[Flashback] Gravity (Duvalyon)

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A surreal cavern city inhabited by Symenestra where stones glow and streets are reams of silk. Cocoon like structures hang between stalactites and cascade over limestone flows in organic and eerie arabesques. Without a Symenestra willing to escort you, entrance is impossible.

[Flashback] Gravity (Duvalyon)

Postby Dor on November 16th, 2011, 3:06 am

"Duvalyon is my family," Dor replied with a quiet that went deeper than sound. It was a statement of fact, possessing no capacity for uncertainty in this regard. Did it have any vacancies at all then they might be in the realm of who or what else might be this strange creature's family.

When Lazlo allowed, she popped right out of her seated position. It was to rock forward onto the balls of bare toes and allow the hover of her fingertips to stoop with none of the breath taking speed her feathered form was capable to roost along the downward curve of his horns. She traced them to their tips, fascination narrowing her eyes and pursing her lips. It may well have even stilled the air in her lungs as she rubbed her fingers back up his horns to where they ended in the spill of his hair.

The touch was so gentle she might have been stroking down feathers.

"I want some of these, Duv," she ultimately announced and threw a grin -- surprisingly magnetic -- at the dignified Symenestra.

"Yes," she returned her attention to Laz. "Yes, yes, yes. I would like to see you change. In twelve hours? You have to stay up that long? Okay. I can keep you up."
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[Flashback] Gravity (Duvalyon)

Postby Duvalyon Hellebore on December 9th, 2011, 9:45 pm

Duvalyon counted himself fortunate to be between spoonfuls of his dinner, otherwise he might have choked on it. Family. Well, yes, he was the closest thing she had to it, but the term was too warm to be tolerated. The word made him decidedly ill at ease, especially considering the inevitable.

There were aspects of family in how he would protect her and ensure her needs were met. Despite his offhand treatment of her, if anything reared its head to harm her he would have filled it with venom in an instant. Duvalyon gave Dor all the behavior and honor that familial love brought, but none of its sentiment. That would have been profane.

His inner turmoil only manifested in a gravelly hum to his usually crisp voice.

"She uses the term because she has no other. She has lived only here, I raised her. It is enough to make me beholden to Viratas for her."

Maneuvering towards Laszlo's real inquiry he added with a newly wry expression:
"Of course not, Laszlo. I have no blood family. I manifested one day when the air was full of brilliance and spite."

Duvalyon continued a little more kindly.
"I live alone, my younger sister Melia visits to rearrange my things and prepare meals even Symenestra question."
Though his words were disparaging, a true shade of affection threatened to ruin his even features, when he spoke of his sister.
"And my parents and younger brother prefer to trap me in their own homes. So if you are concerned about surprise visits, don't be."

Finished with his "supper", Duvalyon excused himself from the table. When he returned, he had the accoutrements of someone about to go out.
"I'm going to go look about for some employment for you and then to the Cribellum for a bit of research. Perhaps, I'll find a way for a falcon to grow horns," he glanced at the Kelvic, briefly indulging a jest she might not comprehend.
"I brought some things down from the shelves that you might require in the meanwhile. I will return soon. I leave you to Dor in the meanwhile."

Duvalyon then turned entirely to the girl, and when he spoke there was more to his voice than emphasis. A vibrato of magic thickened the words. A strong request was usually adequate with the Kelvic, but he couldn't allow for the chance that she would indulge in a characteristic whim.

"Please, keep Laszlo awake and do not leave him alone. If something happens, fly to me or Melia immediately."
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[Flashback] Gravity (Duvalyon)

Postby Macabre on December 21st, 2011, 2:35 pm

Thread Complete!
“Do you think I'm trying to trick you with reverse psychology? I mean, seriously, now.”

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I snorted coffee at your character history, I hope you’re pleased with yourself.

Gorgeous read. I especially enjoyed Laszlo’s thorough description of Kalinor’s entrances at the beginning of the thread, and the off-color relationship between Duvalyon and Dor. It’s so perfectly realistic.
The pace and the flow of dialogue were practically seamless between three writers, which I find hard to do on a play-by-post forum and yet you managed it without much backtracking. I loved the colorful array of personalities that came together to produce such a lighthearted story from an otherwise serious situation. I gave Laszlo observation for all of his internalizing about Duvalyon and Dor, Duvalyon gained the obligatory medicine, and 2 points in hypnotismto keep Dor’s mind on track and to make Laszlo look up. Dor’s wall of questions bordered on childish interrogation, so I awarded her a point for her hunger to learn about the strange horned man from the Up.

Please shoot me a PM if you find my grade unsatisfactory.
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