[Location] Svanhildur

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Location] Svanhildur

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Svanhildur, or Avanthal's prison, was carved into the side of a large icy outcrop, several hundred years ago by a group of skilled Iceglaze and Skyglow workers. It took several years to finish the prison, which runs about 100 feet deep, and is spread out among a maze of interwoven paths of ice. The prison is guarded by members of Icewatch's Skyglow branch who keep the prisoners safely in their cells and perform any necessary interrogations. The Sulnara of the Skyglow branch also holds the title of Warden of Svanhildur.

On the outside, Svanhildur is not very impressive looking. In fact, it appears as though it were little more than a giant hole in the wall. However, on the inside, the prison seems far more complex. When one first enters, they would find themselves standing atop two slender wooden boards, which have been lain across the frozen terrain. The boards had been cut in several places, so that they may follow the narrow, winding path that leads into the main room in the prison. The path is just wide enough to allow one average-sized being to walk through, which means, if anyone is being escorted inside or outside, they must do so in a single file.

Once you are past the path, you will find yourself in a small, circular room with a high ceiling, from which dangle several, large, jagged icicles. It is furnished only with two wooden chairs, each on one side of the path that leads from the room, to the outdoors. The room splits off into six separate directions- one of which is back down the path that leads inside. The center path, in the exact opposite direction of the wood-paved path, leads to a small room with a bed, small wooden table, and chair, for guards on their break, or who are too lazy to walk home for the night. The four remaining paths, weave in and out of each other, turning in jagged edges and smooth curves, the shape of Leth's crescent moon. Three of them lead to dead ends. At the end of these paths, are large circular rooms, which are guarded by large iron bars, which stretch to the ceiling. Behind these bars, are all the prisoners. Each room houses as many as necessary, although detainees will be separated based off their gender and race. Humanoid females stay in one cell, humanoid males in another, and everyone else in the last. The final path, is simply a useless one, something that weaves in and out of the others, and leads people in circles. Designed solely, to help keep prisoners from escaping.

The prison, in its entirety, remains unlit, casting it in darkness for every hour of the day. The reason behind this is that the Vantha fear that flame may slowly melt away at their prison, and empower any Azenth, or fire reimancer enough where they may be able to escape. Thus, in order to see, every man or woman who works as a prison guard either employs the use of auristics, or their true, animalistic nature.

(NPC) Tomaan :
Name: Tomaan
Race: Vantha
DoB: Summer 21, 479 AV
PoB: Avanthal
Title: Sulnara of the Skyglow Branch and Warden of Svanhildur
Skills: Broadsword 54, Auristics 30, Leadership 27, Intimidation 37, Unarmed Combat 50
Gnosis: 2 Marks of Morwen and 1 Mark of Gnora

From a first glance, Tomaan seems a bit cold. He does not tend to show a lot of emotion. He is very quiet when he is on his own but when a prisoner steps out of line he is the last person you want crossing your path. His punishments are fierce and sever for those who refuse to conform to Svanhildur's rules. In his eyes, if one finds themselves in his prison they do not have a right to act out.

He is a very strong believer in justice and will fight to defend Avanthal to the death. Tomaan often serves as a calming and rationale voice when the Sulnara's meet with the Vantiguida to discuss Icewatch business.

Apart from his time in Svanhildur, when one can find Tomaan away from his duties they will find he is actually quite kind. He likes to keep his work persona and his out of work persona separate. It is for this reason if one befriends him he prefers they never visit him while he is working.

**Credit for location goes to Ianthe
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