Lore opinions

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Lore opinions

Postby Sasshyaaddanc on September 28th, 2011, 4:50 pm

Honestly I haven't gotten many but I've peeked at many a graded thread and I have to say...

I loves them :D

They are amusing to say the least and I have to agree that they give some of the characters personality away so when glancing at their character sheet I find things I never would have noticed in the CC part of the CS. Plus some of the lores the ST's come up with have seriously made soda come out of my nose.

But you know if they get too many they can always be sorted by 'Related to XP' and 'Related to Personality', ect. At least that's how I'll do mine once I get some threads finished. Personally I feel they are fun so I plan on having fun with them :)

The differing of opinions here is great though. I surprised that there aren't more people in love with them. I mean, there the comic relief of the story :lol:
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Lore opinions

Postby Jilitse on October 13th, 2011, 7:02 am

If I may add to the discussion, I'm particularly happy when I get awarded with a few witty - not just funny or senseless - lores. Reading lores also give you an idea what a character has been doing, the more the better. If I want to read up on a random character, I'd check on his lores to see what he's been up to, it kind of reflects how she/he has been playing.

I request specific lores from time to time, as they mark important things that have happened to my character, like fond memories I want to keep and let others see.

If you only want "pertinent lores", you can always opt to not collect or put in your CS the lores that you don't want.

I think that the mods also know when a player likes collecting lores or not, and some grade accordingly.
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