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Postby Remliel on September 29th, 2011, 4:42 am



Basic Information
Race: Charoda
Birthday & Age: 55th Day of Summer 487 AV, 25 years old.
Gender: Male

Char : Fluent
Common : Basic
Fratava : Poor

Physical Description
Like all other Charodae, Remliel has smooth rubbery skin that when compared to is in contrast to a dolphin's, somewhat pliable but quite resistant. His skin's coloration is that of a blue green that as the day progresses or if he is out of water will go from being greenish to more blue in shade. Though he is not as small as most of his race Remliel holds a natural bulkiness whil still being slender his physique is athletic enough to show muscularity. Have no hair whatever, instead having a dorsal fins for hair his fin for some reason grew to a strangely large size giving him the name "Fin Head or fin for short". He has the webbing between his toes and fingers along with long multi-pointed ears. Remliel's nose is near nonexistent showing more like slits, and big eyes that lack pupils. Because of the translucent eye lid that always covers his eyes, his eyes usually appear to be the same colour as his skin, although his eyes are always a bit of a darker blue. He has three rows of sharp, triangular teeth in his mouth as well.


Remliel was born in Charbosi, the only child of his parents and had a peaceful and happy childhood. The son of a scavengers named Yolan and his wife a dancer in underwater ballet named Lilina. Remliel was content with being a scavenger just like his father as a child. Often times going out with his father to search the sea floors. He attend school becoming a good student learning how to control coral, geography, language of both Char and Common, underwater , history, and basic maths. Studding to learn about the other races. It wasn’t until he learned about botany that he took an interest in the subclass skill of Herbalism. When he was eight years old he often visited his mothers under water garden rather then going out to play with other children. Remliel was not a closed child but rather a outgoing one, helping anyone who needed him. He preferred being surrounded by people as he made basic herbs to cure others small cuts or wounds if they received them.

By the time he had turned 15 years old and graduated from schooling that he soon noticed when learning about healing, he also learned about harming. He knew which plants not to add to something to avoid poisoning another. Though as he learned, it became a hidden secret of his to also start to poison craft. It helping to increase his Herbalism skill in an odd mix of good helping evil though he never let any one know about his secret studies. His father being a scavenger, he raised Remliel to be tough and independent. Just because they were pacifist didn’t mean his son had too be a push over. Remliel was a child who was raised to believe in ideas of success and survival of family, then respect for other life.

Soon heading out onto his own, he used his ability to turn algae and seaweed experimenting to make an acceptable wine. He sold it to others as a means of income for himself which has lasted him. By the time he was twenty he had gained enough money to leave Charbosi with a small party of people who were good fighters in their own right. He often made them drinks and became close friends with them for a year until he made it to the city of Alvadas soon building a home and life for himself in the Caldera of the Rainbow Shells often called “little Charbosi”.


Poison: 26 SP
Herbalism: 6
Brewing: 6 SP
Philtering: 6 SP

Reimancy (Water): 6
Racial Bonus: Coral Manipulation: 10

How to make Drunken Goggles: Basic Bewing
Lore of Environmental toxicology: Competent Posioncraft Guide ( 5 poison families: Aquatic, Fungus, Roots, Arboreal, and Moss poison families)

Equipment and Possessions
Housing and Equipment
Item Details Price Acquisition
Starting Package Equipment; 1 Waterskin; 1 Backpack which contains: 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap), Food for a week, 1 eating knife, and Flint & SteelSPSP
1 Set of Clothing Leather belt, Cotton pants, linen shirt, Leather Doublet, Leather jacket, Low boots SP SP
Tent Able to hold 4 people 10 gm Bought
Body Pack This items consists of what looks like a padded body harness, crossing the chest, circling the waist and covering the back with a flat thin pack. The pack can store approximately 15 pounds of goods in a watertight containment. It is flat enough to have his back pack wore over it. 1 GM Bought
Bed Roll A soft cushion used to sleep on, and rolled up to store away. 1 sm Bought

Herbalist and Posioncraft
Item Details Price Acquisition
Toolkit, Herbalist/BotanistIncludes all the tools needed for growing, maintaining and harvesting herbs as well as various other plants such as flowers, fruits and vegetables (a small collection of varying sized pots and containers, a small set of cutting/grinding tools, a sampling of seeds for common plants and herbs).20GMBought
Portable Poisoncrafting Kit Combining some of the functions from both an philterer's identification and appraisal kits, this portable kit is more specialized for the poisoncrafter's trade. A series of small vials, bags, bottles and tubes along with various identification and production tools are included in the kit. Contained in a large bag often strapped to a backpack, to the untrained eye, it looks very much like an alchemist kit. Novice level in poisons required for starting package purchase. 150 GMBought
Alembic This item consists of two vessels connected by a tube that essential form a still for distilling liquids. Most often used in the production of various types of beverages, philtering and similar processes.50GMBought
Mortar and Pestle A tool used to crush, grind, and mix solid substances. The pestle is short, heavy club-like object, the end of which is used for crushing and grinding. The mortar is a bowl, typically made of hard wood, ceramic or stone. The substance to be ground is placed in the mortar and ground, crushed or mixed with the pestle. 1 gm Bought

Animals and Gear
Item Details Price Acquisition
Kavinka Paintedmount Named "Ero", he is a black combined with matching white,17HH 80 GMBought
Saddlebags, Large8GMBought
Bit And Bridle Tackle,reigns2GMBought
Saddle, Riding Saddle10GMBought

Combat Equipment
Item Details Price Acquisition
Light Scale (Aquatic) Previously owned by his father, it is composed of a small, light, scaled hide taken from fish and then alchemically hardened. It is most often used by more aquatic cultures. Often called, fish-leather. SPFamily Heirloom
Bracer, utility (custom fitted with 3 Needle launcher ) A single, thin leather bracer that can be easily concealed under any loose-fitting sleeve. Each bracer is custom-made and can be fitted with up to three of the following options: Spring blade - 4 gm, Needle launcher - 7 gm, Vial sheaths (3) - 1 gm. Novice level in poisons required for starting package purchase(7x3) 21GM Bought
Close Call (4-dose tiny jar) An odorless yellow paste made from the bump root found in forest environments. L1 Skill to create. Effects caused through injury. Causes loss of motor skills, balance and agility for up to an hour. 75 gm Bought
Knife, Wrist (x3) A tiny, single-edged knife small enough to be concealed upon one's body in a way that is difficult to detect. Such knives are often found tucked into bracers, sewn into sleeves, hidden in boots, pretty much anywhere. One is under his bracer, Two are under his in his left (1x3) 3GM Bought

ledger :
100 Starting + 500 cashed in house= 600
Alembic- 50 gm
Toolkit, Herbalist/Botanist- 20 gm
Portable Poisoncrafting kit 150 gm
Mortar and Pestle 1 gm
Body Pack 10 gm
Kavinka Paintedmount Value: 80 gm.
Tent, four-person 10GM
Bedroll- 1SM
Bit And Bridle 2 gm
Saddlebags, Large 8 gm
Saddle, Riding 10 gm
Bracer, utility (custom with 3 Needle launcher - 7 gm, 7, 7 =21 GM )
Close Call (4-dose tiny jar) 75 gm
Knife, Wrist (x3) 3 gm

50+20+150+1+10+80= 311 (600-311= 289)
10+2+8+10=30 = -1sm = (288.9 -30= 258.9)
258-21-75-3=(159gm. 9sm)

Current total: 159gm. 9sm
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Postby Scar on October 11th, 2011, 10:30 pm

Hello, first of all I would like to say welcome to Mizahar! I am your friendly character sheet liaison, my job is to make sure your character sheet is ready for playing and to make this as easy as possible.

Only thing I see is your skill, you are ten over on your limit. You are able to have 50 starting skill points and then your ten racial bonus to Coral manipulation. The 50 can be used for both mundane and arcane skills.

Everything else looks good so far! Please make any mentioned corrections or additions and if you have any questions feel free to PM me or leave me a notice in my office. Once the corrections are made please PM me to let me know and I will remove this notice and you will be ready to play.

Thank you so much for your patience,

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