armor.


Image Medicine 43 Competent 26 SP, 2 xp Heal Thyself, 3 xp The Bad Samaritan, 2 xp Gravity, 2 xp Friends of Akajia, 1xp Summer Seasonal, 2xp Internal, 3xp A Gift for the Queen, 2xp A Poisonous Delivery
Image Hypnotism 17 Novice 14 SP, 2 xp Gravity, 1xp Internal
Image Acrobatics 10 Novice 10 RB
Image Symenestran Lash 10 Novice 10 SP
ImagePersuasion 8 Novice 3 xp Sound and Fury, 3 xp There's a Curse on Us, 1 xp Friends of Akajia, 1xp A Gift for the Queen
ImageSubterfuge 4 Novice 2 xp Sound and Fury, 2 xpThere's a Curse on Us
ImageTeaching 6 Novice 3 xp Sound and Fury, 1 xp Friends of Akajia, 2xp Internal
ImageObservation 9 Novice 3 xp Friends of Akajia, 3xp Internal, 3xp A Gift for the Queen
ImageManipulation 1 Novice 1 xp The Bad Samaritan
[img]?[/img]Leadership 3 Novice 3 xp A Gift for a Queen
ImageClimbing 4 Novice 1 xp The Bad Samaritan, 2 xp No Colors on Our Skin, 1xp A Poisonous Delivery
[img]?[/img]Interrogation 2 Novice 2 xp A Gift for a Queen
ImageIntimidation 1 Novice 1 xp No Colors on Our Skin
[img]?[/img]Rhetoric 1 Novice 1 xp A Poisonous Delivery

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Humanoid Circulatory Systems
  • Using maggots to treat contaminated flesh
  • Having a Kelvic pet
  • Rejection of a bond
  • Poor Bedside Manner
  • Preserving Blood
  • Family Pride
  • Divulging a bit of Oneself
  • An Experience of Mutual Respect
  • There is more than one kind of bond
  • Viratas's Trials
  • Keeping a promise
  • How to save a life
  • Selaria Anice: Moth Queen
  • Symptoms of Poison
  • Kahuri, The Antidote and its Application
  • Ethaefal Are Susceptible to Poison
  • Ground Hollyhock: An Herbal Poultice
  • The Honor-Bound Shinya
  • Poison doesn't always have to be ingested
  • One final mercy
Silakrov - the ability to absorb another's memories and eventually skills through the drinking of their blood. Blood can also have healing properties for the marked one. It is the Gnosis granted by Viratas.

Marked - With the first mark of Viratas, one is able to use blood to temporarily read minds or hasten the healing of wounds. At this level, the blood must be given "willingly" from a living vessel.

When blood is flooded with too many taints that are a byproduct of fear or rage, the blood is garbled and the drinker is unable to filter out any benefits. A calm vessel gives the clearest experience. Also, drinking a victim to death or drinking blood from a dead body has painful consequences for the marked one. The drinker will be wracked with pain for three days and experience flu-like symptoms, similar to food poisoning. None of the benefits of the Gnosis can be gained from this tainted blood, either.

An unconscious or sleeping vessel can be found "willing" as long as they continue in a moderately peaceful state.

While a marked one drinks from his vessel, he can read her thoughts or memories. They can either be random or what the vessel is fixating on at that moment, the will power of the vessel usually dictates which. Those with greater will and less fear can guide the drinker to a particular time. However, this is difficult considering the marked one is sucking the vessel's life force.

The drinker will be overwhelmed with the emotions and sensory perceptions of the vessel, making the marked one almost blind to the outside world while he drinks. Drinkers would describe this experience as a forced and powerful empathy or reliving another's memory.

For healing properties, the marked one must drink from the vessel's wrist, after consecrating the event to Viratas with a short prayer. The drinker will not share in thoughts or memories. He will only receive the healing benefit of the vessel's blood. With one mark, the drinker will improve strength and vitality and heal minor wounds.

Property and Possessions


Cloak1 charcoal with claret trim
Fur Cloak1 sable
Exoskeleton Armor Shirt1-
Simple Sandals2 pair-
Boots1 pair for winter
Silk sashes6 claret colored
Cotton sashes5aubergine colored
Cotton leggings1 pairbrown
Silk pants2 pair black, charcoal
Silk shirts2 claret, charcoal
Linen shirts2 gray and white
Silk undergarmentsEnough-
Silk robe1 burgundy

Tools and Items
Silken knapsack1contains items
Eating knife1-
Flint & Steel 1 set-
One Person Tent1-
Father's Medic Kit1Heirloom
Home in Kalinor1 -

SymenosFluentThe Mother Tongue
Common Basic Polishing Azo words
ShiberPoorthe other mother's tongue


Fall 511: 900 in income for Fall (12gm a day for 75 days of work) minus 450 for "good" standard living expenses.

Winter 511: 450 to start, minus living expenses between Good and Common (180) minus tent (2gm)

Spring 512: 268 to start. Minus 41 gm, 2 sm (clothing purchases) and living expenses for a lifestyle a bit less than common (100gm).

Summer 512: 126 gm 8 sm starting + 1,092 in wages (12gm x 91 days) - 135 (common living expenses) - 30gm misc.

Fall 512 = 1,053 gm 8sm - 40 gm (2 fur cloaks) - 3 sm (boots) - 1 gm (2 winter blankets at 5sm) - 135 (common living expenses).

Winter 512 = 877gm 5sm - 135 (common living expenses)

Current Tally = 742gm 5sm

The Players


ImageSemelia Caladium nee Hellebore: Duvalyon's little sister he calls "Melia" for short. A small thing with a weak constitution and pleasant temper. She is devoted to her eldest brother and he to her. She is lately married and begrudgingly received a "purchased" surrogate (slave) from her first born husband while Duvalyon was engaged in an exhaustive harvest on her behalf. Duvalyon has been promised the privilege of obtaining her second surrogate, but still resents his brother-in-law for wasting his time and giving his sister an inferior surrogate.

Veyatove Hellebore: Duvalyon's younger brother. A surprisingly indulged middle child who was the favorite of their adoptive mother. While indebted to Duvalyon for the service, he resents the praise his older brother gained for bringing his wife a Myrian surrogate.

Aldoran Culen: Older cousin to Duvalyon, who was crippled during a failed Harvest. In a show of friendship, Duvalyon resumed the Harvest, securing his cousin's wife a Benshira surrogate. A friend as well as family.

ImageDoryn Hardai: Her classification as family is a tenuous one, but the title stays. Dor was a Kelvic Duvalyon took in against his better judgement. He raised her in secret, but she was eventually found out to be suitable for surrogacy. Eventually she escaped with his help, a fact he kept covered. Their relationship was...complicated. On his side, it is best described as love devoid of tenderness.


ImageLaszlo: An Ethaefal who first met Duvalyon when being treated for a head injury at the Place of Purging. Laszlo's profound lack of family and home appealed to Duvalyon's piety. The medic took him in for a time and helped him adjust to Kalinor as an Eth/Sym. Their friendship dynamic is similar to that of a much older brother with a younger sibling.

Threads of Note

Spring 507 - Summer 511

Spring 512

5th of Spring 512 - The Blood, It Speaks to Us

44th Spring 512 - Promise You Won't Be Mad

75th of Spring 512 - Fire and Shade

60th of Spring 512 - Friends of Akajia

80th of Spring 512 - No Colors on Our Skin
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Re: Duvalyon Hellebore

Postby Duvalyon Hellebore on August 17th, 2009, 7:46 am

An Interview

Here follows an account torn from a journal found amongst the scattered belongings of Kalinor Surrogates.

Day 68 of Research

Syliras, Subject- Duvalyon Hellebore

Continuing my anthropologic sketch of the Symenestra race, I come across an adult male entering an inn and tavern. He appeared surprised by my interest and at first denied my request. When I renewed my inquiry while showing previous research, he laughed and shrugged an assent. Here follows the notes taken from the conversation I had with him.

As we find a table he is very courteous in manner, opening doors, pulling out chairs, but his tone is dry amusement when I begin to ask questions.

What is your name?
"Duvalyon Hellebore."

He spells it for me, noting that I am writing it down. The surname sounds like Dew-val-yawn.

Were you born in Kalinor?

What brings you to Syliras?
"Its parochial appeal."

A brief pause as he orders something, he is charming to the server, though she is wary of him. By the end of their brief interaction, she has warmed some degree. I have noticed charm is a less lauded Symenestran ability.

Are your parents still alive?
"I ate my blood mother, obviously."
He gives me a grim little smile and pours something into a glass. It smells tannic.
"Losing one parent is a misfortune, but losing two looks like carelessness. My father is alive, despite best efforts to shame him to death, and I am convinced my adoptive mother will live forever."

"Eldest of three. Though we each tried very hard to narrow it to a more manageable two."

As the eldest have you ever participated in a Harvest?
How do you feel about Harvests?

Do you have a lover you will harvest for?
"Lover? A strange term. Symenestra rarely have relations with anything they love."

He looks away, I do not know whether he objects to the idea or his own memories.

"I strive to have no enemies and no friends that like me."

I'm beginning to suspect you won't give me any straight answers.
"I'm partial to my sister's and cousin's company and I've managed to keep a few friends won in the glow of youth and its good humor."

Thank You.
"Of course, young lady."

He briefly touches the top of my hand, it’s a surprisingly pleasant feeling. I blush and look back to my notes. When I look up his burgundy eyes are still considering me, then he begins to chuckle.

"You are at a dangerous task." He looks momentarily serious, "Could I persuade you to leave your cultural sketches to another?"

I intend to see this through for the benefit of the university and cultures at large.

"Well can't say I didn't try." He leans back into his chair and raises his glass in a brief cheer. "I suspect I'll see you in Kalinor soon. You'll learn more than you ever wanted there."

Why are you so sure of that?
"Oh just call it intuition."

He looks at the liquid in his cup, but won't drink it.
"I was tempted to take you for my sister, but you seem like a good girl." He makes a calming gesture.
"Ah don't look so skittish, I swear by Viratas I won't try anything. Aggression was never my style anyway."

He leans towards me, as if revealing a trade secret.
"I always found it simpler to persuade them to follow me. Sad little things." He averts his eyes from me as a brief melancholy slips into his voice.
"They were foolish enough to believe me."

I suspect it may be proper to leave, and offer him my standard list of questions and where they can be sent upon completion. I doubt he will oblige me.

Addendum: It is now weeks later. I have received a completed reply from this subject, which I have accurately transcribed below. His response was un-expected as he barely seemed to humor me.

Research Questionnaire

Part 1: Appearance and Personality

1. What is your occupation?
I loathe this question from Azo. Symenestra call it husbandry, others call it medicine or, my least favorite, midwifery. I liked my work better when I removed infections, not parasites. To be neat, I am a medic.

2. Write a full physical description of yourself. You might want to consider factors such as: height, weight, race, hair and eye color, style of dress, and any tattoos, scars, or distinguishing marks.
Devastatingly handsome. But if that is inadequate, tallish, sharper features, larger eyes. I have shoulder length hair but I keep it tied back because, if memory serves, I'm not a girl. No tattoos, those are for savages, prisoners or those desperate for attention.

3. To which social class do you belong?
Upper middle class, which is a polite way of saying upper class.

4. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?
I get weak-kneed over a good Bruka. It's a blood stew.

5. Are you right- or left-handed?

6. How do you typically dress?
In the traditional style of my race. It's a combination of chitin armor with strips of Ranekissra silk wrapped snugly around the body usually completed with a short tabard or tunic. When abroad I tend to wear whatever the locals prefer, but over armor and wraps.

7. What does your voice sound like?
Dry and educated. I have been told there is a pleasant texture to it, a depth. I have worked very hard to erase my accent when I speak common, but it arises on occasion. A Symenos accent... it's difficult for me to describe, because it's not truly an accent at all to me. Rather, common seems abrupt and shallow, the "R" is too short and the vowels too long and pitchy.

9. What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently?
"Do tell" (which usually means quite the opposite) and "Unpleasant" (often a gross understatement)

10. What do you have in your pockets?
A flask of food and a compass.

11. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
I tend to grow very still when annoyed or scratch at surfaces. I don't smile very wide or show my teeth unless I'm trying to intimidate someone. When upset, my sister says I rub the back of my neck.

12. How would you describe your childhood in general?
I'm the eldest so it was a great deal of training for Harvests paired with time learning my father's trade, medicine. My mother came from wealthier (and hence idler) stock, so my pragmatic training was tempered with being forced to be sociable in refined company and extensive reading. Very little travel until I was about fifteen.

Part 2: Beliefs And Opinions

1. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic?
Pessimist, mostly. The basis for optimism is usually sheer terror of what could be.

2. What is your greatest fear?
Doing nothing of which I could be rightly proud.

3. What are your religious views?
I'm a follower of Viratas with a soft spot for Leth.

4. What are your political views?
A single benevolent leader is the best form of governance.

5. What are your views on sex?

6. Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable?
Yes. I have done it for the continuance of my race and the happiness of my Web. I've killed on accident as well. I was in a temper, but I didn't really intend to kill them.

My killing was not only acceptable, but encouraged, so I thought little of it. I see surrogates die frequently in the Place of Purging. Some would say it has jaded me.

7. In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do?
Betray someone who loved you or harm your family. That is depravity.

8. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?
What dreck. It's a pleasant thought, but still dreck.

9. What do you believe makes a successful life?
The willingness to do what others will not to reach your goals.

10. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings (i.e. do you hide your true self from others, and in what way)?
Apart from answering this assault on my privacy, I tend to be discrete. Symenestra would devour me if they knew some of my weaknesses, and humans would cringe at how cheap they can be to me. I believe some of the roles I fulfill are incompatible if brought together. I try to keep divisions in my life.

11. Do you have any biases or prejudices?
Doesn't everyone? Of course. If it's mine, it's better.

12. Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? Why would you refuse to do it?
Quite a few things. Break a vow to Viratas. Harvest anyone younger than sixteen. Coo nonsense at animals. Eat porridge. A man must have some principles or he ceases to be a man.

13. Who or what, if anything, would you die for (or otherwise go to extremes for)?
I would die for my family, but don't ask me to be pleasant to all of them during a meal.

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