Meeting of Friends [Gabrielle]

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Meeting of Friends [Gabrielle]

Postby K'Sabe on January 11th, 2012, 11:00 pm

Sabe wasn’t quite sure if there was anything she was supposed to tell Gabrielle, sure during the years since they met she’d missed the young Svefra and wished to meet her again but she had nothing imminent to tell her. Five years were a long time after knowing a person for just a short while, though Sabe as a long lived race probably had perceived that time as shorter than Gabrielle. But what to say she had no idea.

Sabe listened to the forest grow quiet and nodded in agreement with Gabrielle, this kind of silence drew goose bumps on her flesh, crossing her arms in front of her she rubbed her arms as if cold. “It’s creepy alright, what’s up with this place, the cave I were in was serene and beautiful, the beach was peaceful and soothing and at first sight the forest was inviting albeit mysterious. Now it’s changed entirely.”

She was curious though to what hid deeper into the forest, the strange fearlessness enveloping the Konti made her ignore that animals usually fell silent when danger neared this place was not normal though. “It may be magic that brought us here, or maybe there isn’t, I’m not skilled at any kind of magic, but there’s something weird going on and I’m intrigued to find out what.”

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