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Luke Skyler Clark's Scrapbook

Postby Luke Skyler Clark on September 2nd, 2011, 12:59 pm

I am going to soon hash out the ranger idea cause I like the rangers as in Lord of the Rings, but that is just a start. My character is young and has no idea that his world will come to that. I am not ready to get him into that stuff yet. Just make a few connections right now to get him started on the road to who he his. Those things will decide his character even though I trying to get the gentleman thing to come out in him. Even if he is a fighter.

Secret :
I plan on starting my character out on Wind Reach just so that he can have a few days where he gets into the move of things has one big adventure before he is pushed into something more. I don't plan on giving Luke much in the way of a spouse or family. He might make a few friends but he won't stay in one place very long. If anyone has any suggestion of how I am going to get him from Wind Reach to one of the human cities where a lot of his life will be lived out within one of those cities I would love to hear it. I am just in the starting up stage but I want everyone to know my plans, so if they change I will right another reply in here for you all to know.
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