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Postby Jilitse on March 7th, 2010, 4:23 pm



Her Race: Nuit
Birthday: 1st of Winter 48 BV
Age: 560
Gender: Is as fluid as Ichor!


Jilitse walks with uncanny grace, as if floating in smooth lithe movements. She talks and murmurs quite often to herself, her sensual lips never parting big enough to let others see her greying tongue. Her voice is flat, if not chilly - it gives off a monotonous timbre that makes others shudder, especially if she looks at them in the eye. She always wears a tiny curved smile, posture erect and elegantly poised.

Jilitse's fashion clock is out of date, seen by the manner by which she would prefer clothes that are never in style. She rarely travels without a cloak. She had recently been copying the way Benshirans dress, choosing hues ranging from blue to gray. Her face is simple and has a sickly appearance to it. Her built slowly deteriorates in time as the body she wears succumbs to the natural cycle of death.


Jilitse maintains a cool disposition, often calculating and logical. She has great control over her demeanor, and she will never laugh too loud or speak her mind out of place. She carries her eternal smile timidly, even when agitated. She would express her anger in the same tone she uses when she is happy. Like many Nuits she always appear to have ulterior motives and secret plans. She usually hums a mysterious tune, if she is not talking to herself.

Contrary to the usual Nuit, Jilitse will start verbal communication with anybody she pleases, often asking about nuisances while talking about random things. She would sound mad and lunatic to some, profound and intelligent to others. She has an otherworldly character about her, typical of sentient creatures who have lived long enough to be bored and jaded with life. She is greatly interested with the relationship between deities and their followers, often philosophizes at every given opportunity.


After her self-imposed exile from Sahova - in pursuit of Archwizard Zarik Mashaen's freedom from his Grand Oath - Jilitse had brought herself to the merciful arms of the Goddess Priskil, lover of Aquiras, whose heart Sagallius stole. It is still uncertain where faith will bring her, but one can only expect a "bright" future ahead.
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Postby Jilitse on October 15th, 2011, 2:22 pm



A long, long time ago, there was a girl named Jilitse who lived in a small province to the south-east of the Alahean Capital. She was an only-daughter child of two magi - her father was a retired Professor at the Royal Academy of Magic, and her mother was a jail deserter, a Voider who was found to be inflicted with Sweet Whispers. She grew up without any magical inclinations, not that she had the talent even if she wanted to learn a magical craft. She learned gadgeteering from her father, a golem maker, who later introduced her to his own world magic. It was almost a surprise that she later enrolled in the Academy, where she struggled as a student and leaned towards the world magic of Animation.

She never had a career as a wizard. It was in her nature, perhaps, due to being her father's assistant, to never take the wheel. She was used to being ordered around - always followed instructions and never complained. She found herself enlisted as Saghal Hrinn's laboratory assistant - a short-lived duty, but significant nonetheless. The experience enabled her to become apprentice to Zarik Mashaen, one of the greatest Animators during her time.

She was an absolutely zealous assistant, to the point of total loyalty to Mashaen. It wasn't just because she was destined for a life of servitude - her ambition rested on assisting the one man she had ever admired. Apprentice Jilitse, falling for her mentor - she never told Mashaen, but she had suspicions that the man already knew. But she loved him still, even after he got married and had his own children.

Jilitse even offered herself up as a test subject for Mashaen's ARMED Project, otherwise known as Project Sahova. It was the only achievement in her life, in which she had to beg Sagallius to "please let her join". The Benshiran probably found her pathetic and expected her to die. And she did, only to live again as a Sahovan Nuit.

And serve, our little maid assistant did. Bound to love, and later - when time and undeath had dulled the giddiness and the pink cheeks - bound to loyalty.



It took Drainira's betrayal to make Jilitse choose between the life of a humble servant and better days ahead. Never before scared by the idea of death, she requested an audience from her mentor, Archwizard Zarik Mashaen, and decided that it was time for her to leave the Citadel. She took the task of liberating Mashaen from his Grand Oath through killing Sagallius and was ordered to bring down Drainira. Apprentice Animator no longer, she had to create her own Supervisor golem to go against Drainira.

In order to accomplish these tasks, Jilitse bravely "borrowed" books from Sahova's ancient library, which earned her the ire of Lector Qiao and Aelobius. She was labeled a rebel against Alahea (or what's left of it in Sahova) and a renegade, a traitor. She managed to leave the Citadel unscathed, saved by a magical book named Marie Suzanne. Later on, Drainira would pay her a visit and take the artifact from the Nuit by force. Luckily, the broken mage would be saved by the Goddess of Hope, Priskil. She vowed to destroy Drainira, and return Aquiras' heart.

After that harrowing experience in Syliras, the Nuit traveled to Yahebah, hoping to learn from Benshirans the truth about the magician stigma and unearth dirt on Sagallius' past. The circumstances - both her being a mage subject to prejudice, and Yahebah's culture and religion - did not allow her inquiries to bear any fruit. At the very least, she learned to value her new-found faith through the help of a new-found friend. What better place to learn about faith, than the land of Yahal?

The pilgrimage ended when Priskil appeared and whisked her to the giant mountains of Taldera, to the hidden watchtower of Zagaria, the headquarters of the Order of Radiance. Her faith and promise to help save Aquiras had finally been called upon.

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I. Vox Populi, Vox Dei
II. The Night the Watchtowers Cried

I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common woman with common thoughts and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.
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Postby Jilitse on October 16th, 2011, 2:20 am


What is past is prologue.

Before the Valterrian :
Mostly bad dreams.

Dreamscapes: The day before yesterday
Dreams of war and cowardice.

Flashbacks :
Assistant, even to the newcomer. O, mediocre life.

Sometime during Winter: Come play with me forever
Jilitse is called to baby sit Vick and teach him Animation.

After the Drainira's betrayal, Jilitse found herself suffocated by life in the Citadel and requested for permission to leave.

3rd day of Winter: Flashback, A Clockwork Must Be Learned, not Taught ***QUEST THREAD***
Jilitse decides that it's time to leave.

They said Spring marks the beginning of new adventures and birth of novel ideas. For Jilitse, it was a slow transformation from wallflower to risk-taker.

1st day of Spring: Petulance Gets You Nowhere

11th day of Spring: Automatons of Great Power
Solo. Inactive thread.

25th day of Spring: A Blanket of Stars
Jilitse meets Cosette Merryweather.

26th day of Spring: Lost Perspective
Azola's real name is Malia, but Jilitse didn't know that.

Mid-Spring: The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Ialari Pythone agrees to help bring down Drainira.

59th of Spring: Borrowing, not Stealing ***QUEST THREAD***
Jilitse borrows a few books in Sahova. Marie Suzanne helps her escape Aelobius.

65th of Spring: Left for Zeltiva

78th of Spring: Arrived at Zeltiva, Left for Syliras

Jilitse had something important to do, but she was having fun meeting new people and analyzing their behaviors. It was fun while it lasted.

16th of Summer: Arrived at Syliras - The Main Gates

16th of Summer: Welcome Center/Employment Office

16th of Summer: I Need Some Time Alone
Jilitse is bothered by a little orphan girl named Clarissa.

16th of Summer: Disrespecting the Dead
Stitch, owner of the Welcome Home, reveals to Jilitse that she was wearing the face of the little orphan girl's mother.

17th of Summer: Summer after Summer
A day at the Stone Gardens. Leisure time with Eris.

17th of Summer: The Hag does not Haggle
Shopping thread

19th of Summer: What Brings Us Together
What-could-have-been between Jil and Alistair deGrey.

20th of Summer: Child's Play
The Pycon who repairs broken dolls.

23rd of Summer:Tsun Tsun Dere Dere
Jilitse, a golem maker, passes for a babysitter.

34th of Summer: Not Another Dead Conversation
Awkward conversation with John Vicari.

37th of Summer: Intentions Like Torn Pages
That ethaefal Callisto is so pretty.

37th of Summer: Midnight Meanderings
Rhuryc feeds Jilitse with soul food.

51st of Summer: Is It Hot Here, Or Is It Just You?
Rhuryc, teach me how to make a horseshoe.

55th of Summer: An Open Table with Empty Chairs
I don't drink, even if I do sound like a drunk.

70th of Summer: The Expedition
A door appears out of nowhere, and disappears thereafter.

80th of Summer: The Other One
Malia, who is the same person as Azola, pays a visit to her friend Stitch. If she lied about her name, then she probably lied about everything else.

82nd of Summer: Talking to the Dead
Jaeden Kincade walks Jilitse to Priskil's Pond.

Towards the end of Summer: Gifting Life or Something Like It
Hadrian comes by to watch Jil animate stuff.

Drainira paid Jil a visit and takes away Marie Suzanne. Jilitse nearly died, but the Goddess Priskil intervened. She hitched a ride to Yahebah to contemplate about her faith.

FALL 510 AV :
6th of Fall: Always Darkest Before the Dawn ***QUEST THREAD***
Drainira pays Jilitse a visit, taking away the magical artifact Marie Suzanne with her. Clarissa, controlled by the power of Cordas, nearly kills Jilitse with a sword. Priskil arrives and saves the Nuit, awarding her the honor of becoming a goddess' friend.

8th of Fall: Accept the things you cannot change
Jilitse finds a confidante in Markus Andres. They gossip about gods and the Welcome Home.

70th of Fall: Suffering the Undertow
Jaeden Kincade escorts Jilitse to the Sunset Falls and they exchange tribulations.

78th of Fall: Left Syliras in a Caravan heading for Endrykas

With winter in her heart, she braved the Sea of Grass with her Benshiran guide.

3rd of Winter: Hope, Meet Faith
Jilitse befriends her paid companion, the Benshiran named Jasa'lah.

28th of Winter: Crossed the Sylira/Cyphrus Border

66th of Winter: The Light of the Fireflies
's Caravan comes across the scout Sama'el.

74th of Winter: Arrived at Endrykas

74th of Winter: Won't you look at her?
Jil detours and pays Endrykas a visit.

76th of Winter: Left Endrykas

Spring thawed the weather, and Jil hoped that the Burning Lands would put a flame to her faith.

20th of Spring: Arrived at Ahnatep

22nd of Spring: Way to be Unwelcome
A prankster Eypharian assault's Jilitse's horse. They are saved by a Dhani named Malah.

24th of Spring: Left Ahnatep

45th of Spring: There's More to Life than Sun and Sand
Lost, Jilitse and her companion, Jasa'lah, finds shade in the red grove. They meet and befriend a Chaktawe named Jabran.

70th of Spring: Arrived at Yahebah

The Nuit spent more than 40 days and 40 nights in the land of Yahal, learning to live in the light of her Goddess. Through Priskil, traveled half the world to test the flame of her faith against the cold of Taldera.

Towards the end of summer: Vox Populi, Vox Dei. ***QUEST THREAD***
The goddess of hope, Priskil, gathers her faithful to discuss a proposal that might change her future. Read the twin thread, The Night the Watchtowers Cried, where a group of adventurers is abducted during a thunderstorm and pitted against an eldritch enemy.

Jilitse travels to Alvadas in search for a golem, which turns out to be nothing but the city gates. She decides to stay and open up her own shop, Mekaniks and Golams.

FALL 511 AV :
10th of Fall: Into the Rabbit's Hole
Jilitse establishes Mekaniks and Golams. This is the closest thing she ever had to calling a place her own.

27th of Fall: Pigs and Peppers
In order to advance her craft, certain sacrifices must be made. But is it taboo to forfeit life in exchange for another?

Towards the End of Fall: Tea Party Time
Jilitse wanted to advertise her shop and ended up hosting a Tea Party.

Just as Jilitse was about to get cozy in the City of Illusions, acquaintances new and old appear to remind her of her life long duty.

35th of Winter Once More, Unto the Breach!
Jilitse reunites with Jaeden Kincade, and two other players of The Game Kamalia Timandre and Sasin.

The Djed Storm happened. Jilitse was reminded of Sahova djed storms and hid in a underground shelter that conveniently appeared out of nowhere.

After getting rid of her hikikomori, Jilitse decided to stay in Alvadas for good. She continues the dream to build her golem shop, Mekaniks and Golams.

Early Winter: Following the Rainbow
Alvads come together on a long stretch of topsy-turvy street for Ionu's Stars

3rd of Winter: Waltzing with the Stars
Terla was kind enough to teach Jilitse about Ionu's stars, Jilitse returns the favor by helping her catch some extra colorful motes.

4th of Winter: All Things Change
Jilitse is reunited with Cosette and they spend the day catching up.
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I. Vox Populi, Vox Dei
II. The Night the Watchtowers Cried

I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common woman with common thoughts and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.
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Postby Jilitse on October 16th, 2011, 11:35 am



ZARIK MASHAEN'S GRAND OATH: Classified Information. Jil discovered that there were three possible conditions to release Mashaen from his Grand Oath: The first was already known in Sahova, Until Alahea rules the world. The two others were: Until the death of Saghal Hrinn; or Until all of the original Sahovans have died.
GNOSIS - LUMINANCE 1 (PRISKIL): During one of her darkest days, the Goddess Priskil appeared to Jilitse, saved her from untimely death, and offered friendship. She was bestowed with her first Luminance mark.
ASTRAL COORDINATES: 5820285709329421 (OPPORTUNITY): Drainira had repossessed an ancient Alahean outpost in a distant world via Summoning. Jil learned its coordinates through a Pycon who owed her an apology, "5820285709329421. Dead center of the circle. That's where she stays, the place she calls Opportunity."

Skill Level XP
Animation Competent 40
Glyphing Novice 5

Skill Level XP
Blacksmithing Novice 2
Cryptography Novice 1
Drawing Novice 16
Gadgeteering Novice 17
Intelligence Novice 1
Mathematics Novice 3
Metalsmithing Novice 9
Philosophy Novice 16

Skill XP
Animation 25
Gadgeteering 10
Drawing 10
Glyphing 5
Racial Bonus XP
Embalming 10
Skill Level XP
Acting Novice 5
Animal Husbandry Novice 1
Babysitting Novice 8
Interrogation Competent 41
Observation Competent 49
Persuasion Novice 6
Rhetoric Competent 36
Singing Novice 1
Storytelling Competent 25
Teaching Novice 4

Skill Level XP
Planning Novice 5
Organization Novice 5
Writing Novice 1

Skill Level XP
Body Building Novice 1
Escape Artist Novice 3
Intimidation Novice 1
Investigation Novice 1
Larceny Novice 3
Riding Novice 1
Stealth Novice 3
Tracking Novice 2
Weapon: Sickle Novice 3
Weapon: Sword Novice 2
Weapon: Throwing Junk Novice 1
Wilderness Survival Novice 2

Common, Fluent
Nader Canoch, Basic

Astral coordinates: Opportunity
Drainira's involvement
Sagallius: Benshiran Ancestry of Saghal Hrinn
The King and Queen: Sagallius and Drainira
Priskil and her Gnosis
Zarik Mashaen's Grand Oath
Mintrazi Bloodbane

Are You a Piece or a Player?
Accepting and Departing
Attempting Conversation
Being the Apprentice of an Apprentice
Begging for one's life
Borrowing and stealing
Caring for the Living
Dealing with a psychopath
Dealing with a schizophrenic
Dealing with heartbroken children
Dealing with negative emotions
Declining an Alliance
Deductive reasoning to figure a stranger out
Entering Another's Imagination
For Good or For Evil
Getting a Gift from a Stranger
Killing to survive
Kindly digging for info
Looking for Specific Shops
Making plans for the future
Meeting a fellow outsider
Prying for Answers
Putting A Horse's Needs First
Recognizing Language Barriers
Revealing something about yourself
Sharing Secrets
Showing One's Gnosis Mark
Weirding People Out

Getting a Horse to Move
Manipulating the Reins

A Human Breaking Human Norms
Alone to your thoughts
Art of being a Bad Customer
Childlike Persistence
Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend
Everyone dies sometime
Half Told Stories
Interesting things from the mouth of a child
Inner Faith
Faith and Conviction: Love of a Goddess?
Never alone in the City
Only Slightly Awkward Silences
Painful farewells
People Watching 101
People are Always Plotting
Price of Devotion
Purpose of Tickling
Rude Greeting
Serendipity at work
Master Lucrece
Master Aelobius
Alistair deGrey and the Mechanical Marvels
Callisto the Ethaefal
Karmesh McArdle (Landlord)
Ialari: Master of herself
Shares a common enemy with Ialari
Jasa'lah of Yahebah
Jasa'lah's Story
Jabran: A Chaktawe
John Vicari and his Perfume
The Welcome Home: Fentya, Clarissa, Trish, and Damien

Chess Pieces 101
White Knights
The Red Army
The Red King

An eye for detail
Animation: The Importance of Eyes
Animation: The Basics
Dealing with a sentient book
Drawing circles
Kindling the 'Knowledge-Hungry' Spark
Mathematics (Formula for lift)
Not settling for a mediocre result
"Upsetting" Metal

Mekaniks and Golams
Creating a shop
Money is always the problem

Explaining the Nuit
Flirting as a Nuit
Possible Effects of Ice on the Nuit Form
Introduction on Ethaefal
Theories on Ethaefal Beliefs and Falling
Understanding Kelvics (Basic)
Differences between Kelvics and Familiars
Chaktawe: Similar to Benshira
Benshiran Devotion
Remembering a Pycon's death
Serving as a Pycon's carriage
Some Pulsers can be quite good

Giving Warning about Sahova
History of Sahova (Basic)
Sahovan Diplomacy
Contrasting Forges (Sahova and Syliras)
Desert Travel: Taking Breaks To Avoid Perilous Weather
Desert Travel: Even Benshira Can Get Lost
Desert Travel: Water Is Scarce
Keerdash Grove: A Sanctuary of Shade
Mysterious Drykas Magic
The Watch - Warriors of the Drykas
The Way Alvadas Streets Wind
Endrykas - Moving meeting place of the Drykas
Endrykas - 'City' of the Horse-clans
Drykas Life Among the Grasses
Pre-Valterrian Location in Sylira


Important Items
Map of Alahea
Mashaen's Dog Tag
D-04 Prototype: The Adventures of Marie Suzanne (Marie Suzanne is a fictional character made by Bianca Mashaen, the book has the ability to copy and perform magic) - not in inventory

"The thin line between man and golem: building the missing link", by Arthur Vidimus, about anthropomorphic golems.
"Supervisors, the Minds of Steel," by Court Mage Rupert Pycon.
"What we are, and what we could be," by Yovinkus Wotch, legendary Animator.
"Project D," the red book by Zarik Mashaen.
"The cosmic closet: a bestiary and compendium of all things Voided," by Aelobius the Voider.
"The Cypheropedia," by <name encrypted>.
"An overview of the Alahean army, before and after Bloodvalley," by Tyreas White, Minister of War under Kovinus I.
"Sagallius: bonkers with style," by Vuld Shaik.

"Zootomy: Amphibians", Author Unknown

Benshiran Garb (Full garb, Cowl, Cloak, Sandals)
Peasant Outfit (Green Cotton Dress, Leather Gloves, Blue Cotton Cloak)
Wizard Clothes (Black Toga, Black Robe with Cowl, Boots)

Automaton (Doll)
Bookcase Golem

Basket (empty)
3 pcs. of chalk
Clay jug
Clay pitcher
Copper Wire
Gadgeteering Toolkit
Regular Paint
Sliding Grease
Small Cart
Vial of Ink


Spring 510 AV1 Set of Wizard ClothesStarting Package0
1 Backpack (contains a set of toiletries, 1 knife, 1 bottle of embalming oil, flint and steel) Starting Package0
Cash Out Lodging+500 gm
Starting Miza+100 gm
1 AutomatonFamily Heirloom(worth 50gm)0
1 PipeStarting Package-5 gm
Summer 510 AV (595 gm)SickleSyliras - Ironworks Purchase-6 gm
Various thingsSyliras - Bazaar Purchase-240 gm 5 sm 1 cm
Writing MaterialsSyliras - Undeniable Interests-2 gm 4 sm 5 cm
Fall 510 AV (347 gm 91 sm 94 cm)Jasa'lah (25 days)NPC Companion-25 gm
Horse (Mountain Pony)Gifted by Jaeden Kincade0 gm
Winter 510 AV (322 gm 91 sm 94 cm)Jasa'lah (91 days)NPC Companion-91 gm
Spring 511 AV (231 gm 91 sm 94 cm)Living Expense - SqualorYahebah-5 gm
Jasa'lah (70 days)NPC Companion-70 gm
Summer 511 AV (156 gm 91 sm 94cm)Living Expense - SqualorYahebah-5 gm
A Set of Benshiran Clothes (Full Garb, Coif, Sandals, Cloak)Yahebah -22 sm
Fall 511 AV (151 gm 69 sm 94 cm)Living Expense - PoorAlvadas-45 gm
Shop Rent & FurnitureAlvadas - Bizaare Bazaar-82 gm 2sm
Winter 512 AV(24 gm 67 sm 94 cm)

I. Vox Populi, Vox Dei
II. The Night the Watchtowers Cried

I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common woman with common thoughts and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.
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I just arrived (again). Please be kind.
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