OOC Info [Suvan Sea - Please Read] Player's Guide

Some suggestions for players in RPing in and around the Suvan Sea.

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An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. [lore]

[Suvan Sea - Please Read] Player's Guide

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1. Read the Lore.

First and foremost, check up on the lore pages related to the Suvan Sea. The Suvan Sea and Ships pages warrant a look. I'd also check out the Svefra lore page even if you aren't playing one, because more likely than not you'll encounter them on the Suvan Sea. (Please note the Suvan Sea lore page isn't completely written up, but will be soon.)

2. Do's and don'ts of piracy.

The Suvan Sea might be the foremost hub of piracy in Mizahar, but that does not mean that everyone is a pirate or that piracy is accepted. The Svefra make a point of hunting any non-Svefra pirates they come across. So don't think that pirates are the norm of the Suvan Sea.

3. The Suvan Sea is not a city.

There are no shops, no housing, or no training facilities besides that on the ships or the islands. Big settlements are nonexistent besides that of the Anchorage Flotilla and the larger Svefra pods, and even they are small compared to the cities as well as located completely on ships. Don't think you'll survive easily if you're not on a ship or an island with other people, most likely NPCs.

4. But neither is it a complete wilderness area.

The Suvan Sea is not like the Wildlands or the Unforgiving either. People can, and will be found. Other ships, populated islands, coastline settlements. Other people and groups of people can be found, but they're aren't immediately accessible either.

5. Do all threads that are located in the oceans/seas of Mizahar go to this forum?

No. The Suvan Sea is the inland sea that is situated in the center of Mizahar (see map). This means that if you want to post in the waters close to a certain city, but the city is not a coastal city of the Suvan Sea, then this is not the correct domain for you to post. For example, if you’re going to have a thread located in the waters near Zeltiva, then please post it in the Zeltiva forums.

6. Svefra Pods.

(This only applies to Svefra PCs.) The Svefra travel in the Pods, large family groups who travel aboard ships. The Svefra as a culture condemn not traveling in a Pod. The only way you wouldn't have a Pod is somehow losing them (disease, monsters, et cetera) and even them adoption into another Pod is practically forced upon these "stragglers". Therefore, unless you have extenuating circumstances, you MUST be in a Pod.

7. I’m going to play a Svefra, but I want to make him/her part of an already established pod.

You can post an inquiry in the Suvan Sea OOC thread or in the Character Matchmaking forum. There are player-run pods out there who are open to letting new characters join their pod. You can also look over the pod list to see if there are any pods that you would specifically want to inquire about.

8. Suvan Sea NPCs.

As related to what I said above of the Suvan not being like a city, their is a different array of NPCs in the Suvan Sea than most. Sailors, pirates and adventurers being high among them. NPCs that are on your ship/part of your Pod you can use, so long as you follow the NPC rules, but keep in mind the environment in which you are placing them. It would be very strange to find a lawyer in the Suvan, for example.

9. Jobs.

Jobs are...complicated. Not to sound like a broken record, but since the Suvan Sea's not a city, jobs are different here than most other places. You'd most likely get a job as a sailor or a bandit (see: pirate), but I'd be willing to talk about any other sort of job you'd like. Other types of jobs aren't impossible, we just need to work them out so as to make sure they fit in with the fact that they are on an ocean. Remember that jobs are relative to the environment. Blacksmiths obviously have issues finding forges, whereas portable jobs such as bards or fortune telling are more common. There are no place for grooms and lawyers on the Suvan, but weavers and seamstresses and other portable crafts do fairly well.

10. Suvan Sea Development.

The Suvan Sea is far from being completely fleshed-out. If you have an idea you'd like to see implemented, feel free to post it in this thread. I'd love to see what ideas you guys have, and I'd be more than willing to be used as a soundboard for any ideas you guys have.

11. Svefra barter, not use money, but only among themselves.

Unless there is a really, really good reason why Svefra would use money, most acquire their goods for bartering. However, this does not apply to outsiders! When trading with outsiders, Svefra accept the form of money the other race in question gives them in return for services. You can make your own bartering decisions, but be warned that STs will check to make sure the barter is fair (or at least as fair as the IC situation provides) and you can always ask an ST to help you out.

12. But Svefra still must pay for living expenses.

Why, you ask? Well, just because they barter doesn't mean they are self-sufficient. They pay for their living expenses indirectly, and must thus be paid for by the money Svefra acquire from the outsiders. To use one of Gossamer's examples, this is why...

"When you fish.. you need bait which you can sometimes get, but where do you get the lovely woven thin line? Where do you get your fishhooks? Do the Svefra mine ore and turn it into hooks? Probably not. Your ship takes tons of resources just to keep going that you probably don't realize aren't easy to come by all the time. Someone has to grow hemp on the shore to make all that rope and someone has to weave all that canvas which btw is also an agricultural crop that the Svefra can't just go harvest or manufacture. We realize your not being nit-picky, but you have to think of all the details. You can't just live off the land. Where do you get your bladed weapons? Follow the trail of goods and services and you'll see how much the Svefra, while independent, have to rely on the people they trade with and provide services for in order to survive."

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