[Shahar's Scraps] Non-Sequiters

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[Shahar's Scraps] Non-Sequiters

Postby Colt on December 26th, 2016, 7:17 pm

An Explanation
Probably not an excuse, but just so peeps know what's going on

Another long break. I know, it's not my first and certainly not my worst. Spring and summer both saw my PC on hiatus, so all I could really do was sit back and admire Miz from a distance, wishing wistfully for the day I could start RP again while nervously twiddling my thumbs and get into a nervous space as I desperately tried to wonder if maybe, just maybe I've gotten to the point that I can handle more than one PC at a time (I still can't.)

Then Fall rolls around and everything splats down and eats up my time. I (sort of) started Miz-ing again. I moved out of my parents' house for the first time and got a new job at a pet store. I started writing a book. My roommate bailed on me a week before rent was due so I'm back with my parents now, in the process of getting myself a spot in a place that won't be built until April or May. That's the condensed version. Fall's the season where everything starts moving, where it's so easy to go "I don't have time for fun things," or "Meh, I could RP, or I could get extra sleep." But really I just end up watching Youtube and being annoyed at myself. I got my placeholders up in time, so my PC's fine once I get the last two filled out, but I'm really disappointed in myself for not doing more and not interacting with more people. I'm in Lhavit! Lhavit is awesome and has awesome people! What am I doing lazing around? I could have made time, but I didn't quite get out of that three-season-hiatus funk. I'm finally--finally--getting my proverbial feet back under me. My solos are flying by, and I'm looking forward to getting into winter.

It feels nice to be in a place that isn't constantly uncertain. Plus my job right now is literally taking care of/playing with animals all day, so that's nice. The house might be getting a dog soon, so we'll see how that impacts my writing time. Also might be getting myself a leopard gecko to fill one of my empty terrariums, but that's up in the air right now. For now, though, let's see how quickly I can build up my writing muscles again. Exercise time.
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