Running from the unknown

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A surreal cavern city inhabited by Symenestra where stones glow and streets are reams of silk. Cocoon like structures hang between stalactites and cascade over limestone flows in organic and eerie arabesques. Without a Symenestra willing to escort you, entrance is impossible.

Running from the unknown

Postby Vallen on December 8th, 2011, 12:59 am

He weaves his way between the people of the city his black hair covering his face so he doesn't stand out, his leather coat only seen for a spit second before vanishing into the void of people. Walking swiftly he turns many corners looking paranoid, feeling as if someone or something is burning a hole in him with their eyes. He continues to move through the busy city looking behind his back occasionally for the reason of his disturbance. The city starts to decrease in inhabitants as he moves slowly into the depths of Kalinor. The streets becoming more abandoned, he stops in his tracks, tired of running and turns toward where he came and speaks in a loud, clear voice that echos off the bare buildings. "you who keeps following me please step out into the light so i can see the face of my pursuer!" He stands there looking into the distance waiting for just a single movement in response...
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