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Postby Nixie on January 5th, 2012, 8:20 pm



The Roads Of Life Keep Winding Up And Down

The roads of life keep winding up and down
They take us to obscurity and renown
It is a journey we must undertake
And along the way there's joy and there's heartbreak.

A journey that one day does have an end
Along the way we do make many a friend
And having said that here and there a foe
As on the road that leads through life we go.

Their road through life to fame some people lead
They are the people destined to succeed
Whilst many fame and fortune never know
For their life journey little they do show.

The journey through life at birth does begin
For baby who is born free of sin
But the innocence of youth is quickly lost
Survival instincts come at a great cost.

And the innocence we are born with erode
As we journey on along our great life's road
A new day and new challenge greets us at every bend
On our journey that one day must have an end.

Francis Duggan

ImageBasic Info

Name: Nixie Sicre
Age: 27
Birthday: The 38th of Summer, year 489 AV
Birthplace: Syliras
Race: Human
Weight: 145 lb
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

On The Cover

A woman of average height and weight, her imperfect olive colored skin wraps tightly over defined muscles, developed over the years of continual (and slow) training. Thick black-brown hair falls to just above her shoulders. Framing her round face and its features. Almond shaped eyes colored in hazel and specked with green, are accented by long lashes extending out from hooded lids. With the slight curves of her body and a flat chest, one could almost mistake her as a young, pretty faced, boy. In fact, most often she is mistaken for a young man.

Within the Pages

Quick to be dismissed as a recluse or unsociable, that isn't far from the truth. But often when others sum her up to little more, they're preconception blinds them from person that lies behind that intentional shield. That's not to say the person behind it is any more pleasant, but instead maybe a bit odd if not interesting. Usually speaking in a soft voice, her words tend to be short, vague, and guarded if she isn't interested in the topic at hand. Replying in nearly the same manor when a conversation strikes an unpleasant cord in her. Though if she is willing to share a drink with you, her words will flow more freely regardless of the topic. Just be prepared for a wide variety of reactions.

Since her departure from Syliras, time and distance has granted Nixie some clarity of mind and a feeling of liberation unlike any she could remember while in the confines of the city's walls. And from that grew a driving curiosity to try and understand things in a way she had been condemned for when living with her parents. But unwilling to dwell on that past, out of anger or sadness, the curiosity usually manifests in the study of quality and a lot of quiet observation. How did this compare to that? What made that better than this? Those questions simply a distraction from the ones that really tugged at her.

Reserved in most situations, that demeanor often depicts Nixie as apathetic to onlookers. And while that may not be entirely false, it also allows her something of an even temperament. Not easily angered, she would much rather leave a inconvenient situation than stay and fight. Believing that more often than not, removing herself from the equation would allowed for things to calm or return to some semblance of normalcy. Disregarding the truth that sometimes its best to stay and work through issues.

Theme Songs. These just might give people more of an idea about Nixie. :


To brother:


From dad:

To parents:

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Postby Nixie on December 17th, 2014, 7:48 pm

ImageFamily and Relations

Name Relation Notes
Aleta Mother 42 years old
Foster Father 58 years old
Cadman Brother Died at age 10


Complicated :
It was early winter in the year 488 AV. A gentle rain had begun to fall in the early morning before the sun had even risen to peek out from behind the skies gray clouds. And Aleta found herself hunched over a bucket, having been forced to wake when a sudden wave of nausea came over her. The sound of his wives retching stirring Foster from his peaceful sleep. Tired lids opened, still heavy with sleep. He forced himself up from bed, scratching at his head.
"Is everything OK, dear?" It was a dimwitted question, to say the least, but with sleep still upon him, it was the best he could muster.

ImageLater that same day, the two went to see a healer in hopes of finding a remedy for the sudden illness that befell Aleta. The two figuring that it was nothing more than an early winter flu. But to their surprise it found that she was not sick, but pregnant. What an unexpected joy it was! Years ago they had given up on trying to have a second child, believing that her body was incapable. With the good news, they hurried home to tell their four-year old son that he would be a big brother soon. But eventually that happiness would turn to sorrow, pain, and resentment.

As one day lead into another, and seasons transitioned into others, Aleta's condition grew more dire. Her very life being sucked out by the baby that was growing inside her. And on many occasion the couple had considered killing and removing the unborn child in an effort to save her own life. But the strong woman Aleta was, she wanted to push through to the end. Believing that all would be fine, and she would have a new child to love and care for.

After a season, thrice, had passed, it was time for Nixie to join the broken world of Mizahar. What was to come of her, no one knew. Could she build herself into somebody her parents could be proud of? Another mystery. One she would unraveled over the years of her life. Through trial and error. Choices and mistakes. Would she blaze her own trail, or aim to please others and venture down a predestined path? Only time would tell.
A tingling numbness began spreading from her toes and fingers, eventually traveling up her limbs. Her heart raced, and her body trembled. Unable to manage much more than quick, short, breaths, something felt wrong. What was happening to her?? Her husband noticed something was off as well when his wife's body grew still. And her eyes slowly began to roll back into their sockets. And finally, after a painful and dangerous twenty-two hours of labor, their new baby girl was born. But as soon as her task was complete, Aleta succumbed to the darkness that clouded her vision. Passing out in exhaustion and weakness of body. Her heart beat was slowing, and her breath growing shallow with each exhale. Quickly her husband passed the new-born to the attendant that assisted with the birthing. Rushing to his wives side in effort to bring her back from the solitude of darkness. Was she gone? He didn't know.
Through some miracle or lucky chance, Aleta managed to live through the scary events of her daughters birth. But at a cost that neither her, nor Foster could have imagined. The undying love they might have had towards her, was almost entirely snuffed out. Replaced with an ever-present, slowly growing resentment. An overbearing regret, tinged with anger, filled Foster as he knelt before Aleta, who, lying in bed, was recovering from the birthing.
"I told you, didn't I?.... I told you this was too dangerous... And now look at you." Tears threatened to fall, and his voice cracked as he held back the desperation that would crush him. "Never again." It was all he could manage as he held his frail wife who was teetering between life and death.

Siblings :
Over the following years, Nixie watched her brother from the sidelines. Rooting for him as her parents did. His dream was to join the ranks of the Syliran Knights, and their parents were more than happy to assist in whatever way they could to make that dream a reality. He was their shinning star and greatest accomplishment. And Nixie was growing to love him dearly with each passing day. He seemed to care about her too.

On many a boring day, Nixie would secretly follow her brother to whatever specific training ground he was to spend his time in that day. Careful to stay out of sight until the two reached the destination. By that time, he always refused to take her back home, allowing her to stay and watch. And she was happy when he allowed her to stay in his company. Unlike their parents, Cadman seemed excited to have an audience, and somebody to talk to while he trained.

When he wasn't training, the two would sneak away from the attentive eyes of their parents. Cadman let his younger sister lead him by the hand. The lucky tag along to the grand adventures Nixie chased. And watchful guardian, ready to protect her if things were to go amiss. Together they discovered strange creatures and uncovered hidden valleys only found in a young girls imagination. Her brave brother, besting many a touring foe. Even a frightful beast or two! Crossing vast seas, and traversing giant mountains before the day's end would come. And as it ended, as each day must, the two would return home dirty and worn.

He treated her completely different than her mom or dad did. Not with a cold shoulder or dismissive glance, but a gentle smile, a kind word, and a warm embrace. He listened when she spoke, and made her feel important. What's more, like she was loved. Watching her parents and brother together, she could only imagine that he felt loved all the time. When he was happy, they were happy. When he was sad, they were sad. When he was hurt, they rescued him. When he wanted something, they got it for him. What made her so different from him? Was it because she was the youngest? Would things change when she grew big and tall like her brother? Would they love her too?

End :
As was discussed often among Nixie's parents and her brother, Cadman's greatest wish was to join the ranks of the Syliran Knights. But this was one thing his parents could not simply hand over to him. The title, and honor, that is a knight of Sylira. This want of Cadman's, quickly became the wish of his parent. It only seemed natural to them. And their full support never surprised Nixie. Through the years she came to understand how important her brother was in their family. She even felt the same way. He was one of the most important people in her life, and she wanted his dreams to come true too.

The 85th of Spring, year 497 AV was a day much like the fateful one which Aleta first learned of her pregnancy. Rain fell, and clouds blotched the sun's light from the sky. A foreboding sign, if one could see the future that awaited young Cadman. His mom was down in the kitchen preparing breakfast as she did every morning. The delicious aroma waking Cadman from his sleep and luring him to the table. Small, strong, hands rubbed at groggy eyes as he greeted his mom.
"What smells so good, mom?" Taking a seat, he waited for his breakfast to arrive.
"Its your favorite. Made just the way you like it." She said with a tired smile as she turned the food in the pan. "The weathers pretty bad out there. Please tell me you'll take a break from training just for today. I don't want you catching a cold." Behind his moms back, he rolled his eyes. Typical mom!
"Mo-om.. you don't need to worry! It's just a little rain.... Besides, I just found this awesome new place I want to train at today! Not even this kinda' weather is gonna' stop me. I have to get stronger." With his mind made up, his mom wouldn't say another word. It was no use fighting him when it came to training.

Waking from another night of sleep, Nixie opened her eyes just in time to see her brother leaving the house. He was going to go training this early?? Not wanting to be left with her parents, she hurriedly dressed herself. Running out of her room, past her mom, and out the front door to trail behind her brother. Why was he heading towards the city gates? He never trained out there. The idea both frightened and interested her. she had never been outside the city walls, every adult claiming it to be too dangerous and scaring her with stories of frightful beasts and evil men. It tempted and teased her. She wanted to see for her self if everything was true.

During the duration of the walk to the new training ground, Nixie was sure to keep herself out of hearing distance. Not wanting her brother to spot her before getting to the destination. It was a good several hours before they eventually stopped though. And Nixie had skipped breakfast. By the time she arrived, the pain of an empty stomach nagged at her. Her legs trembling with exhaustion, her clothes were soaked through, and her heart beat quickly. When Cadman came to a halt, what relief she felt! She could finally sit and rest. Where were they? She didn't know. But there were pools of water which steam rose from. How long ago did they set out on this trip? Her best guess was a few hours. Surely it was safe to show herself now. Or so she thought... But when she did, the look of shock on her brothers face was puzzling. What surprised him so? Wasn't it normal for her to follow him?
"Whats wrong, bi--" Before she could say another word, he was upon her. He twisted clenched fists in the cloth of Nixie's shirt and pulled her towards him, a flicker of anger in his eyes.
"Nixie, what are you doing here?!" Shaking her slightly. "You need to go home. NOW! This place isn't safe for you! Go! Home!" Teeth clenched, he released her. Pushing her back away from him. She didn't understand though. Why was he so angry? What had she done?

Tears welled in her eyes and threatened to cloud her vision when Nixie turned to leave; still at a loss as to what had just happened. He wanted her to go home? But she didn't know the way... So unable to face Cadman, and unable to find her own way home, she hid out of sight in some near by bushes. Biding her time until he decided to return home. Sitting in wet clothes with an empty stomach. Time passed slowly in that bush, and eventually her mind began to wander; as a child's mind tended to. But the sound of unfamiliar voices brought her mind back to reality. Was it one of her brothers friends? Peeking out from the bushes, she saw several men talking with him. What was happening, she couldn't tell. But the older men didn't seem very happy. Nor did her brother. Then something happened. One of the men reached out in an attempted grab at Cadman's shirt, but his hand was quickly knocked to the side by her brother's sword. What were they talking about? What did they want with her brother?? Then seemingly out of the blue, two men reached out and wrapped their arms around her brothers, holding him in place and pulling the sword from his grip. While another proudly strode up and planted a curled fist into her brothers stomach. A pained gag sounding as they let him drop to the ground and instinctively cradle his stomach like a dog with its tail between its legs. Nixie cowered in fear behind the bushes as she watched the scene unfold. She knew her brother was strong though. One blow to the stomach wouldn't keep him down.

Slowly standing on trembling legs, he coughed once. A little blood spattering the ground at his feet.
"Is that all you've got?" The slight smirk he wore made the group of men frown in irritation. Head hung forward, he wouldn't have been able to see the next assault coming, unlike Nixie who saw it from the bushes.
"Big brother!" Her cry interrupting the attack part way though its execution. She had sprung to her feet, revealing herself and drawing the mens attention. The sound of his sister's voice echoed through his mind, time seeming to slow around him. His eyes shot wide open in horror.
"Big brother?" A man chuckled. "This just keeps getting better." If he wanted to do something, it had to be now.

Quickly losing interest in Cadman, they pushed him aside, skulking towards their new target, Nixie. What they wanted with her, Cadman could hardly imagine. Revolting images played through his mind. The most frightening one being of his little sisters cold, dead, body violated and mutilated lying in the dirt, blood spilling out. It fueled his adrenalin. He wouldn't let them lay a finger on her! While they were distracted, he took the opportunity to recover his sword. His body still ached in pain, but he would fight through it; he had to for the sake of his sister. And with little time to spare, he threw himself in front of the grown men. Planting his feet firmly and spreading his arms wide in an effort to create some kind of barrier between them and her.
"Nixie... you need to go now." His voice was calm, but his jaw clenched tightly as he kept focus on his opponents. "Hurry home... don't you look back." His stomach churned as his heart raced. "I'll be there soon... I promise." It felt like he was going to suffocate.
"Look! The little guy is trembling." They stared down at him, an air of arrogance in the way they held themselves and snickered. "Get out of our way, boy. Before we put you down permanently." They were ready to strike. Was he?

Looking on, she watched her brave brother as he tried to protect her, finally understanding. These were the evil men she was always warned about. The reason knights were required, and why the city was protected by strong walls. To keep them out, and her safe. Out here it was her brother that guarded her, and he wanted her to leave him to the monsters? The very thought brought pained tears to her eyes. Did he really think she could do that?? She was about to cry out in protest, but his words silenced her.
"Go, Nixie! I wont let them hurt you!" Forcing her body to move, Nixie couldn't look away from her brother. She wanted to remember him in this moment. His final and greatest act of heroism. But she had to go, lest his bravery be for naught. How she wished she could stop time and stay here with him in his last moments. It was their last adventure... One he would not return from. Tears cascading, she ran blindly. Cadman stood his ground, countering attacks, and dodging blades. But the odds were against him as three teamed up on one. There were some attacks he could simply not avoid. That was the image that stuck in Nixies mind. After she turned to run, one of the men swung their sword down upon him; it would be the last as it sliced through his neck and planted itself in the top of his shoulder blade. She was lucky enough to miss the final blow that ended his life.

Transformation :
Nixie would never forget the day her brother fell. Not only because of his passing, but because of how her parents handled the situation. When she fell before them crying and told them of the events that lead to Cadmans death, they merely stood silent. Looking down at her with their cold, detached gaze. She couldn't understand, and still didn't. Even in the three years that had passed since then. In all that time they never mentioned his name even once. Not until this day.

It was the 15th of Fall, year 500AV. Nixie had just recently turned ten years old. The same age as her brother when he fought bravely to defend her. The sound of Aletas voice in the kitchen woke her from her sleep.
"Cadman, its time for breakfast!" Sitting up in bed, she thought she had misheard her mom. Her brother had been dead for over three years now. Could she have been dreaming? Then Aleta sounded again. "Honey, if you don't eat soon, the food will go cold!" Perhaps Nixie was still sound asleep, stuck in a dream where her brother still lived. She wouldn't have minded that.

Tiptoeing out of her room, Nixie peeked around a door frame to looked inside the kitchen. And as she had expected, her mom stood alone inside, tending to a hot pan. A smell wafted through the air, one that was both familiar... and distant. It reminded her of Cadman. Coaxing her out from behind the corner, Nixie approached her mom from the side; hoping to get a peek at what was inside the pan. But before she could get very close, Aleta noticed her.
"There you are, Cadman. I was wandering when you would wake up. Its not like you to sleep in on such a beautiful day. Don't you want to train today?" This had to be a dream. Why else would her mom be calling her Cadman?? It was even stranger to see her mom in such a happy mood. After her brother had passed, she was often depressed, and frequently spent entire days locked away in her room.
"Mom.. my names not Cadman, its Nix--" Suddenly Nixie felt a hand across her face, with all the strength of a grown woman behind it. This was no dream, but was it really happening?? Nixie still felt the painful sting where her mom had slapped her. It was a first... and very unexpected. Even through all the years of neglect and disdain, her parents had never hit her. Letting her emotions get the better of her, she retaliated. Though not physically.
"Cadman has been dead for three years, mom! Hes not here anymore!" She was speaking out of the heat of the moment, letting her emotions take control. Tears started to dampen her cheeks as they fell to the floor.

Nixie could feel the anger burning in her mothers eyes as she stared down at her. Brows furrowed and muscles tensed. Blood boiling, she reached out and took a fist full of Nixies hair in her hand. Tightly closing it around the tresses with an unrelenting strength. She wouldn't stop there though. Pulling the strands of tight, Aleta yanked her daughter closer and then persisted to drag her back to her bedroom. Pushing her inside the room and slamming the door shut.
"You will stay in there until you know how to respect me as your mother!" Then all fell silent. Did she do something wrong?
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Postby Nixie on December 17th, 2014, 7:53 pm


Down her right side, Nixie wears a tattoo of chains wrapping up and around her left arm. Each link has its own meaning. Whether it be an event she persevered through, a person involved in her life (in a good or bad way), or a path taken. Even now it remains incomplete.


  • Common (Fluent)
  • Isur (Basic)
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Postby Nixie on December 18th, 2014, 6:26 pm


  • Wilderness Survival: Setting up Camp.
  • Appraisal: Street price of tobacco in Syliras.
  • Interesting Conversation Starters.
  • The Alvadas Bizarre.
  • Tolerating Illusions.
  • Procuring the Quality of Tobacco.
  • Navigating Blind.
  • Symenestra Half breeds.
  • Dazed and Confused in the City of Illusions.
  • Victor is not a smoker.
  • Invisible.
  • Jean: playmate.
  • Play time in the garden.
  • A Dark Tunnel.
  • Eridanus.
  • Entering the Temple of Ionu.

Threads and Rewards

Secret :
Thread Title & Link Timestamp State
Left to their own devises. 10th of Summer, year 496 AV. Graded
Capturing a Gift. Evening of the 79th of Summer, 507 AV. Ongoing

Year 512, AV
Secret :
Spring 512, AV
Thread Title & Link Timestamp State
Baby Steps. 10th of Spring, 512 AV. Graded
Found in Chaos. 15th Day of Spring, 512 AV. Graded
What?! This isn't tobacco! 15th Day of Spring, year 512 AV. Graded
Something for this pain. 31st of Spring, year 512 AV. Graded
Oh horse, why you so silly? 34th of Spring, year 512 AV. Mid-day. Graded
The Tarnished Path Retraced. 34th of Spring, year 512 AV. After Sunset. Graded
A bad place to swim. 41st of Spring, year 512 AV. Graded. No exp rewarded.

Summer 512 AV
Thread Title & Link Timestamp State
Rest in Normalcy. 19th of Summer, year 512 AV. Ongoing
Docks and Dinghies. 21st of Summer, year 512 AV. A few bells after sunrise. Ongoing
Summer's shade, Winter's tint. 75th of Summer, 512 AV. Late night. Ongoing
Fall Into Fish 77th of Summer, 512 AV. Ongoing

Year 516 AV.
Secret :
Summer, 516 AV
Thread Title & Link Timestamp State
I don't think I like snakes... Nothing but trouble! 3rd of Summer, year 516 AV. Ongoing
Unlikely Friends. 20th of Summer, year 516 AV Ongoing

Fall 516 AV.
Thread Title & Link Timestamp State
Of Steel and Blood 4th of fall, year 516 AV Ongoing


  • Longsword:20
  • Appraisal: Tobacco:18
  • Riding:10
  • Wilderness Survival:10
  • Observation:14
  • Animal Husbandry:10
  • Interrogation:11
  • Larceny:3
  • Socialization:4
  • Intimidation:2
  • Stealth:1
  • Negotiation:1
  • Horsemanship:1
  • Rhetoric:7
  • Storytelling:1

Skills Accounting :
Longsword: 20 {20SP}

Appraisal, Tobacco: 18 {15RB, 3}

Riding: 10 {10SP}

Wilderness Survival: 10 {10SP}

Observation: 14 {1, 5, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2}

Animal Husbandry - Cat: 5 {5SP}

Animal Husbandry - Dog: 5 {5SP}

Interrogation: 11 {5, 3, 3}

Larceny: 3 {3}

Socialization: 4 {2, 2}

Intimidation: 2 {2}

Stealth: 1 {1}

Negotiation: 1 {1}

Horsemanship: 1 {1}

Rhetoric: 7 {1, 3, 3}

Storytelling: 1 {1}
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Postby Nixie on December 18th, 2014, 6:28 pm


Item Amount Obtained Price Notes
Wool Cloak 1 SP N/A N/A
Leather Shirt 1 SP NA NA
High Boots 1 pair SP NA NA
Leather Pants 1 SP NA NA
Leather Belt 1 Bought 2 sm NA
Leather Gloves 1 pair Bought 5 sm NA

Item Amount Obtained Price Notes
Chainmail 1 set Bought 150 gm WIP

Item Amount Obtained Price Notes
Long Sword 1 Heirloom 15 gm Her brothers sword.

Item Amount Obtained Price Notes
Backpack 1 SP NA NA

Item Amount Obtained Price Notes
Waterskin 1 SP NA NA
Food Enough for 1 week SP NA NA
Flint & Steel 1 SP NA NA
Tent, one-person 1 Bought 2 gm NA

Item Amount Obtained Price Notes
Horse, Draft 1 Bought 200 gm NA

Item Amount Obtained Price Notes
Comb 1 SP NA NA
Brush 1 SP NA NA
Razor 1 SP NA NA
Soap 1 bar SP NA NA
Eating Knife 1 SP NA NA
Saddle, Riding 1 Bought 10 gm NA
Bit And Bridle 1 Bought 2 gm NA
Blanket And Hood, Horse, Medium 1 Bought 4 gm NA
Horse Feed 10lbs Bought 5 cm NA
Pipe 1 Bought 5 gm NA
Tobacco 1LB Bought 5 sm/lb NA


From Gained Lost Total
SP 100 --- 100
SP 500 --- 600
Bought --- -368gm, 1sm, 2cm 232gm, 9sm, 8cm
Bought --- -5gm, 5sm 227gm, 4sm, 8cm
Spring 512 Living Cost --- -45gm 182gm, 4sm, 8cm
1lb Tobacco --- -5sm 181gm, 9sm, 8cm
Fall 512 Living Cost --- 45 gm 136gm, 9sm, 8cm
Summer 516 Living Cost --- 45gm 91gm, 9sm, 8cm

Inactive Seasons :
  • Winter 512 AV
  • Year 513 AV
  • Year 514 AV
  • Year 515 AV
  • Spring 516 AV

Right now my computer isn't working and am being forced to write posts on my phone. So please be patient with me. And sorry for any spelling errors or lack of post coding.
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